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This Week’s Highest Rated Comments

#5 huckabeast | Mar 28th Score:73

Sex with Mila Kunis isn’t cool. You know what’s cool?

Well, actually, sex with Mila Kunis is probably pretty cool.

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#4 werttrew | Mar 30th Score:80

I feel bad for/actually like Wendy Williams. I think her wig problems are the result of a rough childhood or something(?) and she’s just no good at handling them, like a lot of people. Plus, she makes for some really funny clips on The Soup. No BS.

Posted in: Chris Brown Attempts To Dance His Way Out Of Nightmare Town
#3 Nate Scott! | Mar 28th Score:98

Paula would never let this happen.

Posted in: Ina Garten Begrudgingly Does Respectable Thing
#2 krugmanic depressive | Mar 28th Score:98

We may hate this, yes, but I think we can all get behind “SHUT UP KATHERINE HEIGL, YOU STUPID LIAR!”

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#1 lawblog | Mar 28th Score:109

If this prophecy comes true I know a certain girl from UCLA who’s going to have the worst time in libraries.

Posted in: This Is Just A Good Political Ad That Is Neither Racist Nor Insane*

[Ed. note: Good week, everyone! Hey, it's been awhile since we've taken our temperature, so let's take our temperature. How's everything going? How's "the community"? Are there any things that you would like to see changed or made better or any specific problems that you feel should have been addressed but have not been addressed? Are we feeling good or are we feeling sick? Let us know. Does this mean that your suggestions will definitely be fully adopted without question? Absolutely not! We reserve the right to continue to conduct business as we see fit, including but not limited to ignoring you completely. But, seriously, what's up?]

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment

underaspell | Mar 30th Score:-34
This song made me cry. Wake up America…..I really have to laugh at most of these people who commented. I would be willing to bet they couldn’t tell you who the vice president of the usa is.. These are the same people who only watch main stream media stations, and voted in the presidential election for whoever they were told to vote for, without doing their own homework.. please wake up.
Posted in: “Crying For America” Is Not A Good Song!

[Ed. note: Oh man, hahahha, I know that "underaspell" is not a regular reader of this site, and certainly won't be one now, and I know that he/she will never see this and that as far as they are concerned, they have rested their case and this conversation is over, but can I just say that this is a HILARIOUS comment? Like, one of the stupidest comments ever left on Videogum ever, probably. It's one thing to say that you liked a video we were making fun of, and to express political beliefs that might differ from the general viewpoint of the site's main audience, but to get into condescending and unfounding criticism of...the way...that people...choose...who to vote for? That is just funny! That is like me saying that "underaspell" only voted for John McCain because he was old and white and they were terrified of the idea of a black man being in office. Well, actually, no, my joke doesn't work, because a lot of people actually did that, whereas I don't think a lot of people voted for Obama "because they were told to" (and by WHOM while we are at it, thx). I'm not saying there aren't TONS of specious and terrible reasons to vote for ANY political candidate, but the idea that everyone who is voting for someone that you did not vote for simply because they were told to (BY WHOM, IF I MIGHT JUST AKS THAT QUESTION AGAIN THX) is nonsense. But thank you for reading, "underaspell"! We welcome your opinions. Kind of!]

This Week’s Caption Contest Winner

Superglue | Mar 29th Score:70

Invisalign: Vagisil Inn

Posted in: The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Terrible Invisalign Rap

[Ed. note: Congratulations, Superglue. You earned it!]

This Week’s Editor’s Choice

fozzy the chair | Mar 30th Score:10

I am honored to have lost a small piece of humanity by watching this with you, my fellow monsters.

Posted in: Normal Shirts Vs. Normal Skins Stuff

[Ed. note: I feel like this comment sums up most of this website, if not the Internet in general.]

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  1. Congrats on your Ball placement, Monsters! DANCE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I had to lose my humanity sometime. I’m glad it was to you, Videogum.

  3. Suggestions you say… can we have monster numbers? That way we can make IDS and such. Also hats, we need hats.

  4. “What a week, what a week, what a mighty mighty good week, monsters.”
    -Salt n Pepa, probably

  5. Congrats, all of you in the Ball this week! It’s the weekend, let’s dance!

  6. The ball is this week, and we are all Gumby.

    Enjoy your weekend monsters!

