Eat your heart out, Tea Party! Literally, I would like you to eat your heart out. You cannot survive without your heart. Get it? I hope you don’t get it. Until it is too late. R.I.P. to both the Tea Party and the rest of this day. Thank you, baby eagle live cam! (And thank you for the tip, Angela.)

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  1. Did Gabe just invent mass genocide by auto-cannibalism? Mark your calendars, everyone, this is a historic event.

  2. Stop filming his butt you perv who is also into birds

  3. All I see is a harassed mother eagle. I don’t know what that says about America.

  4. AKA Superglue livecam

  5. (and that is why I should actually re-read the post title before mouthing off)

  6. Sit around and do nothing while a million people watch, it is a perfect example of America.

  7. Today I am crying happy tears for America. Fuck yeah!


  8. That’s not baby eagles! That’s a grownup eagle! I’ve been duped!
    This isn’t over, Gabe….

  9. This webcam is nice and all, but…it’s just…the luxury edition has so much more eagle. It saddens me to think of you missing out.

  10. Veet Advertising Executive 1: “I want us to expand our market share.”
    Veet Advertising Executive 2: “What about live streams of bald eagles giving birth?”

    • Veet R&D Executive: We don’t have the capability to invent birds that give birth to their young.”

      • Veet Advertising Executive 2: “Hey, at least I’m thinking outside the box. What’s the best idea you’ve come up with, advertising during a live stream of a baby eagle?”
        Veet R&D Executive: “You don’t pay me for advertising ideas.”

  11. The eagle is cool but I can’t think of anything more evil than not allowing people to turn the volume down during commercials, if anyone else noticed.

  12. Oh I get it. The eagle is like America because it sits on it’s ass all day? Is that what you meant?

  13. Get off your ass and clear this Angry Birds stage I can’t win!

  14. This eagle is boring. It ought to punch somebody in the face, or call somebody a slut, or steal someone’s boyfriend. Hasn’t it watched ANY American tv before?

  15. Rock, Flag and Eagle!

  16. that bird got a good location. good view, walking distance to what sounds like a train that never stops going by. oh, that’s the wind you say?

  17. Decorah, Iowa (where the nest is) is about an hour away from where I live! ROAD TRIP FOR AMERICA!

  18. I am from Iowa and loving it. So glad that the Decorah eagles are featured here. It’s so interesting but only if you’re a nature-lover.

  19. This is a heart-grabbing event….I have never been so thrilled….whoever is responsible…thank you. We are able to watch this wonderful nature at it’s best without interfering with it….how awesome.

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