Uh, but, so, in addition to the whole Japanese Nuclear Nightmare, there is also the allied forces incursion into Libya in an effort to push back against Muammar el-Qaddafi’s militarized repression of the anti-totalitarian rebel uprising in that country. Neat? Meanwhile, unrest in Yemen! And Scarlett Johansson is dating Sean Penn! Yikes! The point is, it’s not getting any easier out there. We’ve all just got to hold on as best we can. So, maybe some of us make rap songs about our “man.” Maybe we post those rap songs on YouTube as if we didn’t even know how YouTube worked and seem to lack a certain awareness about the Internet’s respect for the personal love and unique affections of other people. So what if we do! We should all be so lucky as to either do that or have a woman who does it for/about us!

Make no mistake: the Movement to End Fake Rap continues apace! But you can sign an on-line petition demanding that people who cannot rap stop rapping AND appreciate a good woman’s love for a good man. (Thanks for the tip, Mary.)

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  1. That is some surprisingly dystopian sounding background music.

  2. I made it 0:46 seconds in and she had already repeated herself 46 times. How in the world does it go on for five minutes?

  3. Okay, well, clearly I am being completely racist here, for watching this video while thinking, “… um…of the two people in this couple, why is SHE the one performing the rap?”

  4. It’s ok, she has a picture of her husband in her wallet.

  5. That’s your wife.

  6. In succession, Paul’s arm was in a sling, then he was in a hospital bed, and then there was a shot of a graveyard. I’m worried about Paul, you guys.

  7. I’m not quite clear on what distinguishes “fake rap” from just “bad rap”.

  8. The Ken Burns affect into pixelated (and probably stolen) photos is equally offensive as the fake rap.

  9. Guys, you just don’t know talent when you see it.

  10. Do you think she recorded this in her rap basement?

  11. I think she purchased Troy McClure’s “So You’re Marrying A Black Guy”

  12. See the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
    Didn’t go before I left, so it’s the pee pee dance
    Lovin’ my man cuz he’s got dry pants
    Lovin’ my man in Paris, France

  13. Wait what happened when the camera zoomed to another man? Must have been “lovin her other man!”

    Also, where do they live? I hope they did not spend their honeymoon in PCB!

  14. “BP Oil Spill is Fake”

    guys I think Bing is losing it

  15. Lol dude….wtf is going on today?!?!?

  16. G.R.E.A.M.

  17. Her man probably wishes God would just leave them alone. He seems to be hanging around a bit too much.

  18. Her OKCupid profile specifically said “First name must rhyme with ‘Birmingham’,” but the Lord works in mysterious ways or whatever.

  19. Did Alain Robbe-Grillet write this?

  20. anyone know if she’s religious?

  21. I think we can all agree that there are no sights to be seen in Houston, TX.

  22. Paula Deen Loves a Well Cooked Ham Yall

  23. I have a bad feeling that he didn’t know about her rap aspirations until the honeymoon.

  24. Maybe this lady does know how the internet works, because now the video is “private” and I was late to the rap party and didn’t see it. Darn, that’s the end.

  25. Dammit! I’m too late to violate a stranger’s publicly posted privacy.

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