Wow. OK! I finally get it. It has taken years and years for the pattern to emerge, but it is clear now that when you put 50 Cent in your movie, it will definitely come out as something else. Because clearly this is not a movie. At all. I’m not entirely sure WHAT this is, but I know what movies are and this isn’t one of them. It’s like, a video project? Or maybe just a joke? When you try to buy a ticket to this, the movie theater shouts “GOTCHA!” But we have seen this before! Take a look at the Gun trailer. Look at the Things Fall Apart trailer. Look at the Before I Self Destruct trailer. None of those are movies! But they all have this same weird quality, as if someone HEARD ABOUT MOVIES and decided to try and make one. Haha. Cast 50 Cent in your next joke!

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  1. Somebody Setup us the bomb.

  2. Um the logo for “Hannibal Classics” is basically a swastika?

  3. I’m worried about Ashton Kutcher’s dad, you guys.

  4. “God has left Detroit” implies that God was ever in Detroit, if God is in Detroit he’s not doing a very good job

  5. Bruce Willis: Who set us up?
    50 Cent: Shrrmble hmhmm mmmph!
    Bruce Willis: No way, man! No fucking way! No way he’d turn on us like that! Why?!
    50 Cent: Frrmmbble mmmmpp bbbrmm, bbrrrmm mmmmppp.
    Bruce Willis: The fuck did you just say?
    50 Cent: Bbrrrmm mmmmppp. Bbrrrmm mmmmppp!
    Bruce Willis: That’s what I thought. Dammit!

  6. This is so bizarre. It’s got actors and stuff in it, but because of 50 Cent’s presence, it’s feel like NOT a movie or something. Like, 50 Cent has a crappy movie aura that effects cameras and filming equipment, making them film terribly; if 50 Cent were to move out of range of the cameras, they would switch back to making this look like a legitimate movie.

  7. Also, I didn’t know the Phantom of the Office had (not dead) relatives!

  8. She said “you know I don’t be datin’ rappers”
    I said I got my SAG card, baby I’m an actor.

    For real though, for someone who’s job it is to articulate words, 50 sure is a mumbler.

  9. 50 Cent is like some animatronic approximation of acting. If you stuck him in the Hall of Presidents in Disneyworld, he would seem really smooth and charismatic. But next to real people, it’s clear that he can never know love because he’s not a real boy.

  10. 50 Cent should take a cue from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and take a stage name that people will take more seriously. I’d be much more likely to watch “Setup, starring Four Bits.”

  11. Whatever, Hollywood! Just you wait! One of these days, Cuirtis Jickson will make good!

  12. 50 cent’s best acting:

  13. At the 1:15 mark, the other actor slowly realizes he is acting beside a rapper known as “50 Cent” in a feature-length film.

    • Correction: He realizes he is acting in his SECOND feature-length film beside a rapper known as “50 Cent”. I’m worried about James Remar, you guys.

  14. I know this looks terrible, but I just keep thinking, “THAT’S WHERE I LIVE!” while watching this thing.

  15. After the critical acclaim achieved with Tracy Morgan in Cop Out, this was logically Bruce Willis’ masterstroke next move.

  16. Even the editing with the cast at the end of the trailer looks weird and amateurish. It’s like they did it in MS Paint and could only use rectangular cutting and pasting.

  17. Ryan Phillippe? Yeah, I’d hit that, but I am still mad at him for cheating on Reese Witherspoon. I love her.


  19. “Did you know some actors turn down roles?” – what should be more people not between ferns.

  20. I called ahead to the ticket booth, and although no tickets for The Setup have gone on sale yet, I was assured there would be plenty available.

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