There are fewer things in life more satisfying then a perfectly edited montage.

(thanks Adam Sternbergh!)

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  1. Say hello to your mother for me.

  2. always said they earned a movie

  3. SPOYLA ALLET: retaaded

  4. “We are dooly appointed guest bloggahs.”

  5. “There are fewer things in life more satisfying then a perfectly edited montage.”

    Is Starlee Kine and alias for Trey Parker?


    / KSK Tawmmy’d

  7. The length of trailer for Boston Movie is the actual length of Providence Movie.

  8. Needs more Cliff Clavin.

  9. The Boston accent never fails to make me giggle uncontrollably giggle.

    Sorry Bostonians, ya’lls is silly!

  10. Video is blocked at work, so can someone tell me if this has Paul Pierce in a wheelchair?

  11. They could do this for romantic comedies, but I’m afraid there would be too much usable material and it would eventually turn into an ouroboros and devour the Internet.

  12. Jonathan Papelbon says “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

  13. Fake and Gay like Derek Jetah

  14. “You like apples?”
    “Hmm… no, I’m more of an orange guy, why do you ask?”
    “Well I got her- wait, what? Uhh… I, uh… I really wasn’t expecting you to not like apples…”

  15. No Boston Rob? Otherwise perfect.

  16. Sorry, I don’t understand.

    You mean this place??!?!?!?,_Lincolnshire

  17. I hate to split hai-ahs, but The Fighter takes place in Lowell, not Boston. I know it’s hard for New Yorkers to understand, but not every town in New England is Boston, even though our accents sound similar(ly obnoxious).

  18. He is really a good actor….
    Gripper Clippers

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