Spring has not yet spronged (I’m sure I’m saying that right) but we all know that as soon as spring gets here it will be gone, and with it will go all watchable television*. Summer TV is the worst! It’s a total wipe out! (Get it? You get it. Wipe Out. Boxing glove right in your kisser and here comes the mud.) NBC has already announced how they will be wasting everyone’s fucking time, including a goddamn second season of The Marriage Ref for some reason. ARGH! From the Hollywood Reporter:

The second season of The Marriage Ref with Jerry Seinfeld is set to debut Sunday, June 26. At the end of each episode, the studio audience votes for “The Rightest of the Right.” The person will receive $25,000 and their own billboard in their hometown saying they are right. Tom Papa returns as host and “ref.”

Cool. Just a cool show. Everyone loves it. What is going on here? Why is this back? Did Jerry Seinfeld threaten to have his wife plagiarize NBC’s wife’s cookbook if he didn’t get a second season of his terrible show? At this point it’s clear that Jerry Seinfled holds SOME kind of dangerous secret that the President of Entertainment doesn’t want to get out. (Although, in their defense, NBC is also introducing a show this summer called It’s Worth What?, which is just a very good English name for a show, hosted by Cedric the Entertainer, so these guys are at least consistent in their nightmare decision making.)

Please leave your Blind Item guesses as to what dark secrets Jerry Seinfeld holds in his heart in the comments.

*To address this situation, we will be announcing the Videogum TV Club soon. Let’s watch a show on DVD together this summer! Why not? What else are you going to do, spend time with other people doing things outside in the nice weather? Get real.
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  1. Oh man! I am too excited about the Videogum TV Club. What will we watch?!

  2. I like the idea of watching a show on DVD together, but could we maybe make it something Netflix has on demand? I think that would be the more cost efficient choice for most of us, and also they’re getting Twin Peaks on demand soon I’M JUST SAYING.

  3. July 11th – Breaking Bad
    There is good summer TV.

  4. Veronica Mars for the TV Club!!!

    • Noooo! I can’t handle Gabe making fun of Veronica Mars.

      • oh no! I love Veronica Mars. If we are picking bad shows to make fun of, I have a whole other list of nominees. I thought the TV Club was for awesome shows!

        • If it’s good TV then I’m down for Veronica Mars or Twin Peaks (great idea, Facetaco!). If it’s bad tv then…Chuck?

          • thank you! I’ve been watching Veronica Mars because I love Party Down so much but I can barely stand it!!!! Why does Veronica Mars have to talk so fucking much???? I watched the whole first season because I wanted to see who killed her annoying fucking slutty little alien face friend but I’m just done.

      • People keep trying to sell me on Veronica Mars and I just don’t get it. (I liked Party Down and Buffy and VM was pitched to me as sharing a genome with those), but how long do I have to stick with it? It seems like there’s nothing there.

        • That is exactly how I feel. At least I can now take comfort in the fact that I’m not the only one.

          Though I do like the episode with Adam Scott. That’s a good episode.

          • I liked the show already at that point, but that episode just solidified it. When I realized that the teacher’s last name was Rooks, he was accused of boning a student named with the last name Bishop, but he was REALLY boning a student with the last name Knight, and they didn’t bring attention to that fact AT ALL, I was all “oh shiiiiiiit!” When you look closely, there were a hell of a lot of minor details that were extremely easy to miss, but so very fulfilling if you did catch them.

    • I JUST finished with Veronica Mars last week., so that was near the top of my list, but I think Twin Peaks is pretty much Veronica Mars’ grandpappy anyway, so I’d rather go straight to the source.

  5. I think the secret is that NBC’s wife has man hands.

  6. At this point I’m fully convinced that NBC’s VP of Development is a sea otter with a taste for petty vengeance.

  7. I was literally just thinking how I needed Gabe to tell me what to watch this summer (or now) because I’m all out of ideas! I’ve watched everything! I have my doubts that there’s even anything good left out there…

  8. [IMG][/IMG]

  9. So bad at this whole internet thing.

  10. I nominate either Luther or Downton Abbey.

  11. I think the secret that Jerry Seinfeld is keeping from NBC execs and possibly even from himself is that Marriage Ref is a piece of garbage.

  12. Summer TV definitely didnt suck last year, thanks to Louie.

  13. How does The Marriage Ref exist on TV, but Judge John Hodgman does not?

  14. Cop Rock!! Then we’ll have a compare and contrast essay contest with Buffy’s “Once More With Feeling.” Learning!

  15. Battlestar Galactica. So say we all.

  16. How about Northern Exposure for the DVD Club?

  17. I hate that I’m about to type this, but I nominate Doctor Who. It’s the worst best worst show I’ve ever seen. DALEK!!!!!

  18. How about Roswell? We can all make fun of Katherine Heigl, and yet enjoy some alien teenage lovestories. Right!? Am I the only one who watched this show?

    Spoiler Alert: Probably.

  19. Star Trek is supposed to become available soon on Netflix instant. huh? huuuuh?

  20. Dallas! Maybe we can all find out together about who shot JR! I still don’t know!

  21. How about the IT Crowd?

  22. I don’t think it’s Jerry Seinfeld blackmailing NBC, I think Tom Papa is blackmailing Jerry Seinfeld. That guy is not funny.

    And I don’t see what the big deal is, Jerry. So you’re in love with your body pillow. Franco came out with the pillow on 30 Rock, and we all still like him.

  23. oh, no doubt.

  24. Rape basement? Rape basement.

    (for the secret, not the show)


    If anyone can tell me where I can buy Breaker High on DVD, that would be superduper.

  26. Someone tell this marriage ref to throw in the ref towel.

  27. If y’allz haven’t been watching Bored to Death, WE SHOULD WATCH BORED TO DEATH! It’s sooooo good! It’s got Zach Galifianakis, Jason Schwartzmann, Ted Danson, John Hodgman, Jenny Slate, and lots more cool people who I can’t think of right now. And we all love cool people, right?!

  28. hahahaha …

    are you people retarded ..;

    this show is completely worth being on and I am relieved this is back on again ..

    1. its summer anyway … not much else is going to be on anyway . .

    2. initially the show was on during the time when Jay and Conan were doing all that crap ….

    3. this is a good relief of a show aside from all the same stupid bull*crap that is always on, and

    4. OF COURSE, this is just all for FUN anyway …. and they just get all kinds of big actors on the show, you know , where do you see that happen in any show lately … so

    … final.. its just for fun, enjoy it .. .


    whats better…. American Idol or any other stupid stuff ? and its again summer anyway ..

    just enjoy a different show for a change. ;)

    thats it. move on you people :)

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