If you were to have told me that there were people using other people as horses, I would have told you those people were the ones that concerned me without even CONSIDERING the people PRETENDING TO BE HORSES IN THE FIRST PLACE. Whoops. Congrats, 2011?

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  1. Is this what Ginuwine was referring to?

    • I’m just a bachelor (dressed like bondage pony), I’m lookin’ for a partner
      Someone who knows how to ride without even fallin’ off (as I pull them in a cart)
      Gotta be compatible, takes me to my limits (of this public parking lot)
      Girl when I break you off, I promise that you won’t wanna get off (actually you will)

  2. Pardon my ignorance BUT. You can’t even ride a horse when you’re a vegan?

    • This is what I want to know! I thought I was an expert on vegans at this point considering how many I’ve come in contact with.

    • From the vault of the Vegan FAQ’s:

      To use any animal for our amusement is exploitation, and hence, not vegan. Others would likely argue that horses do, in fact, gain pleasure from the activity. However, do you see horses queuing up to be rode, yelling “Pick me! Pick me!”? No, of course not.

      Horses not yelling in English is the perfect defense of any argument.

    • That’s the part where I slipped from saying to myself “Don’t judge, don’t judge” to “Oh, you people are just morons.”

      • PT, I think I saw you on the Millions this morning. Am I wrong?

        • Not wrong in the least. I use the same name all over, and I semi-regularly comment there, Conversational Reading, and maybe a few others I am blanking on. I’m not surprised to find you a Millions ready, but it does make me happy.

          • I’ve also seen you at Conversational Reading. I think maybe back when he was asking for input on his first big read and everyone was suggesting German novels. I assumed that was you also. Conversational Reading, The Millions and The Complete-Review are my three daily book blogs.

          • Same here, those are my regulars, though there are others I check less often.

            Complete-Review though…man, he is the most full of himself prick there is. Great for news, great for some other stuff, but man. He’s such a prick it just amuses the heck outa me, like when he complains, all the time, about not receiving review copies, and then at other times casually admits not reading review copies until months or years later.

        • Curious, I googled “The Millions,” saw a post about David Foster Wallace, and found the comment. I feel impressed with my deductive reasoning and a little creepy for being so creepstery. Sorry guys.

    • No way. I am vegan and I’ve ridden my whole life.

  3. I think we found the perfect job for Sarah Jessica Parker when she is done with her “acting”!

  4. Yawn. This was central to the plot of Bones, like, three years ago. Sooooo 200late.

  5. I could barely hear that first woman, it sounded like she was a little hoarse.

  6. So, does the fact that I already knew about this mean I am a pervert? I think the answer is yes. I will take my free candy and stand in the corner of shame.

  7. I feel certain that this is forbidden by either the Bible or the Constitution.

  8. This reminds me of the Pony Play segment on some HBO Real Sex. Obviously, it was great. The “horses” would actually prance and gallop.

    It used to be online somewhere, but I’m at work, so I’m not going to type “pony play real sex” into Google.

  9. I see she draws the line at crapping into a bag while pulling people behind her. We all have limits.

  10. Coincidentally, My Horse likes to cosplay

  11. the LA Pony and Critter Club: All for 4 and 4 for all.

  12. “I hate anyone that ever had a pony when they were growing up.” – these people

  13. Congrats, 2011? More like Welcome, 2012.

  14. Caption: “Over 15 people participated in the event.”

    So, sixteen then?

    • This is a REAL condition. Just because it isn’t “recognized” here in the states doesn’t mean it’s not real. I know for a fact that there are TWO members of the German Parliament who are Never Nudes. They call them “Neinvollstandig Nudes.”

      There are literally dozens of us worldwide. Dozens.

  15. People come ON. Only in America will a bunch of haters just HATE all over some folks trying to get some exercise.

    Did you hear how Submissann was huffing and puffing? That’s a great workout! Get Michelle Obama on the phone!

  16. This is just an elaborate excuse to defecate on the street.

  17. Why are they so into ponies? Whatever happened to horses?

  18. Seriousgum: Okay, so the interviewees are awkward and sometimes sanctimonious. But I agree wholeheartedly with Submissann about continuing to play as an adult–it’s necessary soul-nutrition, and most poor suckers are starving to death. So for that, kudos to her for living the dream. /seriousgum.

    That said: this exists (so NSFW).

  19. I hope this isn’t doing anything for me.

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