Dear Good Morning America,

As you know, Chris Brown was a guest on your show yesterday, and after being asked a pretty obvious and entirely reasonable question about the on-going legal situation surrounding his violent beating of Rihanna, he not only provided a disgustingly unapologetic answer (“It’s not really a big deal to me now”) but proceeded to trash his dressing room before ripping his shirt off and storming out of the studios. I mean, what a FUCKING MONSTER, right? Who does that? Who does that anyway, much less who does that when they have a widespread public reputation for unwarranted violent outbursts? Yikes. I’m sure questions about his attack on Rihanna make Chris Brown uncomfortable, but you know what else makes people uncomfortable? GETTING PUNCHED REPEATEDLY IN THE FACE IN A RENTED (lol) LAMBORGHINI! When everything is said and done, Chris Brown still seems to be the one getting off easy, so maybe he should just answer the fucking questions with a modicum of respect for the seriousness of the situation and chilllllllll.

But so here is why I am writing this letter to you, Good Morning America: WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM? Not only are you not pressing charges against Chris Brown, but now you are asking him to return to the show? What kind of pandering, pro-violence, egomania-enabling, fucked up world without consequences (for a chosen few) do you live in*, you assholes?

I’m sure that managing a daily morning talk show is difficult. So much politics, right? You’ve got to do some work to massage the big egos of Hollywood so that they keep coming back and answering your questions about favorite limousines to ride in and who has a crush on whom! Sure. I get that. But guess what: THAT’S NOT WHAT IS GOING ON HERE. We are talking about a convicted domestic abuser continuing a pattern of ACTUAL FUCKING VIOLENCE, and not only do you pretend like this is not some kind of problem by refusing to file a police report, but you indulge and encourage it by publicly stating (PUBLICLY STATING) that everyone on the show “wishes him the absolute best.” EVERYONE ON THE SHOW WISHES HIM THE ABSOLUTE BEST? A) WHY? B) FUCK YOU. I’m not expecting any staffers who might disagree with this statement into which they have been unceremoniously lumped to actually quit their jobs in protest, but they should at least SERIOUSLY CONSIDER IT.


The nature of celebrity culture is such that it only takes a minor stumble for the public to turn on their stars, but it takes a similarly minor act of contrition to enter one’s redemption phase. This cycle is played out time and again, and it’s now ingrained and immutable. Good Morning America certainly isn’t responsible for this, although I’m sure you guys have a role to play in all three acts of any career. But this was not a minor stumble. This was a well-documented, successfully prosecuted, and ADMITTED attack against a woman (not that the woman part really matters, if Chris Brown beat the shit out of a dude in a rented [lol] Lamborghini and then RAN OFF INTO THE NIGHT, LEAVING THEM FOR DEAD he would still be a horrific piece of shit and face legal consequences), for which this asshole has never even actually APOLOGIZED. The only thing he has ever regretted was getting caught. Well, getting caught and apparently having to answer “annoying” questions about it. And now you guys, having witnessed this violence first hand, are throwing your not-inconsequential weight behind defending and appeasing an ACTUAL CRIMINAL. Who committed brand new crimes IN YOUR HOME. Think about what kind of message that sends to people. Not just young people, either. Think about the message that sends all people. It is a really REALLY awful message!

Fuck you, Good Morning America. I wish you the absolute worst.

*Obviously, this is the pandering, pro-violence, egomania-enabling, fucked up world without consequences (for a chosen few) that we ALL live in, but many of us don’t have an active choice in the matter.
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  1. I don’t understand why we’re allowing Chris Brown to come back. Whenever he is brought up everyone should say “That guy who beat up Rihanna? I’m so glad he’s not famous anymore!”

  2. Gahhhhh! I hate this guy so much! So much! You don’t beat up a girlfriend that bad and get a second chance THEN FUCKING BLOW IT ON TV, then get ANOTHER CHANCE because the people you blew up at are asshole.

    Thank you Gabe. I know we don’t always see eye to eye, but you are dead on with this one. This guy needs to go away fast. My only consolation is that he’s moving onto the former celebrity graveyard; Dancing with the Stars.

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      • No, Sheen’s big thing was that he went crazy and his complete insanity WAS hilarious/kind of sad to watch, regardless of what he he had done in the past; that’s not what anyone was talking about.

        Despite it happening 2 or so years ago, Chris Brown is still easily equated with beating his girlfriend up, since he hasn’t done much of anything in the meantime (#literally, nothing except make “music). So it’s not out of line to ask questions about it. But the point is that they asked about him about his anger issues (perhaps not directly, I didn’t actually watch the interview, but I can tell it was addressed), to which he then proceeds to get annoyed with GMA, then fucks up their dressing room and storms out with his shirt off like a TODDLER. That should end with a “Okay, great, here’s a bill. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” But GMA, still chasing that money, wants him back, so he can apologize again and get another chance that he clearly doesn’t deserve, in my and a lot of others’ eyes. GMA should not be giving this guy another chance, and that’s why Gabe called them out.

