Let’s all be really clear about something: being white is great, and being rich is great, and being white and rich is really great. It doesn’t solve all of life’s problems but either does being poor. We should all be so lucky as to get to a place in our lives where movies like this about flaneur-ing around Paris every night because it is too stuffy in our gold-gilt hotel suite and the foie gras just isn’t sitting right are the only movies we can relate to anymore. “Paris in the morning IS beautiful but Paris at midnight IS magic, please pass the mille feuille,” etc, etc. But until that day comes, remember how Woody Allen married his step-daughter?

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  1. I was talking to my friend the other day and she said she would have sex with any jewish boy. I said “even Woody Allen?” She said “yep!”

  2. this looks fine but what if one of the characters tries to have sexual encounters without emotions attached? Like, they’d try to figure out if it works the same in Paris…after midnight?

  3. Paris? I thought his daughter’s name was Soon-Yi.
    (Ew. God, I am so sorry)

  4. So, I didn’t watch the video, but I’m going to assume it’s the newest Paris Hilton sex tape.

  5. Midnight in the vas deferens is downright terrifying.

  6. Oh my god, I have been dreaming about this square that I used to eat as a kid in The Bay cafeteria. I never knew the name… so never got to eat it as an adult. Even the other day on the bus I was thinking about this mysterious treat.

    Turns out, it’s Mille Feuille!! Thank you Videogum for the names of obscure cakes.

  7. Pardon my French, but casting Owen Wilson in this movie seems like a terrible fucking decision.

  8. Wait, what happened to You WIll Meet A Tall Dark Stranger? Did that ever come out or was I just not paying attention?

  9. I’d rather Owen Wilson myself than sit through that little number.

  10. It’s official: whether black or white, Wesley Snipes is still an asshole.

  11. Melissa Gilbert is already taking a break from her vacation to get in line at Fandango.

  12. God help me but I really really want to see this movie now. I’m sitting in a grubby smelly apartment right now freaking out about how I’m going to pay the rent in two months, and watching that trailer was like going a two-minute Paris vacation with Owen Wilson. You’re right, Owen Wilson, that guy’s a pretentious ass! Let’s go get some fresh air, together!


  13. Hey, the Owen Wilson wants what it wants.

  14. I was going to make a witty comment but the people in the student lounge I’m sitting in are talking about anal beads (College kids are not nearly as educated as they think they are).

    • Ain’t that the truth. Anyone who could be duped to spend $50k/yr just so you can tell people you have a degree in obscure obscurities is probably not as educated as they think they are (I count myself amongst these people)

  15. See, Owen Wilson IS our modern day Baudelaire.

  16. “Remember how Woody Allen married his step-daughter?” -Gabe, Midnight in Paresting his Case

  17. I felt gross about being white after watching that. How about that big fucking Dior bag for no reason!!


  18. Don’t get me wrong, I like France, I’m in French *2*, but this film would be a whole lot more interesting if it was set in Paris, Texas.

  19. Before sunset is actually the best time for Paris

  20. Uhh uhmm… Wedding Crashers joke!

  21. I will watch anything with Marion Cotillard on the off-chance that we run out of things to talk about during our magical love affair.

  22. Is there a woman (or man?) out there who has a little DVD shelf with all the Paris Romances on it? Le Divorce, the Sunrise/Sunset movies, maybe a little Eiffel Tower bookend propping them up?

    • you are correct! that is the third shelf down on the bookshelves of my best friend from high school! (she’s chinese though, so i don’t know how well she fits into the white peoples problems category that these are so frequently lumped in to.)

  23. I’m still trying to figure out if there is *literal* magic involved. Maybe Owen Wilson came upon a midnight magic camp? (It’s an illusion!)

    That’s probably it.

  24. gonna play devil’s advocate with y’all, but not cause i think anything written above is invalid.

    does ANYONE think it’s a good idea for woody allen to switch gears now and make a serious film about Haiti or Japan or something?

    yep, some of his movies suck big time. “Midnight in Paris” might be the next one that does, and that’s fine with me if it does. But “Midnight in Port-au-Prince” would be a much bigger fucking failure.

  25. Nobody plays Owen Wilson better than Owen Wilson… NOBODY.

  26. you know what is hard sometimes (thats what she said), not being white

  27. “Necessary.”
    - Owen Wilson’s accountant

  28. Well, working in this movie’s favor is that it reminded me of Twilight in Paris, and the music video for that was far more entertaining. Do you think Jem! will let them use the song for their soundtrack?

  29. owen wilson has made an entire career out of being a “likable guy”

  30. I agree with the spambot. We should all be so lucky as to find interracial dates who are not our stepchildren.

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