When I was in LA last week I went to some bar and the DJ put on Bangs! But it was old Bangs. This is new Bangs. GET WITH THE PROGRAM, LOS ANGELES. You were wrong when you bought all those fedoras, and you are wrong about which Bangs song is hot. Just because all of California is definitely going to fall into the ocean doesn’t mean you guys should just give up! (Thanks for the tip, James.)

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  1. Yeah, being black in America sure is hard!

    …wait. Do not post. DO NOT POST.

  2. Nothing makes me believe that someone is truly sad all the time more than an ebullient HEY

  3. I’m worried about Bangs, you guys.

  4. I have an acquaintance who’s a Sudanese refugee. I suppose his life is (or has been) pretty hard as well, but at least he doesn’t make everyone else’s life hard by making terrible rap.

  5. My life is hard too, Bangs. Did you know that my surround sound system remote broke this morning? So now I have to watch TV with the TV’s speakers so I can adjust the volume accordingly with out having to get up every five minutes. Such a hard life.

    • I can relate. Last night, my Logitech Harmony remote needed to be recharged and I don’t have a wall outlet near my couch, so I had to plug it up on the other side of the room and the cord isn’t very long so I had to make the choice to either keep getting up to control my TV or I had to dig out all of my old remotes that it replaced and use those.

      I chose to just leave it on American Idol for the full two hours after picking an appropriate volume level.


  6. Since the tip was from someone who shares my name, I can totally take credit for it!!!! You’re welcome Gabe!

  7. This song is going to be so insufferable when Gwyneth Paltrow covers it on Glee.

  8. Still better than Chet Haze.

  9. I don’t think Bangs is exagerrating when he says he never ever has a good time, you guys. It doesn’t even look like he enjoys rapping or shooting his videos.

  10. Bangs never, ever has a good time? He should just put on his own record and let the good times roll.

  11. I don’t know how he managed it, but Bangs made an entire video of him looking thoughtful. I’m just wondering if his life is hard to live. I’m hoping it’s not.

  12. I’ve stopped complaining about how hard my life is in light of recent events. By “recent events,” of course, I’m referring to the article in this week’s NY magazine recounting one woman’s fight against the bike lane in Park Slope. Thanks for putting everything in perspective, Anti-bikelane Lady.

  13. “Sometimes, man, I wonder if life is softer for a Boom. Maybe they wear t-shirts that say something. Something hilarious like: I’m with Bing.” – a Bang

  14. You think this is hard? Try going to a workplace with no internet restrictions and still be expected to get work done. That’s hard!

  15. I thought he was telling me that his lunch was hot. And I was all like, stop rapping and eat it because lukewarm lunches are the worst.

    • I thought he was telling me his life is literally hot, with the images of Sudan, palm trees and him lying on the asphalt in the burning sun.

      • I was also listening on my phone, with the volume turned down. So I may have missed the more nuanced bits of the song. But how about that choreography!

  16. Something else is hard but it’s not my life **wink wink** hehe

  17. I am sadder for having watched this.

  18. According to this map (“Male Ego Check”) I saw on Time via Buzzfeed yesterday, I don’t think men from Sudan should feel bad for themselves at all…


  19. Ladies. #amiright?

  20. at least it’s good to see your baby boy bangs is still reppin’ the green screen pretty hard

    never change bangs….never change

  21. What a bummer. I like this song. I can relate. My life is not hard but it’s true I never ever have a good time. Not in a while anyway : (

  22. I can relate. Yesterday, my life coach was like “how much do you really want this?” and I made a joke like “it’s cool, I’ll just eat some Life cereal” and he left in a huff, and now I can’t remember if it is an all soup diet and Pilates day, or if I’m supposed to volunteer for an hour at the food bank.

  23. You do know that this is actually the OLDEST Bangs song there is, right? It was originally posted on his YouTube a day before “Take U To Da Movies”. I remember when you originally posted “Movies” I went and devoured every Bangs video I could find. This song was always my favorite, so I’m glad he finally got around to making a video for it. And to all those who are wondering about his inability to have a good time, knowing that it predates “Take U To Da Movies” and “Meet Me On Facebook” makes it look like he got over that and is actually having the BEST time, doesn’t it?

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