  3. I wish I was surprised by this. I wish. It terrifies me that we live in a world where the best path to fame and recognition is through increasingly terrible acts of violence and hatred. It started with Tiger Woods, then Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, and now Chris Brown are jumping on that bandwagon. And the worst part is, it’s working. We can all expect to see Rebecca Black curb-stomping Demi Lovato in the next few weeks.

    • Dude, you have really good ideas. Have you ever thought about working in PR?

    • I think its even before Tiger Woods. Look at Mike Tyson He abused his exwife, is a convicted rapist and took a bite out of another human being. But give it enough years, & he someone we can laugh at in The Hangover & watch on his new reality TV show.

      And while it took many more years for that to happen- in comparison to people like Chris Brown & Mel Gibson- I think that* shows how much more readily we forgive/forget/wait for the comeback for these newer situations.

      • In fairness, though, it seems like Tyson is someone who has genuinely tried to make a serious personality/lifestyle change in the wake of his past crimes, readily acknowledges that he was an awful person, etc. Whether this level of contrition is sufficient to allow him back into the good graces of the American public is debatable, but he’s definitely approaching the “redemption” thing more earnestly than Chris Brown’s mumble-a-few-annoyed-comments-about-how-he’s-not-being-asked-about-his-new-album strategy.

      • Word. And remember Sean Penn? Everybody’s favorite volatile humanitarian who totally beat up Madonna, but she kept it quiet so he kept his career, and now he gets to bang ScarJo. And wasn’t there some dramz with Josh Brolin and Diane Lane? And yet, he gets to hang out with the Coen Bros.

        (Still, I do think Chris Brown has had a slightly harder time gaining America’s Forgiveness than other those dudes because (a) the photographic evidence, and (b) ahem, dare I say it — racial issues.)

        • I think it might be a fit unfair to compare alleged instances of abuse with proven ones. Yes, domestic abuse is systematically under-reported and marginalized, but there is an important distinction between tabloid rumors and proven criminal conduct. Both of the instances to which you refer were a far cry from a beating, at least according to police reports. I would hate to defend domestic abusers, but I also don’t want to see people unjustly maligned either :/

          • I don’t really think it’s unfair to draw the comparison, but it definitely would have been more appropriate for me to clarify that those two were just “rumored, never convicted,” etc. I guess it would be better to mention Chris in the same breath with someone who admitted it, like John Lennon, or somebody where charges were dropped but the incident was well-documented, like Christian Slater v. his girlfriend and a few cops.

            Still, as a matter of degree (though I dislike thinking about it that way) Sean Penn is rumored to have tied Madonna to a chair and hit her with a baseball bat. That might be less physically harmful than what happened to Rihanna, but if true, it’s definitely in the same ballpark. Also, Sheen, Tom Sizemore and Penn are all like BFFs! It’s as if they’re begging me to jump to conclusions!

            Still, I kind of want to retract my whole post, because I didn’t know Chris Brown’s album was soaring to #1 until today! Sounds like America is once again Totally Cool with Chris. USA, USA!

    • Unless I’m wrong, Tiger Woods was unfaithful to his wife, but not physically abusive. Can we leave him out of this thread? I know he’s part of the redemption machine, but it seems like we’re lumping very different levels of awfulness into one category.

      • I’m glad you said this; I was about to.

      • I put Tiger Woods in there just because it seems like that was when this started. That was the first modern celebrity scandal I can think of that resulted in an immediate noticeable increase in publicity for the guilty party’s redemption. Celebrities have always done terrible things, but I can’t remember the public ever buying into it as much as they do now, and as far as I can tell, it started with Tiger.

        • I’m pretty sure domestic abuse (and violence in general) has been going on for centuries, and that the media choosing to ignore/ support abusive/ violent stars despite (and, even more disgustingly, sometimes because of) their behavior has been happening for decades. Let’s not forget our history. Let’s also not repeat it. Join the movement to end violence.

        • I live in Philly so I get to hear about Michael Vick’s grand redemption all the time. Of course the same people who think he really deserves a second chance would likely not hire him to mop their floors if he was just a black guy with a criminal record.

          I guess Vick is really good at football, though? So, that’s cool. What is Chris Brown good at? Aside from my love for the Niagara episode of The Office, isn’t his music kind of terrible? Am I wrong? I’m pretty dumb when it comes to recent pop music.

    • The weirdest thing about this situation to me is this: I understand why (for example) we as a society generally put up with dangerous coal mines or potentially leaky oil wells. Whether it’s a good idea or not, I understand the logic in putting up with a certain amount of negative externalities in exchange for rare resources with few substitutes.

      There are about a million and six substitutes for Chris Brown! There are dozens of interchangeable, equally talented performers who are already signed! There are tens of thousands of Chris Brown substitutes crooning in obscurity! Why the fuck do we put up with even a little bit of shit from utterly replaceable entertainers? I swear that on one of the infinite Earths, celebrities are scared to death that any misbehavior, let alone violent crime, will lead to them being replaced by the next wave of cuter and more talented moppets. As it should.

