It’s time to share a few fun facts about Bob’s Burgers: First, it airs Sundays at 8:30 on Fox. Second, it stars Kristen Schaal, among other super-hilarious people. Third: this week’s episode guest stars Megan Mullally, and you can check out a clip below! But first, a word from Kristen (who, as it happens, will be appearing at the Videogum 3rd Anniversary Show in April!).

And now, the clip!

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  1. She’s pretty.

  2. Hey, I watch Bob’s Burgers! I will take this as a sign that yes, Kristen Schaal will be my girlfriend.

  3. Allow me to offer a special hello to all the visitors who will be brought here by googling “beaver anus”

    (also, googling beaver anus is how I got in trouble with the Yellowstone Park rangers that one time)

    • Dude, what is your obsession with rodent butt? Everyday, thats all you talk about. I mean, we all like the gentle yet firm squeeze of a capybara sphincter now and then, but you take it too far.

      • Pfft. You’re still into capybara sphincters? They’re okay I guess. I was into those way BEFORE they got so mainstream. Now I’m all about Anomalure buttholes. They’re a type of central African flying squirrel you’ve probably never heard of.

  4. I love both these women, and one of their husbands

  5. I love Kristen Schaal. I leave The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex on my coffee table. Top spot. Visiting relatives be damned!

  6. So listen, guys. I think this show is probably great, though I haven’t seen it yet. It’s just that I have to wash my hair on Sundays at 8:30 and it usually takes me until sometime around 3:00 AM to clean up all the blood (don’t ask).

    Anyway, is it cool if I DVR your show and promise to watch all the commercials during playback? I can fill out an affidavit to that effect if you want it to show to your sponsors. Win-win, if you exclude all the blood.

  7. Hey Kristen, do you know Jeremy Irons or Alan Rickman? I need some words to be said and your voices are the best

  8. When I think of Kristen Schaal, I think of many things, most of which involve sexy sex. This makes it awkward when I watch Bob’s Burgers, because these sexy thoughts inappropriately intrude while I’m laughing at the antics of her hilariously precocious, very very young character. Ian’s innate sexiness doesn’t help the situation one bit.

  9. Louise is my favorite! We quote her a lot at my house, especially her pre-performance speech from the dinner theatre episode … “Shhh, shhh, I’m sorry, baby, shhh, you know how I get before a big show …”

  10. A plug on Videogum? Phhhgah, Kristen Schaal’s gotten so CORPORATE.

  11. I can’t wait to see what Tina thinks about that gophers anus.

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