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  1. Now this is DEFINITELY what Ginuwine was referring to.

  2. I object to this, because I’m a vegan.

  3. Every little girl wants her own bionic pony. It’s true!

  4. Midnight is pretty awesome, but he is no L’il Sebastian!

  5. First baby day and now pony day? I think all this cuteness better lead up to some Birdie updates!

  6. Happy Pony Day!

  7. Pony Day? Ok, phew. That explains my vision last night:

  8. Awww. Cutest Skynet cyborg ever.

    Pony Terminator: “Come with me if you want to stroke my mane.”
    Me: “Cool. Let’s go”

  9. I was never a pony girl, I never drew pictures of ponies or got really into Lisa Frank. I have only ridden a horse one time, but that was just because my dad was at this horse farm buying a truck full of manure and wanted me out of the way while he shoveled shit for an hour. But Midnight made me squeeeeee!!!!!!!

    • Did someone say LISA FRANK?!?

      Because that took me back to a childhood obsessing about stickers like this and deciding which ones were cool enough to go in my sticker book. Sigh.

  10. I have never been more proud of anything I’ve ever done.

  11. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t EVERY day pony day?

    And if it isn’t why the hell not?

  12. Yay! Pony Day! Finally an excuse to post this pic!

    Seriously, it is hard to work that into conversation.

  13. Meanwhile, over at 4chan, it’s still pwny day.

  14. also, auto-loading videos are the bane of my e-existence

  15. No related videos available!

  16. “Towards thee I roll, thou all-destroying but unconquering apple; to the last I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart I chomp at thee; for hate’s sake I neigh my last neigh at thee. Sink all coffins and all hearses to one common pool! and since neither can be mine, let me then tow to pieces, while still chasing thee, though tied to thee, thou damned apple! Thus, I give up the seeds!”

    –Midnight, from “Granny-Smith; or, The Apple”.

  17. There are obviously NO gaurantees in the world of horse prostetics.

  18. I wonder what that robot leg’s father’s name was?


  19. Also, what’s that “Midnight can finally be a horse” bit about? Excuse me man, I’m sorry that Midnight isn’t the Black “Fucking” Stallion or something, but missing a limb does not relegate him to NOT BEING A HORSE ANYMORE! Dude, this is the 21st century stop with the ignorance.

  20. Unfortunately, this poor horsie’s leg is not covered under his insurance. This would not be a problem if Ponycare were in effect, but when it came to a vote on the issue, all of the horsies said “neigh.”

  21. Bing really outdid itself by giving “Happy independance day!!!! bong smoking!!!” as a result for “Pony day aww” up there.

  22. It’s not a pony! It’s a miniature horse!

  23. Is it just me or does Bionic Pony Guy sound a lot like Double Rainbow Guy?

  24. But pony leg is such a delicious cut of meat, it was worth it. Thank you, Midnight, your sacrifice was enjoyed.

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