      (See also pundits. There are thousands of amateur pundits. Why are we stuck with the ones on TV? Why the fuck does George Will get a lifetime pass for using stolen debate material to help out Reagan? Why does Pat Buchanan get a pass for passing on holocaust denial propaganda? Why isn’t Dick Morris selling used cars?)

      • well said Clambone!!

      • I think it’s a bit like Z-list actors who keep getting cast in movies, even if they’re straight-to-DVD, because producers know having any name recognition whatsoever gives them a huge boost. Even if it’s someone going ‘Oh hey it’s Carrot Top and that woman from Melrose Place, this looks awful!’ it is still going to get more attention than a movie starring no one and neverheardofhim.

        So, uh, Chris Brown is the musical equivalent of Carrot Top. People hate him, but he’s made money before and there will always be someone around helping him make (and make them) money.

    • Don’t forget Michael Vick, who’s apparently in the running to be on the cover of the next Madden game. Apparently it doesn’t matter how many dogs you personally strangle as long as you’re good at catching a ball!

      • I dunno, I’m no football fan, but I have some problems with the way Michael Vick was vilified over so many other villains in the sport. There are NFL players who have beat their wives/girlfriends, shot people or, yes, RAPED people yet still haven’t gotten nearly the same amount of media hatred directed at them, nor the same criminal/employment sanctions levied against them.
        People like those at GMA apparently think its safe to direct all sorts of vitriol against someone who beats dogs, but that to direct the same vitriol at someone who beats women is somehow politically/commercially unsafe.

        • I think the reason Vick was treated more harshly than the other deserving candidates is the premiditated nature of his crime.

          I think that most people, even people who are not so inclined themselves, can understand how an overprivileged man-child might be prone to fits of deplorable violence. It makes sense in a definitely-not-excusable sort of way.

          But Vick ran a dog fighting ring. This was the product of years of planning, and involved routinely killing innocent animals in ways that were shockingly and unnecesarily cruel. Plus, it was a for-profit enterprise, and I think that lends a certain chillingness to the whole affair. There was no passion, only killing dogs for fun and money.

          • I see your point, but that actually worries me more. Are we more ok with people blowing up at women if it wasn’t premeditated? Especially if those people are supposedly role models? I think we should be worried about, as a culture, teaching the value (especially in young males, a large part of the football audience) of recognizing and channeling anger and the inherent wrongness of violence, sexual or otherwise, toward women.

            I think we all agree that people with, like, rape basements are whackos. (note, I’m not saying a dog-fighting ring is a rape basement. I’m simply pointing to one extreme example of premeditated sexual violence against women). But there’s not the same consensus that people who rape a girl that did some shots with them earlier in the night are also deserving of our scorn and censure. That is what worries me.

          • Let me put it this way – the law is certainly more concerned, and that’s sort of an extension of what we as a society think. Premeditated murder? Longer sentence than a crime of passion. The idea is that someone who has had time to reflect but kills anyway is worse than someone who might not have done so with a period of reflection. And if not worse, more morally bankrupt in some way.

          • I really apologize, but I am about to get on a high horse. You can go ahead and skip this if you like.

            Domestic violence is not a “crime of passion”, nor does it occur as a result of a “fit of rage”. Domestic violence is an entrenched belief system overwhelmingly occuring in men wherein they feel that they have the right to use power and control over their partner. This includes physical violence, verbal, sexual, and emotional abuse. Long before Chris Brown decided to beat Rhianna, long before a man decides to assault his partner, a cycle begins wherein she is systematically torn down mentally and emotionally. The beating and killing of women has, for far too long, been romanticized as a “crime of passion”. It is not a crime of passion. It is simply a crime.

          • Late reply here –

            To be clear, I’m using the word “passion” differently than you, I believe. In this context, I only intended it to distinguish it from a planned crime. Domestic abuse, while being all of the things you said, is not necessarily planned out by the perpetrator. I feel confident in saying that many if not most abusers don’t get home at night and consciously plan to perpetrate violence. This does not excuse the crime, but it makes the mental state of the criminal (mens rea, if you want to get all law-school-latin about it) somewhat different.

          • Actually, all of the research and all of what we know about domestic violence is that it IS planned out. It is a pattern of behaviors chosen and planned by the perpetrator for the specific purpose of gaining control over his victim. Physical violence is seen by batterers as a perfectly acceptable form of maintaining “discipline” or control over their partner. The batterer is well-aware of what he is doing when he does it. He may very well consciously think “If the house isn’t up to my standards when I get home, I’m going to beat my wife’s ass.”

            To suggest that the abuser does not have control over his own behavior, to suggest that his “mental state” is the cause of the behavior, then suggests to some degree that the blame lies with the victim.

            Also, I knew what you meant by a “crime of passion”. It is still a dangerous misnomer.

          • I stand corrected on the planning aspect.

