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Whoa, fellas. Whoa, LADIES. This is the first image of Adrianne Palicki, who played Tyra Collette on Friday Night Lights, as Wonder Woman from the upcoming David E. Kelly pilot on NBC. (Wait, David E. Kelly, like, creator of Ally McBeal and Boston Public, David E. Kelly? Yes, that David E. Kelly!) Yowza! I guess? To be honest, Wonder Woman was never really my type. I’m just saying. We don’t need to get into details because first of all it is none of your business and second of all, even if it was your business, it is 9:30 in the morning. It is far too early to be talking about “types” and then getting all up into them and just really hashing them out. Yuck. The basic pre-breakfast takeaway is that Adrianne Palicki is clearly a very attractive woman who stays true to the Wonder Woman aesthetic and so if you do the math that makes her a very attractive Wonder Woman if that “does it for you” even though we’ve already established that anything “doing it for you” is not appropriate conversation material for this time of day.

That being said, if we could just go back to my type and getting “it” “done” for a second: even though Wonder Woman never did it for me, Tyra Collette was hot stuff, right? (It’s OK to say that about someone who is in HIGH SCHOOL as long as it’s all make-believe, right? Yikes. I’M PROBABLY GOING TO TV JAIL. GOODBYE.) And since I still have not actually seen season 5 of Friday Night Lights, for all I know, this IS Tyra Collette. She leaves Dillon and spends a semester at UT and the next thing you know she’s got an invisible airplane and a golden lasso and Landry’s like “Come to my Crucifictorious show, you can run security,” and Tim Riggins is like, “Land owner.” So I guess Wonder Woman is my type. THE IMPORTANT THING IS THAT WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME PAGE ABOUT WHAT IS AND WHAT IS NOT MY TYPE AND WHETHER OR NOT A BEHIND-THE-SCENES PHOTO FROM AN UPCOMING SUPERHERO PILOT DOES OR DOES NOT “GET IT DONE” WHATEVER THAT MEANS BUT YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS. (From OK Magazine. Click through to enlarge. Thanks for the tip, Scott.)

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  1. I hereby preemptively declare “That’s What She Said” to all comments following.

  2. Awww, man. The hot pants are the best part.

  3. UGHHH Gabe who IS your super hero type then???? This snaggle-tooth tiger?

    On an unrelated note, I’m pretty psyched the snus ads are gone and are replaced with Bing people eating giant slices of pizza. Much better choice!!

  4. You weren’t joking about “click through to enlarge,” IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Yowza!

  5. Am I the only one who thinks she looks bad? Again, on FNL she looks amazingly hot. But with the fake wig and clown makeup, she looks like she’s going to Yak-zee’s for Halloween.

  6. “Getting it done” is totally the new “I’d hit that.” Only creepier

  7. I realize I am missing the point, but how the hell does she fight crime in that top? It does not seem very movement friendly, unless she has hypnoboobs? Although, it does look like her chest eagle is holding them back. And she is probably better at crimefighting than I am, but heels seem like a poor choice. Why not fight crime in sensible hiking boots?

  8. I wonder what her invisible jet is going to look like.

  9. Now can someone please make Tim Riggins a superhero in a new TV show?! #nogambito

  10. Yikes. Did UT not work out and now she’s resorted to working in The Landing Strip?

  11. You know what I like in a woman? A two-foot long crotch.

  12. Somewhere out there, Robert Downey Jr’s all, “See? My fetish isn’t THAT weird.”

  13. Her face here is total “Smell The Fart” acting.

  14. Cool cosplaying outfit.

    That’s just what this is, right? Something someone dropped a hundred on and put together in their spare time and not the actual costume design for an actual show on an actual network?

  15. Cool story: as a kid I had Wonder Woman underoos (remember those? no?) and I would spin around the house with my homemade paper bracelets, crown and a twine lasso. Ahhh, memories.

    • oh oh! I had bright red shiny Wonder Woman sneakers when I was a kid and wore them every day. At some point my feet outgrew the shoes but that did not stop me from wearing them. Eventually my parents tried to hide the shoes but I still found them and wore them.

      I now have slightly hammered toes because of Wonder Woman.

      • So, I’m genuinely curious what the appeal of Wonder Woman is to ladies: even in comic book terms her origin story is confusing and ridiculous and her “powers” seem pretty useless (and I don’t know what to do with all the BDSM stuff).. is it just that there were literally no other female superheroes (or practically literally), or is it just that underoos are fun and so is spinning?

