Some days it feels like life is nothing more than two thin rods balanced on the shoulders of young women and we are crawling along those rods on our hands while a Russian clown grabs our legs and laughs at us.

I’m not the only one who feels this way, right?

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  1. I tend to think of it as a highway.

  2. In Soviet Russia, it feels like life is nothing more than two thin women balanced on the shoulders of young rods and we are crawling along Russian clowns while those rods on our hands grabs our laughs and legs at us!

  3. OH GOD CLOWNS. Is no place sacred or safe?

    I had planned on posting my blueberry pie filling recipe, but I will terror weep in the corner instead.

  4. That tortoiseshell cat definitely has the better job.


  6. Mr. Mans, this cat show story is bologna!

  7. This worked great until they got distracted by the mouse circus

  8. I have actually been to a traveling version of this show. It is amazing and horrifying all at the same time.

  9. I’m worried about Russia you guys.

  10. I like to think that somewhere in Russia, two trained circus cats are sitting in their cage, waiting to be loaded into the boxcar that will take them to the next dreary town for their next lifeless performance.

    As they wait, a muscular workman, his arms streaked with dirt and perspiration, sits down next to the cage for a much deserved rest. The workman pulls out a dogeared copy of Pravda, and begins flipping through. As he pauses to read for the local weather forecast (“today’s temperature: cold. again”), the cats, peering over his shoulder from behind their bars, notice an advert for a manufacturer of Russia office furniture. In it, a middle aged man, (much like myself), sits slumped at a desk, sipping coffee and nibbling on a pastry while scanning a flickering blue computer screen.

    And the one cat turns to the other and says, “you know, that kind of IS what my life feels like.”

  11. i was just really confused reading a few posts wondering who bought gabe a thesaurus, but it’s just mans! yay! this is going to be great. (also, good morning from PST everyone.)

  12. Mans, I would agree with you if you had written that EVERYDAY feels like this instead of somedays. I want to remix this video and use the Killers This is Your Life.

  13. Can someone please tell me the name of the song that is playing? I’ve been looking for a new soundtrack to my nightmares and this fits perfectly!

    Thank you in advance.

  14. I hope that cat eats the clown’s face while he’s asleep in his comically patched and outsized pyjamas.

  15. How the Russians manage to train cats, but not rule the world, I’ll never know.

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