            However, I did not say that the mental state “causes” the behavior, and I certainly didn’t mean to imply it. I also did not mean to say that the abuser has no control over his behavior. Of course he does, and should be punished, because we agree that he is criminally culpable for his behavior.

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        • I’ve heard the “he served his time” thing all week and I don’t really buy it. 23 months is a slap on the wrist for torturing and/or killing (BY HAND!) 70 dogs. Truly biased as a dog fan.

          But whatever, I don’t care about football. Let’s just not celebrate him by putting him on the cover of a game rated E for Everyone and played by millions of children.

          • Yeah, the sentence was weak, sure. But he served the term legally bestowed upon him, so I’d call that ‘serving his time’, there’s nothing much we can do about that. And I’m a dog lover too, and rescue dogs are a big part of my life. But I don’t really see what that has to do with being good at football. They’re not putting him on the cover of Great Role Model for Kids magazine, it’s a football video game. And if you did know anything about football you would know that every 14 players that have appeared on the cover of Madden video games have suffered a terrible season afterwords or have been seriously injured. So I hope that gives you some solace.

      • Michael Vick served his time in prison, he’s involved in many charities and organizations devoted to preventing violence against animals and provide education to people who, like him, grew up in areas that portrayed dog violence as a normal thing and he has apologized many, many times for the absolutely terrible things he did. He deserves a second chance. It’s the moral and right thing to do to forgive someone if they are genuinely sorry for their actions and have demonstrated that they have learned from what they did, regret what they did, and contribute to fighting against whatever they did. People like Michael Vick deserve a second chance.

        Chris Brown does not. He has shown no remorse for his actions, he never went to jail for the terrible CRIME that he committed and should have gone to jail for, he obviously coasted through his court-ordered anger-management classes and didn’t learn anything. Pile on top of all that the fact that he is only interested in promoting himself and his career instead of maybe speaking out against domestic abuse, donating money or his time to help women who have been in abusive relationships, or just apologizing once to Rihanna and the general public for his disgusting behavior. Chris Brown is not a human being, he is a fucking cockroach.

      • michael vick did terrible things to dogs….but, the fact of the matter is most football fans could give a shit. i agree that he committed crimes (for which he was punished!) and that he is not a good person, but football players are given breaks for things that are so much worse. i’m sorry, they were only dogs. (how many of these fools have gotten away with rape?) the media paid more attention to dog fights (which i’ve heard are very popular in the south, i’ve even heard it described as a cultural tradition…i know it’s not but it does help to put vick’s story with some context) than it does to violence against women. that is repulsive. i realize this is an unpopular opinion amongst enlightened animal loving liberals, but the amount of domestic abuse and rape that is tolerated by the nfl is disgusting (not to mention players who have actually murdered other men and are still playing). players aren’t even given a slap on the wrist for abusing their significant others and yet michael vick was crucified for doing something that was legal in my home state of new mexico (except for we did it with cocks and razor blades) until 2007.

    • We live in a violent culture of bored consumers who have an appetite for misogyny, racism and hate as entertainment. Mel Gibson’s antisemitic rants sell magazines. Charlie Sheen’s violence toward women garners viewers.

      The capitalist basis of our culture demand that we monetize everything. That we derive the highest and best use of every element of our society, but “highest and best” are only understood in terms of financial gain, not moral. Because showing terrible humans being terrible makes money, those who are terrible are going to stay in the public eye.

      I don’t really know if being a human nightmare is the best for the career–it seems to help some and in many cases it hasn’t hurt (though I don’t know if being laughed as you have a nervous breakdown is really ‘helping’ a career)–but I don’t think it would even be an issue if corporations did not make money off of it and we did not consume it.

      We are all part of the culture that created Charlie Sheen and Chris Brown. It also created us and we helped create it. We may be repulsed that GMA is willing to give Chris Brown a pass and another chance because we can see that it is a slow step to just outright acceptance of his behavior as another equally valued opinion, but the same thing happens when we think Charlie Sheen is funny. We enjoy riding our culture to the every edge of horror and expect everyone to understand that we will know when to his the brakes so as to not go over the edge.

      If Charlie Sheen was such a hit, why wouldn’t GMA think that Chris Brown could be the next big thing? If Mike Tyson got a second chance, why wouldn’t movie makers think that Mel Gibson could get one too?

      This is a reflection of us.

  4. you forgot to say or cute animals, this penguin with a heart on his tummy would never beat his girlfriend

  5. I guess he really is the next Michael Jackson after all.

  6. Dear Gabe,

    But he promised he’ll never do it again! You just don’t know him like I do. Sometimes, when we’re alone, he can be so sweet. I really think he’s gonna change this time.

    Yours truly,

    Good Morning America

  7. The “Chris Brown” Situation, Jersey Shore takes a turn for the worst

  8. After the Videogum offices were left trashed following his passionate outcry, the people at Buzz Media wished Gabe the best and asked that he return to the blog.

