Oh, Tommy. Classic Tommy right here.

He’s not as lived here his whole life as you drunk racial he am! (Thanks for the tip, Dave.)

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  1. BREAKING NEWS: I loooooove you guys.

  2. Stop attacking racists, Gabe. That’s racist.

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  3. “Tommy, you’ve had a few beers. Is that for.. trying to forget the fire?”

    Keep fucking that chicken, news guy.

  4. But what does he think about The Boondock Saints?

  5. Gabe, how dare you make fun of the developmentally disabled. He’s clearly only had roughly 8-9 Hamm’s Special Light.

    • It must suck to be incredibly dumb but not quite debilitated enough to be classified as retarded… People just slightly dumber than you are praised and lauded for accomplishing simple tasks. But you… you’re spit on by everyone who’s at least one level above you.

  6. Yes Tommy, your sense of smell makes you friggin’ smart.

  7. I told my boyfriend to stop doing interviews. but he’s like “aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhnnnd ssssmioke..ffflyin.blurb, wall, blopbloop.. black people.” anyway.

  8. It was awesome. He was flinging on skates, and the little monkey was funny. I wanna see it again!!

  9. Wait wait wait, he lives with his parents?

  10. I’m worried about Tommy Pickles, you guys.

  11. I believe he spells it “Tawmmy”.

  12. Can someone more attuned to racial stereotypes tell me why using kerosene to heat your home instead of oil is something he had to preempt as “racial”?

  13. Guys I saw a fire, and it scared me, it scared me. I thought whhhaaatttttt if it was inside of me. So I drunk this bear, drunk it because it took the racials out of me.

  14. I’ve been aware of this video for a whole 13 minutes now, and STILL there’s no autotune remix? For shame, Gregory Brothers.

  15. Somewhere, those autotune dudes just got simultaneous erections.

  16. “aaaaaaahm gonna get RACIAL! aaaahmm gonna get RACIAL! (proceeds to talk about kerosene)”

    • Honestly, I am a little disappointed that he never really got racial. It was a lot of drunk and fury, signifying nothing.

    • I thought he was saying “I’m gonna get Rachel. I’m gonna get Rachel.” And I was like “who is Rachel? Did she burn the house down?” Good stuff, this guy.

  17. How this conversation sounds in his head:

    “How did the conflagration commence? Well, I’m glad you inquired my good man. I was resting comfortably on my fainting couch, reading a deliciously satirical volume of Wodehouse when my keen sense of smell detected the odor of acrid smoke emanating from the drawing room.

    Well, I was quite panicked, I daresay. Quickly rising from my reclined position, I rushed through the vestibule and out the front door with great alacrity!

    Seeing that my domicile was now throughly engulfed in flames, I felt the steely reserve I mustered in my escape to abate rapidly. I felt the only course of action was to make my way hence to the nearest tavern and partake in a tipple or two to regain my composure.

    Thank you for your concern. Now do be a good fellow and find me a bucket into which I may dispense the contents of my stomach as I feel I shall be quite ill in a moment.”

  18. Hmm. Needs more backlight.

  19. It was like an interview with the Klan, that dude got so racial.

  20. i especially enjoy the part at 2:25 when he realizes he’s been talking to more than one person this entire time.

  21. This will make for some compelling evidence in my thesis that hopes to prove that Macho Man Randy Savage spent his entire career drunk and coked out/

  22. That dude was RETARDED….no really…I think he was actually retarded.

  23. Goddammit! I knew I shouldn’t have skipped so much school. I obviously missed the day where we learned what smoke smells like.

  24. “I’ve lived here my WHOLE life. – I’ve ALMOST lived here my whole life. I just moved here last week….”

  25. Maybe the internet knows whether “filling an oil tank with kerosene” is a racist expression… Internet, bring hither to me at once Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary.

  26. You can almost smell the Auto-Tune coming for this one already.

  27. Maybe because I watched a lot of Eerie Indiana last night but I have a sneaky feeling this is actually a super genius whose mind has been wiped by a ‘brainalyser’, causing him to act and seem crazy; when really his true genius mind is just trapped on a ‘My Sharona’ eight-track in his trolley.

    His trolley is also full of beers but that’s a side effect.

  28. I miss Chris Farley you guys.

  29. I can’t wait until Christan Bale wins an Oscar for portraying this guy.

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