The soon to be former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, will be the subject of a comic book about a superhero named The Governator. Cool. Cool guy. Cool governor. Cool character. Cool comic book. So, five cools!

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  1. Ahem…SIX cools.

  2. A 63 year old superhero? The jokes just write themselves

    so I’m not gonna write one

    • Whether or not they write themselves depends on which superhero we are talking about it.

      HAHAHA DEPENDS!! Get it? You get it.

      • That is at LEAST two Depends jokes made in Videogum comments today. Pony Day was the best, of course, but I’m starting to enjoy Depends Day pretty well, too!

  3. I hate this stupid day. Every time I read an article I’m convinced it’s a lame April Fool’s prank, and it’s depressing me that it’s actually getting kind of hard to tell the difference anymore.

  4. “While bodybuilding was already promised as a prominent plot element…” – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  5. I guess if you need a post-apocalyptic wasteland to base a comic book on, a broke California is the best place to start…

  6. I can’t wait for other current and former governors to get their own cartoons! Like Jim McGreevey’s Closet Funhouse.

  7. Not to be pedantic, but he is officially the former governor at this point.

  8. Yaay! My tip (and 10 other people’s, I’m sure) made the cut!

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