Guys, this is just a friendly reminder that the very exciting anniversary event to celebrate Videogum’s third birthday is happening ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! Wowowowowoow! If you haven’t heard about the show, then you probably shouldn’t come, because it kind of seems like maybe you don’t read Videogum very much? I mean, you can come and we would love to have you, I’m just surprised you hadn’t heard about it? Because we’ve definitely mentioned it? Like a bunch? But, no, come! Come! I was just kidding. You should come. It’s going to be great. Look at this lineup (for the first time apparently? I mean, it is a little weird!):

Max Silvestri (Big Terrific, Gabe & Max)
Kurt Braunohler and Kristen Schaal (Comedy Central Presents, Flight of the Conchords)
John Roberts (Bob’s Burgers, The Christmas Tree)
Heather Lawless (Variety Shac, Be Kind Rewind)
Wyatt Cenac (The Daily Show)
Hosted by Gabe Delahaye

Where: The Bell House
When: Thursday, April 7th, 8PM
Price: $10

What a wonderful show. You’ll see. Afterwards we will hang out and drink drinks specials and probably even eat some cake. If nothing else, come for the cake. That is an entirely reasonable reason for doing anything, no joke. RSVP here. Buy tickets here.

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  1. greatest jpg ever:

  2. Wait Wait Wait –
    I have NO Way of getting my pony to NYC, what the hell!

  3. I have the anniversariest boner right now.

  4. If only the anniversary party had been one week sooner…

  5. Will there be pony-related humor, or pony comedians
    “so how about airplane oats”

  6. I don’t know why but for some reason I keep thinking “Ponies are for closers!” What is wrong with me?

  7. You know this muthafucka will be there. After party at my crib! (nah, just kidding lol)

  8. I *was* having a good afternoon until I remembered I can’t make it. :(

  9. Jack Woltz once refused an offer from Gabe to come to Brooklyn:

  10. Just realized Bell House is two blocks from my brothers apartment. I should really be coming to this. Can videogum right me an excuse for a late start on Friday?

  11. 234 people RSVP’d as attending but the Bell House capacity is 150..?

  12. Man, when I lived in Park Slope, I said, no way am I ever going to Williamsburg ever what a pain. Then I moved back to Williamsburg and dude Gowanus is sooo farrr. (It’s not that far.)

  13. I am crashing at my grandmother’s apartment that night (which, to be fair, is also 2 blocks away from where I work) JUST so I can go to this and not worry about catching the last bus home to Jersey.

    THAT is my level of dedication.

  14. I wish I didn’t live in Edmonton for a myriad of reasons; the “end of times” type of snow dumps (each and every year), the remote location (“Look up, look waayyyy up”), the indescriminate violence in the streets, the ugly buildings, the concerning number of pick up trucks with steel testicles hanging from them… but most of all because I can’t go to Videogum parties!

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