  7. “Sure, let’s have a discussion about the community! That always ends really well.”–Baby Friday’s last words

  8. AB(D)C – Always Be (Discussing) Community

  9. Something something I’m leaving Videogum because something.

  10. Gabe, a guest editor on his own blog, strange days indeed.


  11. “You should vote for Sarah Palin.” Underaspell, 2011

    • You know, what’s weird is the comment is so vague and empty that it could be referring to any political party. Just like the video, it’s just a bunch of pseudo-patriotic empty nonsense that I think we just attribute to the right because that shit’s like catnip to them.

      I guess that’s the teabaggers for you – getting overly emotional and “worried” about… well they’re not really sure and don’t really understand*.

      *black men in positions of power

  12. Hi Gabe! You’re probably not reading this but here are some suggestions I would like to see:
    -More Monster Movie Club (I think we’ve only had 1 this year)
    -Bring Back T14TT (I know Mande is busy but maybe you can have other guest bloggers do horrible assignments for our amusement)
    and as always:
    -Allow Gifs back into the Monster’s Ball.

    Also, thanks for tweeting about my gif round-up!

    • Yes yes yes for T14TT! So much fertile territory! Rebecca Black concerts! Gathering of the Juggalos! Buy an issue of GOOP Magazine! The possibilities are endless! (I just made myself cry a little bit)

      • Yes you know ICP are playing New York City in like 3 weeks? Do you also know that like half of the videogum guest bloggers live there? Just sayin

        • What? I’ll be in NYC in lika 3 weeks. Just my luck, the city will be crawling with juggalos. Whoop-de-fucking-doo. Hmm… maybe I can make some money out of this.. What’s the price of white facepaint in the New York Area? I’m pretty sure it’s a lot cheaper here in Sweden, since we don’t have that many juggalos and we’re all pretty pale anyways… If someone can hook me up with a white facepaint-store I’d be thankful and might even consider charing a percent or two…

    • I, for one, would like to see Mans at the Movies become a regular feature.

    • I’d like to see a Double Dog Dare with a guest editor. For instance, I’d like to dare this is my nightmare to walk the streets carrying a lamp in the daytime, to look for an honest man that she wouldn’t hit.



    • Can we get more celebrity vagina? One time was not enough!

      • Yes, Celebrity vagina should definitely be a regular thing! That would make surfing the interwebs so much easier. It would also drive a lot of traffic to the site.

    • Some of the past T14TTs are the funniest things ever on the internet. Lindsay in the “Just Jack” shirt, a post-pubescent Mande at Brokencyde and his brilliant rewrite of The Overton Window, it’s all so good!

    • The mobile version of the site is good, and maybe there’s no good way to do this, but you can’t follow comment threads on it. I haven’t seen a mobile site that does have a good comment thread though, so maybe it just hasn’t been worked out on that platform yet.

  13. Some random questions:

    Radiohead in 2011: cool or not cool?

    Did Gabe do a blog post about the Zune(TM) getting discontinued? He always used to make fun of it previously because it was so “uncool” in his opinion.

    Now that it’s been a year later, is there any further point in discussing the LOST tv series?

    Does anyone know when Eastbound and Down season two will get released on the dvd? I dont have HBO and have not yet seen the latest.

    That’s all I have for now.

  14. Woohoo! My first dance at the ball, and for Heiglhatred! And the same week I saw LCD Soundsystem at Terminal 5! And the same day that my parents came to visit! 2 out of 3 ain’t bad! I have no dance gifs! I have extra exclamation points though! I will stop shouting! Now.

  15. Did we decide on a summer tv show to watch? I am totally up for Twin Peaks but then ALSO remembered that I’ve been wanting to watch The Prisoner.

  16. I would like next post/previous post buttons at the bottom of the comments. Sometimes there are a lot of comments!

    • I agree! Also it would be nice to see more than just your last 10 comments if you go to your profile page.

      • Yes! And would there be a way to make it so that after you comment it goes back to the place you were at instead of back to the top of the post? Do you know what I mean?

    • There are many things that I would like. I would like time and a half for overtime. I would like this floor to shine like the top of the Chrystler Building. I would like Mae West to comeup and see me sometime.

      Mick Jagger said it best. You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

    • The ability to sort by old or new comments would be great.

      Also I really wish everything didn’t have to load on the page before I could login, that is my biggest peeve.

      And I think I have asked before but if we could have a mobile view or something similar on the main site that would bump all the gifs and images off, that might solve some of the gif wars.

