What’s the expression? Cute is a cussin’ baby? I love how the dad doesn’t mean it at all when he keeps telling her to stop saying it. He does realize that we can see him keep filming, right? Not that I don’t love them both. I hope this video helps pay for this baby’s college education. I also hope the internet doesn’t exist by then, so all the kids in her dorm don’t just keep asking her to say her “catchphrase” over and over again. THAT’S why I hope the internet one day doesn’t exist, for the purely selfless reason that I am looking out for the well-being of this little girl Note the Modest Mouse in the background.

(thanks Laura Krafft!)

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  1. Ellie, you have my permission to be friends with my daughter. Just don’t teach her that word.

  2. I think she has a speech impediment and she’s just a big fan of the Twins.

  3. With Modest Mouse playing in the house, I am surprised she isn’t saying “Goddamn.”

  4. I dropped my sip cup onto the dog, the other day.
    Well he just walked off, sometimes life’s ok.
    I burped strained carrots up a bit too much, oh what did I say.
    Well you just wiped it off, it was all ok.

    And we’ll all fuck it, ok.
    And we’ll all fuck it, ok.
    And we’ll all fuck it, ok.
    And we’ll all fuck it any way, well.

  5. One day Ellie’s habit of saying Fuck It to everything will wind up with her in a dead end job, with 3 kids and no husband in sight, but now she’s adorable

  6. These snide hipsters are looking younger and younger nowadays. I didn’t know that bibs were ‘cool’ again though

    ‘Is it cool to say cool?’

    ‘Fuck it’

    ‘Yeah, you said it’

  7. Even if things end up a bit too heavy we’ll all float on alright.

  8. Hasn’t he seen Baby Geniuses? She’s probably trying to tell him something.

  9. Notsewfast’s Been Running With a Tough Crowd. His GF seems like a fucking badass.

  10. I can’t tell if in 20 years her language or her hipster (or future hipster equivalent) quotient will be more offensive.

  11. In the follow up video, she says, “let’s go bowling”

  12. Quid Facit?

  13. I know what baby Ellie needs.

    we’ll put it in her stocking at Christmas.

  14. On second thought maybe she just needs some of this.

  15. A kid reduced to a catchphrase? Never.


  16. Father Of The Year 2011

  17. Many, many years ago my little sister was trying to get a plate with jellied toast from point A to point B. She had to do it herself because don’t you be controlling me and all that and of course she’s holding the plate askew (WOMEN!). So, as she is toddling towards B *plop* there goes the toast on the floor. Without hesitation she furrows her brow stomps her foot and says, “DAMMIT!”

    When the rest of us looked to my parents for swift mouth scrubbing retribution my dad sighed, jellied another piece of toast and said, “Well, at least she used it correctly.”

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