It was reported last week that Darren Aronofsky had dropped out of the Wolverine sequel, which is too bad. That would have probably been a pretty good Wolverine movie! At the very least, it would have been better than the last Wolverine movie. Eek. But it’s important in this world to always look for the yellow lining, you know? The bright wet side! With the movie delayed, Hugh Jackman has now announced a limited engagement of live performances…in San Francisco…where he’s going to…sing…his favorite showtunes? “YAY!” From The Wrap:

Everyone’s favorite Oscar host will sing and dance his way through a new stage show at the Bay City’s The Curran Theatre for a two week limited run.

Jackman will also perform numbers from his Tony award-winning star turn in “The Boy from Oz.”

Entitled “Hugh Jackman In Performance,” the show runs from May 3-15. Tickets have already gone on sale through SHN.

The only thing more compelling than the idea of Hugh Jackman on-stage singing his favorite showtunes (seriously, what is going on here?) is the scintillating title “Hugh Jackman in Performance.” Wowzers. Kaboom! Fireworks, I’m sure. Hopefully a Bay Area reader will send us a report of what it’s REALLY like when Hugh Jackman lets the actor in him take over. Hugh Jackman pees his pants.

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  1. Cut it out, Bing. That’s gross.

  2. I’m going to star in a stage show where I do my favorite thing: hate search Hugh Jackman’s wife.

    • Whenever I hear his name, my brain always interprets it as “Huge Ackman”. Which would be a pretty terrible thing to have. Poor guy! So I guess I’m saying it’s good to see the woman getting all the scrutiny for once.

  3. Lot of pee talk around here.

  4. I hope he does the pee pee dance for an encore.

  5. Hugh Jackman was supposed to tour with Cats, until he learned that he was expected to use the litter box.

  6. Let’s get this pee party started!!!

  7. More like: “Hugh Jackman in PEEformance”

    Right, you guys?! RIGHT?!

  8. All I know is that Darren Aronofsky dropping out of Wolverine has got me pissed.

  9. needs more gold pants and cheetah print shirts



  10. Swag
    (is this correct usage?)

  11. Guys, Hugh has already responded to Gabe’s contant pee jokes on twitter! He tweeted: “I’m so over people bringing this past s**t up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bulls**t.” He then slashed his dressing room with his adamantium claws and then ziplined to Oprah’s show without wearing a shirt.

  12. All these pee posts as of late are making me suspect Gabe has a secret that’s trying to trickle out.

  13. This just in: “Sixteen going on Wolverine” by Hugh Jackman rockets through the charts in some direction.

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