UH OH, NEO, THERE IS A GLITCH IN THE MATRIX! Movies cost millions of dollars to make, or whatever, but you would kind of think that the Friends with Benefits people would have watched the No Strings Attached trailer and smashed the glass on the Emergency Brake button. Hopefully, though, this summer, we will FINALLY know ONCE AND FOR ALL if sex friends can stay best friends. Fingers crossed!

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  1. I watch “Love and Other Strings Attached with Benefits” for the important questions involving the human psychological response to sex relating to emotional connections…..not for the nudity….

  2. Of course Woody Harrelson’s character is gay, and talks about antiquing

  3. I bet this movie is just a figment of No Strings Attached’s head.

  4. We may hate this, yes, but I think we can all get behind “SHUT UP KATHERINE HEIGL, YOU STUPID LIAR!”

  5. With fronds like these who needs anemones.

  6. Sex with Mila Kunis isn’t cool. You know what’s cool?

    Well, actually, sex with Mila Kunis is probably pretty cool.

  7. So now I have to go back and watch Black Swan again after watching both these trailers? Lily really is after Nina’s part?

  8. Actually, you won’t know ONCE AND FOR ALL until the release of my directorial debut, “Two People Gettin It On Without Becoming Invested In Each Other On A Deep Personal Level.”

  9. How many more of these movies before Cobb gets out of Limbo?

  10. Kriss Kross is gonna make you jump, jump (off your balcony)

    Seriously though I liked Kriss Kross too. JUMP!

  11. I look forward to using “Fiends with Brainefits” as my entry for “BNPG: Zombie Romantic Comedies” whenever we decide to play that.

  12. Having not seen the trailer. I’m going to assume that it is about having friends who rub it in your face that they have health insurance. Boooooo!

  13. I’m pretty sure it’s just a case of a casting director not wanting to say “no” to any of his friends so they just made like 4 separate movies, each starring 2-6 people who tried out for the original role of “two best friends who want sex but not a complicated romantic relationship.”

  14. Wait, Mila Kunis is in this? Wasn’t Ashton Kutcher in No Strings Attached? That 70s Rivalry! I hear Ashton Kutcher’s next project is a psychological thriller called Punch And Judy. It casts Zach Braff as his lover/rival in the world of professional puppet shows.

  15. Every time, your movie is like “it’s ok, I can stay emotionally detached, I don’t need a serious relationship in my plot to be a complete and fulfilled movie,” and then the second some pretty young actor walks into frame, it’s all about the romantic foreshadowing and nostalgic soundtracks and before you know it you find your movie wearing some disgusting looping font as its title and setting its release date for the summer. And still it promises this time, it’ll be different.

    That’s your movie, and it sucks.

  16. 1. Woody Harrelson is the man and I want to see all of his scenes in this.
    2. More than the cliche part of this movie, what pisses me off is that clearly, those two characters would already be in an awesome relationship in real life, because they would understand that relationships don’t have to fit Hollywood cliche versions of a what a relationship is.

  17. Dear Hollywood, please consider producing my screenplay, MINDBENDER, which is about two former sitcom stars placing false memories in the minds of others all the while spinning a magic dreidel.

  18. I can’t wait for the near-simultaneous release of multiple movies about film execs who insist upon their own emotional detachment, even as they are clearly falling in love with a superficially attractive premise.

  19. Just when I thought I could watch Justin Timberlake and not get all emotional, he goes and makes me hate him all over again.

  20. “We’re Just Fuck Buddies” starring Ashton Kutcher and Justin Timberlake

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  22. UGHHHH these things are never a good idea!! I bet they end up happily ever after or at some convenient time that doesn’t show the aftermath of weird awfulness that is being in a FWB situation. I need to find a real FWB, like someone with a decent dental plan.

  23. Okay, so everyone here makes salient points about how much both these fuckbuddy movies are going to probably suck, but i have a whole other question: is this a thing that is happening right now?

    are there really 20somethings who are just so uber-successful in their career jobs that they don’t have time to date AT ALL but they are so attractive and have so many equally attractive, unattached, unlucky in love and too busy to start a new relationship friends that they just start fucking until they eventually fall in love?

    like i know that this is hollywood so y’know, suspension of disbelieve (MEDIA STUDIES) and all, but seriously, hollywood? Everyone who ever went to college for even a semester knows that these types of arrangements end really really badly because they are the product of two horrible as-yet-unformed post-adolescent skinbags of human waste trying to use each other until the horribly awkward “going to buy plan b” trip that finally mercy kills their pseudo relationship (and their possibly trying to form baby, if you are pro-life like that).

    I guess what i am saying is that it boggles my mind that this might be a “thing” that people in hollywood think is happening (and might actually be happening? I don’t know i live in the woods) enough to make TWO different movies about it.

    also i would like to nominate Sucker Punch for WMOAT, with a stop-motion super close-up of a bullet. that is all.

  24. Is it just me, or did this trailer do the ol’ “Stop the music at the funny part” trick ten times?

  25. Let me get this straight, this got green-lighted over “Dick In A Box: The Movie” ?

  26. Could they do a cut of this movie with just Woody Harrelson and Patricia Clarkson? I would consider seeing that. Maybe throw Emma Stone in there too, that’s fine.

    Also, regarding the Kriss Kross scene: it could be kind of cute when a white guy busts into a rap-and-funky dance combo but OH MY GOD NOT if that white guy is Justin Timberlake. This is not showing us anything new, this is just reminding us of matching denim outfits and NSync songs.

  27. It’s kind of impressive how many times Justin Timberlake sang in the trailer, considering that he has been a Real Actor for a while now.

    More intrigued by this than I was by No Strings Attached, if only because I prefer these two over NatShton.

  28. Seeing this. Obvi. Totes.

  29. Mila: Listen, I’ve got this movie in production about friends, get this, who have sex and see if it works without a relationship! Interested?

    Portman: oh…..

    • Not to mention the fact that No Strings Attached was CALLED “Friends with Benefits” until like 2 months before it came out. Both movies were called that while in production. There’s also an NBC sitcom called “Friends With Benefits” that might still be put on the schedule in the summer or fall. Jesus, I know way too much about all this terrible crap.



  31. I love the synopsis written out on the apple trailers website:

    “Dylan (Justin Timberlake) and Jamie (Mila Kunis) think it’s going to be easy to add the simple act of sex to their friendship, despite what Hollywood romantic comedies would have them believe. They soon discover however that getting physical really does always lead to complications.”

    basically… “If you thought this was your typical Hollywood movie about friends trying to have sex with each other…. than you’re absolutely right!”

  32. The funniest thing about that trailer is how Justin acts as if his braids was a mistake (when they see the family album) when in real life he was much more rediculous.


  33. I’d actually go see this one.
    Patricia Clarkson? Yes.
    Emma Stone? (for three seconds?) Yes.
    Mila Kunis? OF COURSE.
    and the eye candy ain’t too bad either! (Woody Harrelson) (yes.)

  34. This sounds like my script “Forts with Benefits” about four attractive(?) twenty-somethings who travel through America, then Canada, then back into America while forcing homeless people to dine with them in rag-tag blanket forts all the while staying emotionally detached.
    Short Sell: Coccyx-shattering hill jumps.

  35. Sorry, but this looks like a substantially better movie than the Kutchar version. Lame, predictable, but better than the other one.

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