        • I’ll tell you! The original Wonder Woman (Linda Carter) was awesome! She was super strong and fast, she looked gorgeous, and she had a kind heart. She could do all kinds of things with her golden laso, and she could deflect bullets with her bracelets. Yes, it is true, we didn’t have other super heros to compare her to, but her powers seem way better than, or at least on par with, SpiderMan for example. Plus she had an invisible plane! That is way better than the Batmobile. I’ve been watching the WonderWoman series on DVD recently and it holds up. That show was fantastic.

  16. Hey that’s the girl from the first episode of Supernatural who the demon set on fire on the ceiling! I swear I don’t watch that show! Absolutely none of those guys are hot enough to justify it!

  17. Everything about it looks so cheap and tacky! You know the chest plate/bracelets/belt aren’t made from Themyscira’s finest metals, but instead Halloween Express’ finest plastic. Also, that blue is horrible and EVERYTHING is too shiny.

  18. she should not be wearing heels, amirite ladies?
    also those boots should be red.

  19. I’m not going to say that boob jobs are ever going to be fully out of fashion, but I earnestly hope that one day someone figures out how to do it without gluing two half-spheres all cockeyed to a girl’s chest.

  20. I could get over the fact that this is made out of basically different kinds of plastic (maybe), but WONDER WOMAN DOES NOT WEAR PANTS; or in the case of this terrible decision – leggings from Ricky’s.

  21. What a weird looking invisible kitchen.

  22. Maybe I’m just paranoid about photoshopping, but it just looks like the plopped her face and boobs onto a free-standing costume..Also, the noise that pants will make when she moves will not ‘get it done’ for most of us…


  24. Needs more shorts.

  25. Would it kill them to cast a WOMAN as Wonder Woman and not a 19-year-old with a porn star boob job? Jeez, just put Lynda Carter back in the role, she’s still awesome.

  26. I posted a critique of sorts on a friend’s facebook wall post about the costume. It’s a bit long, so here are some excerpts-

    The way I perceive the suit is this (and I’m going to go off here, as I’ve been waiting to write about this costume in depth after seeing it yesterday)-

    It’s a mash-up between Jim Lee’s redesign and aspects of the more traditional costume. If you’re looking at the thumbnail of the image, it SCREAMS Lee’s new design sans the jacket. Up close you can see it’s got the more traditional elements integrated.

    My problems with the costume don’t stem from the pants. I totally think a modern action heroine should wear pants. My problems are along the lines of the same problems I had with Lee’s redesign, and are now complicated by retrofitting the iconic outfit on top of it.

    The costume is ridiculously plastic-looking. Wonder Woman’s costume has pieces of it made out of Gold and Silver, the METALS. The gold on this costume doesn’t look to be made of metal, and is not the actual color of gold. Her bracelets look plastic as well, and, while nice that they are silver-colored, they clash with all the other colors, them being the only instances of silver or white on the costume. The red stars on the eagle and the belt look droopy and painted with acrylic.

    Her belt is a mess. It looks uncomfortable to wear, and I would hate to see Adrianne bend at the waist while wearing it. She has a long pelvic area, and that belt need to either go higher or go lower. Currently it just looks cumbersome and bulky.

    It is nice that they tried to incorporate the iconic costume’s design, but those boots are an instance of good intentions gone terribly awry. Like Lee’s new design, from far away it looks like the leggings of the new costume. Up close it just makes me wonder why they didn’t either make the boots red (and maybe make the stripe silver to compliment the color of her bracelets), or give her the shoes that go with Lee’s leggings. THE BOOTS LOOK FRUMPY. I have seen form-fitting, kick-ass slick boots on women before. Why is there so much loose material around her ankles?

    • I can’t see her being too comfortable or heroic in this costume. Her breasts are pulled apart and hiked up to her chin, for goddess’ sake (yup). All the rouge on her cheeks and that shade of red lipstick are very distracting.

      All I can really say is this costume doesn’t look like it gives her any sort of advantage. It just looks like the worst kind of fan service. Imagine Wonder Woman standing on top of a speeding, out-of-control vehicle heading for a cliff (like Indy on the tank in The Last Crusade). Could she maneuver herself to jump nimbly off the vehicle in time in this costume? … …a lot of the female heroes wear completely impractical, sexed-to-the-max stripper gear, which is impractical in real life. She looks like she needs a hug. I can practically hear the people behind the camera shouting at her to pull her arms back further and jut her chest out more.

      Then I went on to describe a more ‘street’ version of the costume that is about the halfway point between the current costume and this Wonder Woman design by Shane McDermott (

      What I think is really funny about all this is I’m not even a Wonder Woman fan. I’m just a comic nerd who loves to talk shop, and is tired of the spandex/footie pajamas craze. I mean, Superman popularized it in 1938 wearing his blankie that was sewed up into a costume! Can we get these people some military-grade gear already?!

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