  17. It’s Friday night and I’m in a terrible goddamn fucking mood and I haven’t been around in a while but can I just ask that we cool it with the fucking gifs? Too many gifs. Just… sometimes .gifs are necessary/add to the convo, but a lot of the time they just take up space.

    I propose that next time you want to post a gif, ask yourself “Is this really necessary? Has this been said already in this thread?” if the answers are yes and no respectively, then don’t post it. Thank you.


    • Alas, Napoleon, if I start to ask myself “Is this really necessary?” before the things I do, I will end up staying in bed all day, or maybe even dwindle and wink out of existence. I have not done anything necessary since 2003 — you can look it up! [insert necessary gif]

    • All I can think of when anyone asks if something is necessary:

      Necessary?! Is it necessary for me to drink my own urine? No! But I do it anyway, because it’s sterile and I like the taste

    • I understand…but don’t know what to tell you. Besides being necessary or not, sometimes all the gifs just make this site a bitch to load. I haven’t found that the *actual* pages are too bad but Monster’s ball? Forget about it. BUT Friday dance party has become an established thing and I don’t think Gifs are going away. People LOVE them. SO *I* either don’t read monster ball OR, like today, suck it up and deal.

      Granted, there is a time and place for Gifs…and they can be done well. Do you remember when our Avatars were animated? And Werttrew’s gifs that would add a little relevant spice? That Glee gif of Rachel slamming the tray on the table makes me miss I like a Skinny Tie. ::SIGH:: #adifferenttime.

      I mean, I’d actually prefer if the majority of gifs were in the Thursday Night TV thread (because Concert Addict’s gifs are CRAAAHMAZING!) and Monster’s Ball so i could decide when to deal with them…on my own terms. ( #lolnerd. ) AH well. Everything is dumb.

    • After December of last year (when the there-are-too-many-gifs issue last bubbled over) , I made a conscious decision to switch my Videogum efforts away from hunting for gifs to rather hunting for tips to send in. So instead of spending a few hours a week looking for the latest-greatest gif, I spend those hours looking for any videos or items I think Videogum might be able to use. (Although I am not sure if Gabe regards the ~15 tips I now send each week a better trade.)

      I switched not only because it seemed to drain the fun for a few monsters but mainly because it seemed that votes for my gifs were cratering. The community just didn’t find them quite as amusing as they used to, so I switched my energies. Not that I don’t still use gifs, mind you—I just do so at a fraction of what I used to.

      It seems to me that the gifs usage is pretty contained in the last few months, and I’m not just talking about my usage. Am I wrong? Honestly, other than Thursday Night TV and Monsters’ Ball, I don’t think I see more than a few each day, maybe one every couple posts? That’s my rough estimate. Thursday Night TV and Monsters’ Ball seems to be the congregating points, and I think that’s probably a good compromise. Let the gif herds roam at their favorite watering holes.

      But I don’t always read every comment on ever thread, so perhaps gif usage has crept again on the average post? I am genuinely not sure.

    • Teens is talking!

  18. First few days commenting went. Thanks to all of you who found any value in what I said. See you next week.

  19. I wish was updated more often. :/

  20. I don’t know if this is a) only a problem I have or b) possible to change, but I would really like it if we could stay logged in longer. I always check the “remember me” box on the login window, but I never seem to stay logged in for more than a day or two at a time, and it’s annoying to read a whole post, get to the comments and find something I want to upvote or comment on, then realize I need to log in and reload the whole page once I have in order to do it. Even if it could be set to only log us out once a week or something, that would be a lot more convenient.

    • I second this.

      Also, the ads on this site are kind of out of control. They even prevent me from logging in sometimes (which I have contacted your it people about, but it doesn’t really seem to be resolved). It forced me to do something which I probably should have done anyway, which is to use Privoxy to block ads in my web browser. However, I’m just staying, it’s overkill, and I’m not seeing the ads you want presumably want me to see because I have to block them for this website to function correctly.

  21. Videogum After Dark. I don’t know what it would be, but that’s my suggestion.

  22. VG needs a FAQ on how to post images, since it is really not like any other place and about one person per day screws it up and feels sad and inadequate.

    It could be a little link in the bottom margin of the comment box. “Tips on posting to Videogum.”

  23. I’d really like it if the site would keep me logged in for longer! It annoys me to have to re-login every time I visit the site.

  24. Preview button for comments?

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