Sorry, Randy Quaid, but you cannot ask us to believe that you are being internationally persecuted by a secret league of celebrity assassins and then also GO ON STAGE AND TAUNT THOSE ASSASSINS WITH BLUES ROCK. At this point, you and Evi are just asking for it.

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  1. I’d (put a) hit (on) that.

  2. “Star whackers” just really, really sounds like something else.

  3. It’s not paranoia if the seven nation army is really after you.

  4. Randy Quaid and the Randy Quaid Experience brings you: “the Randy Quaid experience”

    Randy Quaiding near you

  5. Ever since Randy moved to Vancouver, he was inspired to sing by Ligia Oancea. This is his place and his time.

  6. Also, are we sure Randy and Evi weren’t just trying to build buzz for their crappy Cool Rock Alt Country Kings-of-Freon (CRACK for short) project?

  7. should have called his band “Celebrity Hit Club.”

  8. Which organ of his is it that Randy Quaid thinks the Star Whackers want again?

  9. “Popular videos on the Internet is the LAST place they will think to look for me” -Randy Quaid

  10. Randy Quaid clearly refuses to be outsheened.

  11. Can you truly get whacked by Star Whackers if you yourself are no longer a Star? That being said “Old Character Actor Who Stop Reporting Income When ‘The National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie’s Island Adventure’ Residual Checks Ceased Rolling In Whackers” does lack a certain romance.

    • That’s operating under the VERY liberal assumption that those checks ever STARTED rolling in.

    • The irony being that he DOES still qualify for celebrity status, but ONLY because of his public fear of the celebrity whacking squad and the public manifestations of said fear. Pretty amazing when you think about it.

      • That period of time when he didn’t appear anywhere was just because he was busy with the Paris Hilton correspondence course for undeserved fame.

      • if his insanity leads to a public resurgence in his character, and an eventual low budget spin-off starring his character from the National Lampoon movies

        some computer somewhere would probably shoot off a bunch of nuclear missiles, due to not being able to process the logic loop

        Bam! Y2Quaid

  12. Randy Quaid staring in a mirror at night, looking exhausted, as if resisting inevitable defeat with the last of his energy: “You’ll never catch me”

  13. This tactic doesn’t work? I was kind of wondering why singing “You Can’t Catch Me, Meter Maid” at all the open mic nights around town wasn’t affecting the number of parking tickets I get.

  14. I refuse to believe that Randy Quaid would behave in a way that isn’t logically consistent with his previous statements. He must have some kind of angle here that we just aren’t seeing.

  15. mentally ill, or just very funny and bored? Sometimes at family gatherings I will take up a ridiculous and completely refutable position, (“The US should just buy Mexico to solve illegal immigration. I mean people still live in tailors in tornado ally, so all the Mexicans will just stay in ‘New-new Mexico: America’s newest state’”) just to pass the time…I think this may be similar.

  16. Our loss is Canada’s loss.

  17. So the worst thing about the Star Whackers is that they’re “sleazy”? Not that they kill people?

  18. 30 years of meeting women who ask you, “What’s Dennis like?” really takes its toll.

  19. With every amateurish performance, Randy throws the Star Whackers further off his trail.

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