gabe: who has less of a sense of humor about things than Mark Wahlberg?
gabe: am I seriously going to fight about this? didn’t I fight with Lindsay about Mark Wahlberg last weeek
gabe: well Lindsay is out of town and Mark Wahlberg is what’s HOT right now
gabe: you are what’s lame right now
gabe: you are what’s lame always. Answer the question.
gabe: David schwimmer.
gabe: You’re really proud of yourself with that david schwimmer call back every time, aren’t you?
gabe: I’m really lazy of myself with that david schwimmer call back every time. Fine, who do I think has less of a sense of humor about things than Mark Wahlberg?
gabe: Russell Crowe

gabe: That is probably true. Russell Crowe is basically an older Australian Mark Wahlberg without the history of terrible rapping.
gabe: Not that Russell Crowe doesn’t have a terrible history of his own.
gabe: Yes. Just not rapping. And there is no Russell Crowe exercise tape to the best of my knowledge.

gabe: Russell Crowe is probably more anti-semitic, too. I have nothing to back that up other than my Jew sense.
gabe: we can tell when we are not wanted.
gabe: at teh very least we can tell when if it were fifty years ago and someone was the manager of a hotel he would probably not rent us a room.
gabe: like Mel Gibson

gabe: ugh, Mel Gibson, don’t get yourself started on Mel Gibson
gabe: he also probably has less of a sense of humor than Mark Wahlberg
gabe: now, yeah. He seems like he probably was more fun when he was younger, but once you start publicly denying the Holocaust, your “sense of humor rating” goes way down.
gabe: would I rather have a drink with Mel Gibson or Russell Crowe?
gabe: what’s the drink?
gabe: i don’t know what the drink is. Is that really the point?
gabe: well different drinks come in different glasses, and different glasses have different effects when you smash them into anti-semites’ faces
gabe: creep
gabe: you’re the creep
gabe: that’s what I said
gabe: to answer my question, I would rather have a drink with Russell Crowe
gabe: yeah
gabe: Mel Gibson doesn’t seem like he’s a very fun drunk
gabe: no
gabe: and russell has never publicly denied the Holocaust, which isn’t a thing that normally gets you extra points, but in this case it gets you all the extra points
gabe: besides, isn’t Mel Gibson in jail
gabe: is he?
gabe: he should be
gabe: this is retarded
gabe: you’re retarded
gabe: I wish Lindsay was here
gabe: yeah, me too.

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  1. that’ll do, gabe. that’ll do.

  2. ….I can’t believe I read all that
    And, as if it were legitimately 2 different people
    What can I say Gabe, you have a talent for storytelling. You’re like a modern day Shakespeare or Marlowe or LeVar Burton.

  3. Natasha  |   Posted on Oct 17th, 2008 0

    I’m really glad you and Max are my boyfriends. Its even funnier when you do this self-conversation thing out of nowhere at home. You joker!

  4. Meesh  |   Posted on Oct 17th, 2008 0

    ……o….you’re breaking my tiny little heart.

  5. Hey, good job there crazy!

  6. Sorry Gabe, but Gabe totally won this Friday Fight. Gabe made some really good points that pretty much beat what Gabe had to say. Better luck next time Gabe.

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  8. HappyParts  |   Posted on Oct 17th, 2008 +2

    Mark Walberg is still dealing with teen tramua issues aka “Marky Mark” that is a curse that he can’t shake- “We move on- but we never forget.”
    You know who is actually funny that Anderson Cooper dude- he’s got a sense of humor- I suggest you having him in a Friday Night Fight- he’s a sport.

  9. jim/angela…wtf, the font is so small.
    also, can you make it so it actually remembers me on VG, i have to enter my info every time on this site. it’s a lot of work, OK? :p

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