Look, I’m not a racist, but white people really need to learn some manners.

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  1. I tried listening to her, but I was too distracted by her boobs.


  2. Look at that hair. That shirt. The boobs pushed up into her face.

    For someone who looks like a living anime character, she sure does hate Asians.

  3. i’m pretty close to having an epiphany, and i’m pretty sure it has something to do with this girl being an asshole.

  4. I was basically like, she is not going to go there is she?…no way….and then she did. She just had to bring up the tsunami didn’t she.

  5. Don’t you mean womanners?

  6. Racism = good manners?

    Thanks for clearing that up, Barbie!

    • Barbie? She’s a UCLA student, and a blonde to boot . Over there she’s about two cases of Twinkies (TM) over being labeled a “Barbie”, if you catch my drift. How’s that for mean spirited?

  7. Also, the comments on You Tube are…exactly what you would expect them to be.

  8. Her impression of Asian people is almost as good as Rush Limbaugh’s.

    Her parents must be so proud.

  9. In her defense, I think “Ching Chong Ching” is Japanese for “I’m a soggy trash bag of fearful stereotypes and misguided arrogance, completely devoid of empathic sympathy or the ability to engage in intellectual discourse, who’s most notable personality trait – other than my truly whithering stupidity – is my ability to note out loud when something I say sounds ‘bad,’ but then go ahead and say it anyway.”

    I mean, my Japanese is a little rocky, but I think that’s the idea.

    • I like to believe that, “ohhh, ching-chong, ting-tong, ling-long,” translates to:

      “Hello friend, I just wanted to tell you that I’m sitting in the school library near a horribly racist caucasian girl. What? Yes, she does have enormous boobs, but how is that relevant?”

    • Also, if you’re going to do racist versions of people’s languages, at least get the country right. “Ching chong ting tong” is clearly fake Chinese. Fake Japanese is more like “Mosuke sake katana ichiro yamaha bonsai!”

  10. “I mean it towards random people that I don’t even know in the library.” – Person who obviously spends a lot of time in the library.

    • That was my favorite line! Also, by “use American manners” do you mean “shit all over another culture that you know nothing about”? You do? Cool.

  11. I hope the only epiphanies she ever gets are the ones that require her to take Valtrex for the rest of her life.

  12. 原谅我,因为我不是很政治正确的,但你是一个可怕的泼妇,我希望你窒息,你自己的胸部。

  13. I have the volume on mute. I have a feeling the video is much better that way.

  14. She is not racist like Zach Galiafinakis is not talented.

  15. “hordes”

    What I love is that she probably doesn’t even realize that not only is that awful, but it has specific connotations.

    Also, I’m laying 100 bucks down that she has talked loudly on her cell phone in the library, and the cafe, and the bookstore…

  16. How can I gif my reaction while at the same time turning myself on via a picture of Eliza Dushku:

    That was too easy. Waaaaaaay to easy.

  17. I really thought she was going to drop an “such as” in there. Near miss PAGE. NEAR MISS!

  18. She has lots of pictures of Asian Americans in her wallet, sadly they are all Jackie Chan

  19. ::burns UCLA diploma::

  20. She’s so racist because all these damn Asians keep interrupting her little political science epiphanies that would tell her to STFU.

  21. A Poli Sci Major. Obviously. (jokes guys, these are the jokes)

  22. If you go to her YouTube channel, there are a number of videos where she complains about Asians talking on cellphones:

    - During her shift at Jiggles
    - At the UCLA Free Clinic
    - At the Kate Hudson Retrospective
    - At Planned Parenthood
    - During her shift at IHOP

  23. So when does she get suspended so that Fox News can offer her a talk show?

  24. I’m glad she gives UCLA permission to continue to accept people they deem worthy of admission. Even if they are Asian. #considerategum

  25. I am a student at UC Berkeley, a far superior campus (SUCK IT UCLA), and which has an even higher percentage of Asians. Coming from a town with relatively few Asians, it didn’t really know many growing up. But now, after 2 years of coming here, the vast majority of my friends are Asian. Therefore I’d like to offer a rebuttal: Asian-Americans are generally incredibly hard working, well-mannered and studious. They are great people, that, believe it or not miss Page, don’t all actually come directly from Asia (!!!). The parents and grandparents that you criticize for being nice enough to take care of their children have been here for some time, many of their parents coming to this country to pursue a higher education that not only benefited them but our society as a whole. And next time you criticize them for distracting you in the library, make sure that you’re not in the middle of writing a sext in said library mmmkay. Now just hush, listen to your Brokencyde album, study for your Mass Com final and leave us the hell alone.

