We could LITERALLY debate the merits of Royce G. Garrison’s choreography all week. But, I think we can all agree on one thing: that wood paneling is so gay.


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  1. I can pretty much guarantee that this kid is now a commentor on this very blog. THE LIP SYNCER IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE BLOG!

  2. The only thing that makes this funny and not too sad is the fact that it looks like it was actually filmed in 1991, so the guy is now like 30 and perfectly fine with himself.

  3. Royce G Harrison later went on to run a successful business building doctor’s waiting rooms based on his original basement design.

  4. as an expert in wood i concur. wait wood paneling, i meant wood paneling

  5. Mom did a great job on the cinematography. The zooms were magical.

  6. totally nailed it, see this video

  7. He later sang Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful in his school’s talent show. The student bodies said he was a “shoe-in to win.”

  8. He is FEEEEEEEEELIN it!

  9. ‘Hold up mom, I gotta take my gum out before I destroy the future internet with my dance moves’

  10. Whenever the other fellas down at the packing plant started discussing how well their various sons were doing in their varsity football, baseball, and basketball teams, Royce G. Garrison Sr. would usually just shake his head sadly and try to subtly change the subject.

  11. I don’t usually google people in youtube videos, but I’m kinda loving what I found.


    He has the number one definition for “cramazing,” as in “Royce G. Garrison is cramazing.”

  12. Well done, Royce! You nailed it!

  13. I was also obsessed with this song in 1991 and did eerily similar dances to it in my room. “Emotions” = Babygay catnip.

  14. Then there are those days that I wish for a giant magnet to wipe out every videotape ever made, along with the whole internet, to spare us (and maaaaaaybe Royce G. Garrison) debacles like this.

  15. did i just catch myself lip synching along while watching this video? yes. yes i did.

  16. I know how much we like to credit Bing for its sentience, but a little love for Google Ad-words sense of humor, please.

  17. Yeah, he was born that way.

  18. I still wear ironic t-shirts, but even I know not to wear horizontal stripes against faux wood paneling.

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