  9. “I mean, what a FUCKING MONSTER, right?”

    Well, yes, but lets not associate that dickhead with us.

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    • Nope. I can’t take that. I will say upfront I’ve never had anger issues, so I can’t speak to how that feels or the rational that happens in one’s head. But I don’t care how angry you get, you don’t displace your anger on your girlfriends face. We’re not talking about one slap; you saw the pictures, this was repeated punches. I don’t think for one minute he’s 100% sorry that he did it, he’s 100% sorry that the media got a hold of it.

    • “Let’s see…if I just delete “brown” from my username, no one will know it’s me…”

    • I feel bad that human beings are not better at being self-aware and addressing their traumas and getting the fuck in therapy (and that we do not all have the opportunity to do this because of A. stigma B. healthcare bullshit C. healthcare bullshit D. money and healthcare bullshit). Just like there are reasons why some women end up in abusive relationships, there are reasons why some men end up being abusive. And I truly believe that women can get out of these situations and deal with their issues and get better, so, by that logic, I also believe the same for their abusers. But. I do not feel bad for Chris Brown, no. He is very smug and happy in his denial, and when he finally admits he has some demons to work on, I will feel bad for him as a fellow human being. He should take a lesson from Mike Tyson (I’m being serious).

      I won’t touch the “really good song” part. To each his own or whatever…?

    • “I feel bad for/actually like Chris Brown.”
      - someone with the username “chris”

    • Your honor, the defendant might have had a rough childhood or something. I rest my case!

    • Chris, it’s not nice to break windows or bash someone’s face in in a (rented) lambo. It’s violent and tacky. I’m glad you’re coming clean, but sometimes I wish your father had reached up where them condoms is and put one on. You’re the worst elements of the celebrity industrial complex all rolled into one.

    • I love that I keep getting to use this.

      • Not to start a gif party in the comments sections of a pretty serious article (Very Special Episode?) on an altogether quite UN-serious blog (whatever THAT is.), but…

        re: Chris Brown, re: defending Chris Brown, re: saying he “makes good songs” as a “plus” to that particular defense. This feeling, here:


    • Look I can get behind the whole “forgive them for they know not what they do” concept. However Chris, I have a huge problem with your statement:
      1. I’ve had horrible things happen in my life (everyone has), that does not justify me doing anything awful to anyone else. So it doesn’t matter what happened to him in the past. He’s an adult.
      2. When it got to the point that he was facing legal problems over his behavior–wait, make that when it got to the point that he was brutally hurting someone he loved (I’m assuming) he should have taken steps to begin changing his behavior. The fact that he trashed this dressing room proves he did not.
      3. The most obvious and important part of why no one should feel bad for Chris Brown is the fact that it is very clear form his actions on GMA that he is way more concerned with how the beating has impacted HIM and HIS career than how it has impacted the people he hurt (and not just his direct victims, but his fans).
      Fuck that dude.

    • Maybe- *maybe*- I could feel an ounce of sympathy if he showed any contrition or regret of having beating the ever living crap out of his girlfriend. If, like an adult, he acknowledged his problem(s) and genuinely tried to fix them and become a better person.

      But nothing he has done has showed any growth or full understanding of what he did. Instead all it looks like is how being arrested for repeatedly punching another person in the face is a nuisance to him. Something *he’s* over. No, I have no sympathy for someone who still doesn’t understand the ramifications of his actions and continues to behave violently.

    • A year of anger management should have taken care of those issues!!

    • Chris, you better start polishing this:

      Come Friday, you’re one-seventh of your way there.

    • Oh, he makes really good songs? Well, fuck me, here I was praying someone would push him into oncoming traffic for beating up his girlfriend and then not only showing no regret but letting the world know that *he’s* over it as if he is the one that has something to get over, and not Rihanna whos face had to meet his fist repeatedly. But, like you said, the dude has good songs (A statement I wholeheartedly disagree with) so we should all just leave poor Chris Brown alone. The guy did have a bad childhood or something.

  11. “There’s more to me than living in Transylvania and sucking blood and kidnapping! Let’s talk about that!” -Chris Brown

  12. Good Morning American is good at mourning America.

  13. Q: What kind of pandering, pro-violence, egomania-enabling, fucked up world without consequences (for a chosen few) do you live in*, you assholes?

  14. How many bow ties is he going to have to wear to make up for this?

  15. Gabe, I think you are neglecting to yell at Good Morning America about letting him on the air with that SISQO HAIR!!!!!!!!

  16. “Settle down, Chris Brown. And Good Morning America.”

  17. So, I went to college with a guy named Chris Brown (who is wonderful, and would never beat up anyone in a rented ANYTHING), and our Facebook friendship has been so, so weird for me lately.

  18. What Gabe imagines he is doing standing up to Good Morning America :

  19. This is just an excellent post, and I have nothing to add.

    *Cue obligatory Citizen Kane gif*

  20. “This is what I write, this is what I write.” – Chris Brown

  21. Actually, it’d be pretty great if GMA was setting up Brown for a To Catch A Predator type sting.

    “Sure, Chris. Come back to the show. No arrest charges.”
    Chris shows up.
    “Haha. Jk. You’re going to jail.”

