There is a new trailer for the J.J. Abrams monster-mystery Steven Spielberg whatever movie, Super 8, now with more Coach Taylor! Monsters forever, Six.

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  1. FINALLY, Steven Spielberg produces a film about aliens.

    Now if only Martin Scorcese would make a movie dealing with organized criminals of some sort.

    • Yeah, I bet Scorcese has never even killed a man.

    • Im still waiting for Robert Zemeckis to make a creepy animated movie that frightens rather than delights.

    • Hammer, I found this earlier (going through old posts is pretty great sometimes), and I have to ask, is this just a beautiful coincidence?

      Riiight there at the end ^

      • Whoa! This “Chris” fellow is totally revealing my secret superhero backstory! No one is supposed to know how, on that fateful day, I followed Chris’ advice and hit myself in the dick. With a hammer. A RADIOACTIVE hammer. And now (cue John Williams score)… the Hammer IS
        My…. you know.

  2. can this just be a live action iron giant? I think that would be neat.

  3. Normally I try to avoid J.J. Abrams, but this looks like it might not be a disaster? I’m not sure. Cautiously optimistic-thumbs up!

  4. “it e.t 2.but e.t in bad mood” – why i still occasionally read comments on videos.

  5. The gratuitous ass-shot was a nice touch.

  6. My bet is it’s the Smoke Monster.

  7. Gabe’s in this? Sweet.

    (no promo)

  8. This was filled in Weirton, WV. All they did was put up some signs that said Liliy, Ohio. They didn’t even have to do any set design since the place hasn’t changed since 1975. My sources in the Rust Belt told Steven Spielberg was spotted shopping at Walmart. I couldn’t confrim.

  9. It’s funny because I just saw a movie called ‘Super 8′ and it starred a Hotel Room and a penis.

  10. “there are things happening around here that i can’t explain”
    um, DUDE, should have read your paper this morning. hello!

  11. E.T.’s back and shit. just. got. real.

  12. Was that the music from Cocoon in the trailer? Is that a clue as to the identity of the aliens? Is this just going to be Brian Dennehy ripping apart a small town? IS THIS SECRETLY REVERSE FIRST BLOOD?

  13. This had better be a modernization of “The Dunwich Horror” or I’m gonna be super pissed.

  14. Something deep inside of me tells me that, once upon a time, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas discovered a secret chaos theory-like algorithm to the perfect nerd film. Thus enabling them to drain trillions of dollars from unsuspecting nerds worldwide. I am almost certain now that they have shared this formula with J.J. Abrams… the whole thing makes me very uneasy.

  15. Clear eyes, full hearts…can still lose dogs.

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