I was about to write something about Mel Gibson’s sudden comeback but I feel like I’m going to leave it for Gabe. By the time he returns, Mel Gibson will surely have won an Academy Award, which he will receive at the official ceremony next week, moved up eleven months just for him. It is weird, though, that it’s looking like he’s going to be sticking around right. And whose allowed their comeback and who isn’t? A racist, wife (girlfriend? wife AND girlfriend?) beater? Sure. An actress over forty? Nah. Do you think Kim Basinger is pacing around her one bedroom apartment right now, chain smoking and muttering, “Fuck it. Fuck it.” It might have been cute when she was a baby, but it sure ain’t cute now.

Instead, I’m going to leave you with this video of Anne Marsen dancing her heart out up the island of Manhattan. Directed by (full disclosure) my pal Jacob Krupnick.

Girl Walk // All Day from jacob krupnick on Vimeo.

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  1. That’s the last time anyone will hire Fatboy Slim to shoot a music video.

    • “whoa, narrator. the way you’re talkin’ about my friend Fatboy Slim is all wrong, see. this video was TR-emendous! jusssss whachhh” -HPN in a really hilarious and accurate Christopher Walken voice

  2. This is how my fictional John Hughes movie ends

  3. Ok, but how’s her Thriller?

  4. I think you are discussing Bizzaro Gabe of Universe 2. Where’s your head at?

    Where’s your head at?
    Ah man…..great song.

    Thank you,

  5. Bizarro Gabe is on a neverending quest to find the best movie of all time.

  6. Girl Talk? More like Stupid Bitch Whore Talk amiright??!!

  7. There’s really nothing I enjoy more than watching people dance especially in public places.

  8. This video reminds me of “Cloverfield,” but instead of a poorly CGI’d monster, it stars a happy dancing girl wearing a multicolored windbreaker. And that automatically makes it so much better.

  9. When I read the title of this post I thought we were getting into a 300-comment argument about misogyny and Videogum’s moral standing.

  10. Hey 1991 called and said you can keep the jacket

    If I were commuting to (or from) Staten Island, and this happened in front of me, I would be so much more enthusiastic. I would follow her up the stairs, hear me?

  12. Well that actually looks like a tremendous amount of fun.

  13. I must say as a jaded Staten Island Ferry rider I would have been mega annoyed had I witnessed this on the boat. When going to and from work the ferry is where I like to relax. However, seeing this video really makes me smile and also realize how much fun one girl with a song in her heart can have on it. I also realized I need to lighten up and not take the ferry commute so seriously. I mean this is a much better way to represent Staten Island then The Shituation. Thanks Starlee and Videogum!

  14. Thanks for blogging today, Starlee. You’re the Starlee now, dog!

  15. I was into this video way before it was posted on the internet. It’s so mainstream now.

  16. I–like all of the spectators in the video–was just fighting the urge to embrace life and The Moment by dancing along with her. Damn these inhibitions of mine.

  17. So, no Top Chef All Stars? But I was all prepared with my Richard Blais as Eeyore pic (she says sadly). . .

  18. It’s okay to love this video right? Because I love it.

  19. I really liked this video, but I hated that windbreaker by the end.

  20. Hey look, it’s a slightly amped up version of me every time I listen to All Day while grocery shopping.

  21. “up the island of Manhattan”?? Um, she never even gets out of Bowling Green.

    Still: this IS what leaving Staten Island for Manhattan feels like.

  22. Looks like there’s a Kickstarter page to expand this video into an album-length video, which presumably WOULD encompass the island:


    (no I have no connection to this)

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