  22. Dear Chris Brown,

    The world

  23. He’s TERRIBLE — but I’d still hit it. And when I say “hit,” I mean I’d like to literally beat the fucking shit out of that guy.

  24. “Is anyone else really starting to like Chris Brown?”
    -No One.

  25. I’ve been in a fierce comment war on Facebook with people on Sirius XM’s r&b channel’s facebook page. What’s insane to me is that the majority of people defending him are girls. Young girls. Here are some choice (read: frightening) excerpts:

    “BEFORE you go in! please remember everyone makes mistakes and deserves a chance to move on… and please remember he is 21 years old and still learning from his mistakes!! IM JUST SAYIN! lol ♥ Mina”

    ” I understand his frustration people need to let the past GO! Just because Rhianna brings it up all the time don’t mean he wants to keep going thru it in every interview. He did what he had to do the judge said he was good so let the man live!! He’s moved on he still sexy and can dance his ass off. He had REAL talent!”

    “make sure you put “allegedly” in your accusations. NO ONE saw Chris get angry or throw anything at a window. “The View” is filmed in the same studio and ALL the hosts were defending him saying he did not do any of those things. Please report stories with sources and FACTS or just stick to playing music.”

    These are all comments by black women under 25. Scary.

    • “He’s moved on he still sexy and can dance his ass off” should be a defense to all crimes
      Your honor, yes my client brutally raped and murdered 8 women but he still sexy and can dance his off

    • If the ladies on The View have said something, it is a FACT.

    • DOES Rhianna even bring it up all the time? I got the impression she didn’t talk about it much at all and wanted to put it behind her, possibly because she was judged extremely harshly for taking him back/”doing something to provoke him” by the victim-blaming media and those same girls who bend over backwards to defend Chris Brown.

    • “I’ve been in a fierce comment war on Facebook with people on Sirius XM’s r&b channel’s facebook page.”

      I just want to sit with that comment for a while and hold its hand.

    • This is honestly the most unsettling part of this whole fiasco.

      Chris Brown is not the first man to hit a woman. I know that.

      Chris Brown’s music caters to young (mostly teenage) girls. And it’s beyond unsettling how many of his fans were so quick to forgive/forget, some going so far as to blame Rihanna for being a bitch (i.e. a woman that doesn’t know her place). And for Good Morning America to be all smiles and rainbows and wish him all the best is the media actually CONDONING this kind of behavior. It’s one thing to twiddle your thumbs and say nothing but to wish Chris Brown the *absolute* best…. GOOD NIGHT AMERICA!

      Also, just to point out, there are white women who also white women under 25 who feel this way, too.

  26. Clearly, the year of anger management really cured Chris Brown of the anger issues he claimed he never even had during his 20/20 interview with Robin Roberts. This dude is such a clown. A violent clown. He should join the Insane Clown Posse.

    Also, Good Morning America’s statement is basically the equivalent of the youtube comments that say: “Ya’ll are such haterzzz!!! That happened so many yearz ago and u dont even no da whole story!!11! Chris is so talented XOXOXO. Who carez what he did!!11?!? Its about the musiccc!”

    • No one is that talented!! If he punched her in the face, the whole story doesn’t matter…If he doesn’t have anger issues he would have walked away from whatever pissed him off! Where do some of these artists come off thinking that they are are bulletproof!!!


    A) Duh….bi-ratings!!! We need ad money so we can fix our windows.
    B) You’re right. We deserve it. We’re so selfish and clumsy.

    Also, I totally loved and agreed with this post. For now on I promise to close my ears every time I hear “Yeah x3.”

  28. Ok Gabe, obviously no one is going to disagree with your points about Chris Brown being a total complete fucking asshole and GMA for basically sucking his (HUGE HOLY SHIT HAVE YOU SEEN IT?) dick.

    Now, I don’t see a problem with him coming back on GMA, because ultimately all media outlets are looking for ratings/page views etc. Unfortunately, that’s their job, to make money. Right now even you know talking about Chris Brown will get you more comments/ page views than Libya, where real problems are currently occurring. If you saw the GMA interview, Robin Roberts got straight to the violence questions, she didn’t give a shit about his stupid album, and kept coming back to the Rihanna incident. So I’d like to think that they’re capable of holding another interview with that in mind. Yes, all of this is seriously fucked up, but I think for the most part, it’s not really GMA’s fault.

  29. No Fuck You Open Letter for everyone putting well-documented abuser Charlie Sheen on TV? He’s at least as bad as Chris Brown.

    • I am not sure who your icon is, but in my head it is Henry Kissinger. Which is really weird for me, because your comment makes me want to hug Henry Kissinger now. Also bake him a pie. (In other words, I could only agree more if I had access to a professional cheering team).

