Huh. So, it’s Employee of the Year meets The Good Girl meets Old Dogs meets Something’s Gotta Give meets Billy Madison meets a terrible episode of Community? Got it. Do I get my Hollywood Math Professor diploma now? With honors!

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  2. I know that guy’s brother Thomas. He and I used to have a little affair going on.

  3. I love Tom Hanks and he can do whatever he wants forever.

  4. How many exclusive Chet Haze songs will be on the soundtrack? That’s really all I care about.

  5. He goes from experienced sailor to good employee to diner waiter/community college attendee. So this character experiences personal growth in reverse?

  6. I really hope they get together in the end, you guys.

  7. you forgot one

  8. you forgot one

  9. Sequel to the Thomas Crowne Affair?

  10. More like ugh meets oof and fart.

  11. So the Javier Bardem thing didn’t take, orrrrr..?

  12. So where’s the part where Tom Hanks is a master art thief?

  13. The cutest part of this is that they think a college degree means you can’t get fired. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  14. What no Rene Russo?

  15. Putting a Train song in the trailer for your movie is a great litmus test as to how much I’m going to hate it.

  16. So this is things I like about Tom Hanks in the type of movie he makes that I hate? Thanks, life.

  17. After watching the trailer the only thing I can assume is that Tom was sitting at home thinking “I really liked my character in THE TERMINAL and should do some riff off that”.

    Chet calls it a “remix”.

  18. Actually guys, this is the movie Gabe forgot to mention:

  19. what did I miss, guys.. I clicked PLAY on this newlywed rap video thing, and the room started spinning, and spinning.. I must have hit my head on the way down..because there was ALOT of blood.

    Anyway, I went to heaven for a while and saw all these people with different sized wings.

    I’m back now (whew)..a little dizzy still, but I think I’m out of the woods.. so, what’s this Larry Crowne? hmm, this might be.. ok, Tom Hanks, ok.. he’s good sometimes.. what else? Oh, Cedric the Entertainer? I wondered where he wen- OH, he’s not gonna ride that scooter-HE IS! and with perilous results! Histerical! That happens in life, he he.. um, oh, and community college, oh BOY, I remember that, never too late, they sa- and I guess, Julia Roberts is [feeling faint] the sassy [cold sweat] teacher..that has developed a tough exterior over the years of teaching apathetic stude- and [blood thundering in eardrums] she said “brain freeze” that’s sooo the thing to say even after 1998, really I am totally rooting fo-

  20. This looks like a good movie!*

    *This does not look like a good movie.

  21. So, is this a sequel to the Thomas Crowne aff–*gunshot*

  22. “If you loved Julia and Tom’s sizzling chemistry in the Charlie Wilson’s War trailer, you will definitely love it again in this one, and by sizzling chemistry I mean barf and also definitely the reason I never watched Charlie Wilson’s War.”

    I wish someone would hire me to write blurbs for movies.

  23. I hate it when they give away the whole plot in the trailer. I was all like, IS she going to put that bucket on her head? And then SMASH CUT … she did! No need to see this one in the theater.

  24. Wait, isn’t that Chet Haze’s dad? Glad to see his son’s star powering is rubbing off a bit.

  25. Whatever about this movie, man. But special shout out to my dog, Randal Park. We asians gotta rise up, (south!). Yo yo yo, represent.

  26. Finally, a movie about stuff!

  27. And suprise!Snafu makes this #208917 on the list of Movies I Shouldn’t See And That Will Be Terrible But I Will See Anyway Because I’m A Sucker.

  28. Isn’t it kind of like Charlie Wilson’s War (Hanks and Roberts had chesmistry in it) meets Dead Poets Society that was informed by Dangerous Minds meets Big meets Forrest Gump but had also watched 40 Year Old Virgin?

  29. As a teacher, I have never been excited for a class to get canceled because of low enrollment. Nor have I begrudgingly re-discovered myself during a class because something magic. Nor am I an amusing alcoholic. But I am Julia Roberts.

    • “As a teacher, I have never been excited for a class to get canceled because of low enrollment.”

      I have.

      “Nor have I begrudgingly re-discovered myself during a class because something magic.”

      This too. Don’t tell my wife.

  30. Thomas Crowne Affair!

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