The day is winding down. As our thoughts turn to home, and driving home, and fun things to do at home, we’d like to leave you with two final posts, both containing EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS that you will find nowhere else. First, Bob’s Burgers star Eugene Mirman greets you from Austin, TX with hot insider talk from the animation trade…

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  1. A post after the ball? This feels like an encore.

  2. Hey Eugene, could you give me a call? I just have a quick question for you.

  3. Cool video! Now I know what it’s like to stare into infinity or walk on the sun.

  4. Hey, that looks like Evgeni Mirmanski, but without the accent.

  5. Eugene Mirman, you do not know it yet but we are best friends. We have been best friends since grade school. We went to burning man together. One time we were hanging out at the mall and a probably homeless guy was yelling at a vending machine. We laughed and laughed.

  6. so funny.

    it’s crazy this post (as of this writing) only has 9 comments. well, 10.

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