    • Or Martin Crandall, formerly of the Shins (topical!) for that matter. They are all HORRIBLE humans.

      • Man, your comment just reminded me of Elyse Sewell’s amazing livejournal. I didn’t know she abandoned it a few years ago! That’s really sad, she is hysterical and interesting and had all kinds of great adventures. She’s precisely the kind of reason blogs exist.

  30. There’s a scene in the award winning film Gummo where some red necks wrestle some chairs in a kitchen. Someone should do a mash up with that and this Chris Brown fella trashing his dressing room and/or Charlie Sheen smashing his hotel room.

  31. I feel like DISliking a heavily-tattooed guy with a huge cock goes against my very nature, and yet THIS FUCKING GUY.

    Also, you just know that Gabe watches GMA while eating his Special K in the morning as Birdie sits in his lap. He watches primarily for the recipe segments, but he also appreciates the “Look Good for Less!” features.

  32. Gabe, I’ve upvoted Monsters, I know Monsters, Monsters are friends of mine. Gabe, Chris Brown is no Monster.

  33. Gabe, I wish I could upvote you. Does that sound dirty? Maybe it is.

  34. Finally. I started to feel alone in my rage. Marry me, Gabe.

  35. your rihanna tickets are gonna be SO choice, gabe

  36. You’ve moved on? I’m happy……I mean….I sure am glad I’m not THE worst anymore. Super…………I’m fine……………I’m fine.

  37. And remember that Good Morning America cancelled ADAM LAMBERT’s appearance after he did naughty things on stage at the AMA’s. Those harmless actions were not allowed, but aggression and violence are.

  38. I do not understand why Good Morning America would have him on in the first place. If the media would stop rewarding bad or socially unacceptable behavior maybe some of the celebrities (and athletes) would clean up their acts. There are a lot of things done by celebs that makes them look like jackasses and we all laugh at it (Charlie Sheen) but there should be no room whatsoever for violence.

    If we all took a stand against such violence and no longer supported the celeb or his projects, he wouldn’t make money, would fall from the limelight and maybe it would send a message that if a performer wants to keep their fans etc., they can’t get away with committing violent crimes. I think that if Good Morning America were to press charges against Brown, other celebs would step up to commend them for doing so!

    • You do know Charlie Sheen shot someone, right? And has a long history of abuse against women? He locked a prostitute in a closet like a couple of months ago so those issues are still bubbling under the “looks like a jackass” surface..It’s just funny how people pick and choose which celebrity’s violent history to overlook.

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    • Yeah, GABE. How ’bout that DUI!?

    • “getting her [sic] asswhipped.”
      Yeah, Rihanna is such a f*cking pussy.
      So Omar, is it okay if we all come over to your house (or perhaps your mom’s house – my apologies) and break some windows? Because it sounds like you are okay with that.

    • I don’t understand- if you get assaulted and talk about it then its OK that you got assaulted?

      So her getting her ass beat, having her profile raised because of the coverage, then makes it OK?

      People really believe that don’t they!

    • Omar coming.

  41. Gabe, you have my axe.

    Or rather, you have my Donna Darko.

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    • I totally totally agree with the notion that other people are getting off easy, but I take serious issue with the conclusion you’ve apparently reached, which is that we should let him off easy too. I think that everybody on that list (with the exception of maybe the people who only trashed their hotel rooms, because who the fuck cares about that, and Woody Allen because screwing your adopted daughter is supremely weird but not a crime) should kiss their careers goodbye. The fact that the Chris Brown thing is juxtaposed with the Charlie Sheen thing makes it easy to see that society clearly does have different standards, but the answer is not to say “Well, we’re letting Charlie Sheen off scott free, let’s let Chris off scott free as well!” (which, by the way, he HAS gotten off scott free for all intents and purposes. Most wife beaters don’t get to guest on SNL). Regardless of the reasoning behind the discrepancy, I think your point stands: we can’t condemn Chris Brown and not Charlie Sheen. Therefore, the answer is that both of these woman-beating cockscrubbers should be thrown in jail. Neither has made ANY sincere effort to right their wrong and they can both eat shit. But hey, at least Charlie Sheen got fired. My jaw will hit the floor the day Jive records drops CB.

    • Maybe next time someone sends you a link to your Myspace page or whatever telling you that people are bagging Chris Brown you should read around the site and see that pretty much everyone you have mentioned here already has multiple posts about how their total assholes.

      So please elaborate on who you’re getting angry at here?

      • Wow.

        I think it’s more that the victim in Chris Brown’s case was famous. That doesn’t make it better/worse, it just means his crime has more visibility.

  44. Seriously folks, Chris Brown obviously has problems and needs to come to terms with that fact. He needs professional help.
    I agree which the writer of this letter. Why are the people at GMA giving him a chance at more airtime? People need to be held accountable for their actions and Chris Brown is no exception. He should not be given a chance at more public displays of violence. Nor should the public be apathetic to his outbursts (although outburst seems too tame).