  26. Hey Chesty McGhee!

    Shut up.

  27. Man this girl has it all wrong. Having Asian gparents come over to cook you food for the week and do your laundry? THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!! White girl’s totes jealous, I mean maybe if you just befriended some of these Asian kids they would be happy to share their awesome meals with you.

  28. Ah, little lad, you’re staring at my boobs. Would you like me to tell you the little story of right-boob/left-boob? The story of good and evil?

  29. Where do I know this girl from? Ah yes, that’s right:

  30. “Thanks for like totally getting me into UCLA, Dad! Ching chang ching chong.”

  31. I hate when Asian people on cell phones ruin my Political Science epiphanies.

  32. The fact that this girl got into university somehow makes it less impressive that I got into university.

  33. You had me at “Don’t take this offensively”

  34. “OMG Kaitlin, they are so loud. I said, THEY ARE SO LOUD. I’m all up in this piece trying to study for Poli Sci and these Asian kids and their Grandparents keep interrupting me! INTERRUPTING ME! Yeah, totes. Where am I? I’m in the library. I said, I’m in the library. THE LIBRARY….” — Page

  35. Like. OMG. I am TOTALLY with you. I hate it when hordes of Asians prevent me from reaching the Pyrenees. -something I imagine being said in response to her. Could be said by anyone really (except Asians, of course).

  36. Fun Fact! She used to be a model, apparently specializing in the “… Wait, whut?” face.

  37. Perhaps we shouldn’t trash her for being racist, by being sexist, boob to not-boob ratio withstanding. If you disagree, American flags for others.

  38. Like, don’t take it personally, but you people from Asia have a total habit of stealing my epiphonies, taking my jobs, being tight with your families and such, and irregardless of your legal status which I totally appreciate, you are so different from me.

  39. I’m going to take a wild guess here and say she’s never actually had an epiphany in her life.

  40. I had an (Asian) teacher in high school who used to call UCLA “University of Caucasians Living among Asians” because well, there are a lot of Asians at that school. And at pretty much every good college in America, and particularly in California.

    Why you would go to UCLA (and how you could get in) if you are this person, I have absolutely no idea.

  41. She is so stupid.

    Chinese people are not loud while studying in the library. Indian people are.

  42. This email just went out to all the staff and students at UCLA – I have a feeling this young lady is at best going to get a stern talking-to:

    “To the Campus Community:

    I am appalled by the thoughtless and hurtful comments of a UCLA student posted on YouTube. Like many of you, I recoil when someone invokes the right of free expression to demean other individuals or groups.

    This one act certainly does not represent the views of our UCLA community. Our community is built on mutual respect and civility, and we are committed to fostering an environment that values and supports every member of the community. It is most unfortunate that a single clip on the Internet undermines that environment by expressing hurtful and shameful ideas about others in our community. I believe that speech that expresses intolerance toward any group of people on the basis of race or gender, or sexual, religious or cultural identity is indefensible and has no place at UCLA.

    Let this incident serve as a reminder of our collective responsibility to confront hateful and ignorant speech and to uphold UCLA’s core values of respect and integrity.


    Gene D. Block

    • BUSTED!

    • Well, I have two reactions to that…

      First off, the young lady is merely going to hear that her rant “has no place at UCLA” and conclude that she was “censored by the PC police.” Way to make her a martyr.

      Secondly, this email communicates the idea that UCLA’s shit doth not stink in a way that only a university administrator can impart. In reality every campus is full of idiotic young men and women engaging in offensive behavior of all sorts, because people suck and young people suck even worse. Hate to burst your bubble, chancellor.

  43. As far as I’ve seen, students in the library use library computers to check Facebook. Not much studying going on there. Maybe in a study carrel (which are usually sound-proof) some studying gets done, but not out amongst the shelves proper, no.

  44. She makes the library sound like a scene out of Big Trouble in Little China. If that’s the case, what the fuck is the problem? I am in.

  45. I think I made the right decision going to Berkeley. Here we just have fights between Muslim and Jewish student groups and overly-idealistic protests that don’t really accomplish much but will be re-appropriated by the university administration in 20 years to sell Berkeley as a ‘progressive’ campus.

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