You get what you pay for in this life, so if you want to pay $1000 for a DVD (a DVD!) of a terrible movie, you will get everything that you deserve, I’m sure.

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  1. As if MTV needs a new reason to film another season of Cribs.

  2. You’d think for that amount of money, you would at least get a face that’s free of disfiguring marks.

  3. In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the limited edition scarface DVD.

  4. PAH-lease, call when it comes on a 15 set Betamax

  5. In America, first you get the power, then you get the money, then you get the women, then you get the $1000 dollar edition of Scarface, then the women stop coming around so much, then you lose your mansion because you spent foolishly and didn’t diversify your assets, then the government has an auction to sell off your valuables to pay back taxes, then your limited edition Scarface Blu-ray goes up for bid at the criminally low price of $5.00…

    and that’s when Frank Lloyd Wrong strikes.

  6. Haven’t they made enough millions of Scarface posters that are hung in College dorms?

  7. “You get what you pay for in this life, so if you want to pay $1000 for a DVD (a DVD!) of a terrible movie, you will get everything that you deserve, I’m sure.”

    I’m pretty sure anyone who has $1000 to spend and would use it to buy this DVD already has waaaaay more than they deserve.

  8. “Nice humidor, so I’m guessing I won’t be saying hello to your little rent check this month?”
    -Your clever landlord

  9. Every single drug dealer in my hometown is going to try to buy this, and there will be at least one beating or hilariously attempted murder over someone’s failure to get it.

    • Where do you live? East Los Angeles?

      • Live? Colorado for now.

        Hometown? A hysterically shitty town in Massachusetts’ South Shore, outside of Boston. Fun story: In sixth grade, a kid I knew got stabbed for spilling juice on another kid’s shoes. Stabbing kid has since died of an OD. Another fun story: Met a dude here in CO from Boston, when he found out I was from Weymouth he goes, “Oh, I got my ass beat by kids from Weymouth once.” Note that this ass-beating didn’t happen in Weymouth. Weymouth kids travel to other towns to beat ass. It’s not like the place is some rough and tough battleground that you have to survive, it’s just a hellishly empty and pathetic place. To quote Rob Cordry, who is from Weymouth, “This is Weymouth, if you ain’t gettin in a fight, you ain’t doin it right.” The other options are to live an empty and boring life, or to leave.

        The first sub-section under the History section on the Wikipedia page is called “A Failed Colony.” To quote: “By winter, poor planning and bad management led to supplies running out. With the Plymouth colonists having few supplies to share, the Weymouth men began to steal from the local Massachusetts nation. Foraging in cooperation with the Pilgrims and trading with Natives was insufficient, and some colonists began to steal from the natives.[7] By now, many in the colony were ill and all forms of law and order had broken down. The lowest point came when a healthy settler was caught stealing supplies from the Massachusetts and the Massachusetts leaders demanded the thief’s execution; the Weymouth men complied but either executed or failed to substitute for execution a dying, sick settler instead”

        Also, the first person who got out of murder by claiming he was sleepwalking: from Weymouth. He killed his wife, who was a prostitute.

        I’m done now.

        • Oh, and how could I forget, George Jung, most successful (?), coke smuggler in American history, Weymouth-born and -raised

        • You know, no offense, but those stories are kindof the opposite of fun. And I hired a juggler for the telling and everything.

          • Right, sorry. I forgot that for outsiders they aren’t fun, whereas for insiders, laughter is mainly a survival method of despair. Weymouth just amuses me with it because there are places that are so, so much worse, in poverty, in violence, in whatever, that it’s almost like Weymouth is just playing an imitation game. And in some ways it looks like a normal South Shore town, but it actually lacks anything to make it good. Options are absolute culture-less mundanity, or loving Scarface.

            I’m shocked anyone has actually read these posts.

            Do you want a refund on the juggler?

          • No, that’s ok, but the inflatable bouncy castle I ordered seems a little incongruous. Luckily, an incongruous bouncy inflatable castle is the best sort of bouncy inflatable castle #itstrue

          • One of my best friends had a Spider-Man Inflatable bouncy castle for a party. It was his high school graduation party. It was frickin’ awesome. He wasn’t from Weymouth.

            My Weymouth inflatable bouncy castle story is this: older brothers at the party thought it would be awesome to put the trampoline next to it, bounce on the trampoline till you had enough height to clear the wall of the castle, and then fall gloriously into the castle. This was awesome, until someone didn’t clear the wall so much as smack into the top of it, fall back, and snap his leg so much that you could see bone bursting through skin.

            So, enjoy your castle, but be reasonably careful.

          • “La plus belle des ruses du diable est de vous persuader que les trampolines sont un plaisir innocent.” – Fauxdelaire


  10. I’ll pay $1000 for it if they digitally add in frescoes of Justin Bieber all around Tony’s house. You know, for that added authenticity.

  11. Interesting movie though. I thought it was especially poignant how Al Pacino cries at the end. When there are literally hundreds of bullets ripping into his body but he’s still standing and firing back. He’s crying during that part.

  12. It’s part of a new police effort to catch douchebags

  13. I actually bought a limited edition of Scarface a few years back. Okay, actually it was a bootleg that I didn’t realize was a bootleg until it came in the mail.

    It stars “Alpacino Scarface” and “Michele Ptietter” and “It the story of Regan, a little girl who becomes possessed.”

    Yep, it’s Scarface, but the blurb is about the Exorcist. It’s considered a collector’s item in the Apple Pie Hubbub household.

  14. For a movie that contains…

    1. A man snorting a comically huge pile of cocaine
    2. A birthday gift that is a tiger
    3. Chainsaw showering

    … Scarface is still a pretty boring movie.

  15. Forget Tony Camonte, THIS is the shame of the nation!

  16. Oh, Gabriel. I understand. I understand what you’re doing. You’re calling “Scarface” a terrible movie because you’re trying to push me away, to make me hate you…I understand. You’re scared. You’ve never felt a love this real, this intense before, and it frightens you. But what you don’t get is that I love you, and I’m not going away just because you insist upon pissing on everything that is good in this world.

  17. Hey, this is BLU-RAY, baby! Means it only costs $0.93 per p.

  18. why’s it $1000? because this guy did the score:

  19. I bought the $50 one that came out about seven years ago because it came with the original Howard Hughes produced Scarface and it was the only way you could own it back then. That and I was horrible with my finances.

  20. Say hello to my little “no.”

  21. This would make a nice gift, what with Easter and Mother’s Day just around the corner.

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