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    • Actually just about every interview I seen since Martha was released she is asked about prison and she answers it. She not rude she finds a way to laugh about it and doesn’t whine like a toddler on twitter afterwards. Life gets tougher than this…

    • That’s a pretty good point. More people should hold Martha Stewart’s feet to the fire about that time she beat the shit out of someone half her size. IT’S TIME TO SPEAK TRUTH TO BIG MARTHA!

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    • I agree with every word Gabe has said in this letter and think Chris Brown should repeatedly be eating shit. And Ann, an employee at Tim Hortons had acquired and was playing FAME this afternoon. It was not “number” it was quite honestly terrible. I have never listened to Brown before so i don’t know if this is his style is usually in the realm of being awful or if he has deteriorated due to him just generally being awful. Either way, it was shit.

      that is all.

  48. Let’s put him on an asteroid and blast him into space.

  49. I have never read this website. This is the first time and I am in love with GABE!! I agree completely with what he said about Chris Brown. Thanks.

  50. Is it just me (and I know there are exceptions – sorry, exceptions! I love you!) or would these conversations be a lot less douchey if Vgum didn’t have facebook connect for commenting?

  51. “(not that the woman part really matters, if Chris Brown beat the shit out of a dude in a rented [lol] Lamborghini and then RAN OFF INTO THE NIGHT, LEAVING THEM FOR DEAD he would still be a horrific piece of shit and face legal consequences)”

    Except the woman part actually DOES matter, and makes this situation SO MUCH WORSE. I’m hoping everyone here can distinguish between overdoing a dumbass fight with some dude and beating a woman.

    Other than that I agree with everything else, and of course fuck this dude, Charlie Sheen, and everyone who gives them any sort of forum to talk about their bullshit projects and rants.

  52. I came for the Donna Darko show, stayed for the comments.

  53. When I was a teacher, a student of mine declared her love for Chris Brown and said that Rihanna had ‘deserved it.’ I tried to avoid the ‘calling out children for holding childish opinions’ school of teaching (teacher of the year- me), but I felt like I couldn’t let this comment, loudly claimed in front of the whole class, slide. It’s what we call a ‘teachable moment’ (oof, sorry). My intent was not to humiliate this teenage girl, but to make sure it didn’t reflect an honest belief that there were things she could do in a relationship to ‘deserve’ abuse. I’d known her and her family– her parents were liberal black community activists– for years, and I knew this was not the kind of thing she was picking up at home. So we had a pretty open conversation about violence against women, how anyone could ever ‘deserve’ to be abused in that way, self-respect, etc. and then we stopped because Chris Brown wasn’t in The Great Gatsby?

    My (long, labored) point is that when we actually talked about it, her defense in Chris Brown showed itself to be pretty surface-level. She had aligned herself to the cute boy who was “sexy and could dance his ass off” but didn’t seem to get what that said about her implicit support of domestic violence. I’m reasonably sure that some of the girls defending Chris Brown are driven by this same sense of misplaced loyalty and straight up lust (he’s so hot, how could he be a monster?).

    Teenagers are masters of the ill-considered, infuriatingly stubborn position, and in my experience, it’s only through actually talking to them that you get them to broaden perspectives. That does not happen via comments– comment boards/social networks are like fertilizer for dumb, absolutist, teenshit, and it just drives them further into their stupid-corner. My hope would be that someone that these kids actually respect would talk to them about why they think it’s necessary to defend a man who violently abused his girlfriend, served no time, refused to accept responsibility, acted as a petulant child when asked about said violence, and who continues to draw media coverage and support.

    Anyway, I know this is way too long, but I thought it was a great letter, Gabe, and I’m disappointed by the ‘team abuser (who is soooo cuuuute and number #1)’ turnout on the boards. I’d like to think that some of these kids will think about why they’re spouting the things they’re spouting (spouting! I’m old!), and turn to some more positive, and even more cute, pop stars.

    Last thing, on the race front, I think this article (from a black woman) on the root says a lot about the red herring people are throwing up on the ‘it’s just because chris brown is black’ front.

    Whew, good night!

  54. Amen, Gabe.
    I’m admitting at this moment that I am a big loser who watches the today show, but when they interviewed their crazy violent person, they did it outside (and then later in his home, but that’s less funny).
    People like Charlie Sheen and Chris Brown are outdoor pets.

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  56. The title of this post should be changed to Hidden Due to Low Comment Rating.

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  58. I think he just wanted to show off his bad ass scribble tats, it was all bs, the only other people who rip their shirts off when they get mad are wrestlers i.e. phonies- I bet he didn’t bother to rip his shirt off before he started head banging.

  59. Obviously, I’m not condoning or excusing his violence toward Rhianna. However, our media, our culture has a history of sweeping things under the rug and celebrating violent men. Case in point: Charlie Sheen. The man is now some sort of pop culture icon despite his past violence against women and rampant misogyny. So why are we is Charlie Sheen #WINNING all over the place, but Chris Brown is still being tried in the public court of opinion?

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