Former Real World housemate and current Republican representative for Wisconsin, Sean Duffy, is taped complaining that he can barely survive on his $174,000 a year salary. “Go fuck yourself, sir,” say the ponies. PONIES!

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  1. $174k isn’t really that much when you consider that he has to pony up for two residences. I understand why he’s chomping at the bit for a raise.

  2. these guys get it

  3. He should have gone into teaching. Everyone in the midwest (hell, in the whole US) knows that’s where the *real* money is.

  4. “So Midnight’s issue is, he’s actually missing his hoof and his coffin bone…“
    “So Midnight’s issue is, he’s actually missing his hoof and his coffin bone…“
    “So Midnight’s issue is, he’s actually missing his hoof and his coffin bone…”

    Every time I reload the Videogum page. It’s Chinese Pony torture!

  5. Hate to say so, but he’s right! How can anyone survive on just one paycheck? I hear Bill Gates gets 5, sometimes 6 paychecks! THAT’S how you get by.

  6. He really needs to remember Genesis’ story of her sad childhood, in which she was jealous of the Smurfs and their Smurfberries, because they had FOOD and she didn’t.

    Also, Montana and VAJ.

    And awfulbeatpoet Jason and his crazyeyed girlfriend Timber.

    God I loved The Real World in the 90s.

  7. When I first read this post I thought it was talking about this guy.

  8. It seems we’re all forgetting this simple truth: Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems.

  9. Poor guy. If only he could be part of some collective that had the right to bargain for better wages.

  10. This is the true story of 99 strangers, picked to legislate in a lower house, and have their comments taped.
    Find out what happens when house representatives stop being able to manage their own money and start managing the taxpayers’. The Wisconsin State Assembly.

  11. “Poor guy. Hey, maybe we could all start up a collection or something.” – Japan

    (joke premise blatantly stolen from one of FLW’s posts yesterday)

  12. He has to drive a used minivan, people. USED. Oh the humanity!

  13. I was pretty sure that Sean Duffy wasn’t ever voted into office and also that he died, but then after what seemed like a long time, I woke up, and it had just been a dream.

  14. I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure you automatically forfeit all rights to complain about not having enough money when you have SIX FUCKING CHILDREN to support that you have created yourself. Either pay the price or BAG IT UP.

    • “Keep the child population down! Get your congressman spayed or neutered!”

      Bob Barker is so wise.

    • According to TPM (I don’t know what that is), Sean Duffy has among his debt the following:

      “Here’s a rundown of Duffy’s finances, from the 2009 disclosure form he had to file with the government: his family of 7 (wife plus six kids) is carrying between $250,000 and $500,000 in mortgage debt; between $50,000-$100,000 in student loans; between $15,000-$50,000 in credit card debt; and between $100,000-$250,000 in debt related to the family vacation home, a cabin not too far from his primary residence in Wisconsin.”

      So, here’s a thought. Don’t have six kids. Don’t buy a vacation home. Cut up your credit cards. Can’t do anything about the first one now, of course, but the other two are within your control, Mr. Duffy. Live like us little people who don’t even make $150,000 a year (or $100,000, or $70,000…I won’t go on, it might be too upsetting.)

      • Excuse me while I am a nerd.

        $174k is roughly $14,000 a month.

        $500k mortgage w/ taxes, insurance, etc = $3,500/mo
        $100k student loans = $650/mo
        $50k in credit cards = $500/mo (assuming a 10%+ interest rate)
        $250k mortgage (cabin) = $1,880/mo

        That’s $6530/mo going towards debt. Those are minimum payments, and assuming mid-level interest rates (6.5% on the mortgages, same on student loans).

        That still leaves you about $7,500 a month to spend on things other than debt and mortgage.


  15. I feel bad for/actually like Sean Duffy. I think his problems as a shortsighted, selfish senator are the result of a rough childhood or something(?) and he’s just no good at handling them, like a lot of people. Plus, he and his real world friends made some really good tv episodes. No bullshit.

  16. As both a Wisconsin resident and Pony Enthusiast, I am offended.

  17. “Let’s take a step back here people, because I know I’m going to say something that I’m going to regret. Like the last 2 minutes of me talking. That’s probably going to come back to bite me in the ass. That whole thing how I sounded like I was having trouble getting by with $170K+… that’s probably going up on YouTube later. So I think we should all just take a biiiiiiig step back, okay?”

  18. *Congressman Duffy points to the crowd*


  19. this is horrible… but shouldn’t we all just be outraged that a former cast member of the Real World is an effing CONGRESSMAN????

  20. Maybe he should sign up for Real World v. Road Rules Challenge: The Chambers (of Congress)

  21. TPM: The Pony Metwork (Ponies are bad at spelling)

  22. Someone is giving Gwyneth a run for her money.

  23. You make fun, Gabe, but I think the Congressman has a good argument here. If I were to look in my refrigerator on a Friday evening and see only two beers (note: this never happens), I would consider myself “practically beerless”, soon to be LITERALLY beerless. So I think I would agree that the fact that the guy is down to his last two houses is really kinda sad. Though not as sad as a beerless refrigerator.

  24. This guy has been living off the government tit for a long time. Back when they picked people off the street to just live in a loft and find out what happens when people start being REAL.

  25. I hate the fucking shit out of republicans

  26. You can sympathize, Congressman Six-figures, but don’t you dare empathize.

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