Before Bob’s Burgers, there was Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil. Jon Glaser, Jon Benjamin, Eugene Mirman, Sam Seder, and a whole lotta other Bob’s actors were involved, and if you’re a fan, you might remember that each episode opened with a one-off animated sequence, each of which was hand-crafted by current Bob’s Burgers writer Nora Smith. Polish your ceremonial dagger, find a cozy spot atop the altar, and enjoy…

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  1. “Look, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Sandals are like bikinis for your feet.” God, I miss this show.

  2. H. Jon Benjamin singing The Dead just made my day, thanks burgerites

  3. i love that the guest bloggers are just basically spamming us now.

  4. self promotion is a hellava drug

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