Yup. Still up!

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  1. Heroes get remembered, but Space Jam never dies….

  2. Yet there is no Kazaam website

  3. Felice Cohen is moving into that domain next month just because she wants to be close to the action.

  4. You guys all just wasted six minutes looking at the source html of the Space Jam site, right? And you LOL’ed at the commented notes like “ , right?

    Good good.

  5. The behind the scenes features be crazy!

    Michael Jordan and a giant green screen.

  6. Whatever happened to www2?

  7. I can’t get it to work. Maybe I should update my Netscape Navigator.

  8. “What is Up With the Space Jam Website” is my new favorite Videogum feature.

  9. Also, let’s talk about how the Space Jam soundtrack is the BEST soundtrack for a kids movie EVER!

    Coolio, Method Man, LL Cool J, Quad City DJs, R Kelly, Jay Z, Busta Rhymes, and more!!

    I listened to this soundtrack when I was 12 like I listened to the Garden State soundtrack when I was 19.

  10. You guys, animated gifs already made a comeback, I have a feeling 2011 is going to be the year for blinking text.

  11. my first tip and no credit :(

  12. “The internet… is that the one with the e-mail?”

  13. Shut it down, boys and girls. A worthy companion to our Space Jam website friend has emerged:


    By all accounts, it was updated until 2008. 2008!

  14. Best conversation to come out of the Space Jam website being up.
    A month ago…

    Me: Hey Dad, guess what? According to the Space Jam website, I am 2 inches taller than Muggsey Bogues! Dad, he played in the NBA.
    Dad: Muggsey can dunk.
    Me: …I see your point.

  15. Speaking of things from the 90s:

  16. “No Spacejam news at the moment!” – The Spacejam Pressbox

  17. Just to remind us throughout interneternity that playing baseball was decidedly not Michael Jordan’s worst career move.

  18. I think its a shame we haven’t seen any more Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan collaborations. Kanye West hasn’t even gotten them to do a couple of guest verses on a song. And that is the real reason Kanye is an asshole.

  19. I still sometimes go to http://www.neverhood.se and remember the old times…

  20. An apocalyptic wasteland wanderer shall unbury a barely functional computer. Are there survivors to be located? No. A record of the last days? No. Is there a website to keep this lonely traveler company? Yes. Yes there is.

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