Now you know how to dance to dub step, Rudy. (Via Vulture.)

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  1. I love how this was submitted by “Rudy.”

  2. This is just very well done

  3. this is how I dance to dubstep

  4. Bill is definitely in the spirit of Friday.

  5. Dubstep just makes me want more Misfits already.

  6. Just wait ’til you see Roseanne’s krump.

  7. Jammin on the one.

  8. Teach me how to Cosby, teach me teach me how to Cosby.

  9. I went to this rave back in January at some abandoned fabric warehouse on the Lower East Side. I must admit, the shit was hot.

    • That sounds like something someone would make up to make fun of hipsters, not saying you are making this up

      • LOL, thanks. The shit was cool. It reminded me of the first scene in Blade when they were walking through the butcher shop or some shit into the underground club. I remember the staircase was caged in and some bitch passed out and was being carried down.

  10. Dance is a form of nonverbal communication between humans and is the most common entertaining, relaxing and creative activity that fascinates all human age groups.

  11. now that’s funny AND spicy!

  12. These pills kicked in at the right time

  13. I dance to dubstep by turning it off.


  14. That music is to dubstep what Ke$ha is to… everything?

    Awful. Gives real dubstep a bad name. ew.

  15. I’m still having a hard time classifying dubstep. It’s the monotremata of the music world.

  16. That’s awesome. [laugh, laugh, laugh]

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