SHHHHHOWWWWTIMEE! Right? From that Jim Carrey movie? The Face? Isn’t that what it was called? Mr. Weird Face? Something like that. Anyway, I am in Los Angeles today, so for one thing, I’m three hours behind the world as we know it. Seriously, I am basically ancient herstory. This is probably how the dinosaurs in The Land Before Time felt. For another thing, do you know how many different places there are to eat tacos in Los Angeles? It’s ridiculous! So just the man hours alone that it is going to require to EAT ALL OF THEM will necessitate a bit of a posting slow-down on the site. Feel free to share your Internet finds in the comments today (if you see something say something! Do they even have “if you see something say something” in LA? Unrelated question: why is everyone wearing Adjustment Bureau hats? Were they giving them out for free?) and let’s just see how the rest of the day goes. It’s Friday! Something something can you believe the traffic?! Let’s gooooo!

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  1. Today’s TMZ headline: “Gwyneth Paltrow, new mystery beau, spotted canoodling at West Hollywood taco stand.”

  2. I’d stay away from the beach if I were you.

    Also, bring me back a double double. And say hi to my parents if you run into them.

    • Animal style please.

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  3. Videogum’s Boondock Saints WMOAT is STILL drawing enraged comments from fans?

    • That made my morning. Reminded me of every Boondock Saints fan I ever met (exhibit a: my freshman year roommate), united in their…nuanced…approach to art and life in general.

    • “I have 8 POSTERS in my room. If it was a crappy movie, WHY WOULD I HAVE 8 POSTERS OF IT?!”

    • Wow that’s the best thread ever.

      That there are people out there who care so much about the boondock saints (and have such terrible taste) is incredible. I wonder how much they overlap with the juggalo demographic?

      • I have met people who think The Boondock Saints is the best movie ever but have never met a Juggalo, I think I got the short end of the stick

      • Speaking of juggalos, comedian Gallagher collapsed on stage yesterday! I wonder if the juggalos who enjoyed his fruit smashing at the Gathering are upset.

    • “Oh and the gay detective is the humor of the movie. duh.”

      I LOL’d at that.

    • I love that he addresses the comment to “the person who made this page about the movie”, as if it were some random page with no connection to anything larger. Or as if the post didn’t have a byline (we call them bylines, right?) His understanding of the internet is every bit as tenuous as his grasp of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

    • And “That 70′s Show” remains popular in syndication.

    • people finding their way to that stuff months later because of google alerts or something is one of my favorite things.

  4. A young man asking excellent questions

  5. The Saddest Person in the World

    • I almost upvoted this because I like it, but I felt like it would seem happy this very sad little kid is so sad. So if you appreciate the humor of this note, but aren’t a cold hearted sadist.. this comment has been placed here for you to upvote.

      • Nah. I think we’ve all been there as kids. Our parents piss us off, so we pen a melodramatic note about how, no, no need to care about me anymore, I’m running away. Forever. Etc., etc. It’s a cry for attention. It’s something we all do. It’s cute.

        My favorite part. The striked “Love.” Like, I used to love you, and out of habit I wrote love, but I want you to know I didn’t mean love so I crossed it out instead of erasing.

        • Exactly. I showed this to my mother when I found it, and she laughed because it reminded her of a time when her kids wrote her melodramatic notes saying they were running away instead of melodramatic texts asking for money.

  6. I don’t use words like “the greatest picture of all time” lightly, but this may be the greatest picture of all time.

  7. Can we talk about the Super 8 trailer, you guys? It looks like the best thing in all of ever.

  8. You don’t see me going around eating YOUR cousins, do you?

  9. I found this TBS very funny

  10. Remember to keep a count of how many Jeremy Pivens you see in LA, Gabe!

  11. IMPROMPTU LA MEETUP: Happy Hour at Casita del Campo TONIGHT.


  12. also friends of the gum news
    2 have a new pilot they are developing together
    and one has a new podcast


    I’ve found you a new boyfriend. Meet Daniel Devine, singer from Lorry “post-hardcore” band Flats and son of Alan McGee. I find them repellent and oddly fascinating, but mostly wish that he could speak up more when ranting about indie music trends.

    Here’s some of their music:

  14. courtesy of SMBC

  15. I would like to take this opportunity to promote one of my favorite things: Superego. An improvised and then edited comedy podcast. It is AMAZING!

  16. For college monsters/Tom Hanks

  17. This is by far my favorite internet find of the week:

  18. Bones discussion corner:

  19. Jersey Shore discussion corner?

  20. OMG, I almost forgot to tell you guys (but you probably already know), MSCL is on instant Netflix now! I have been reliving my formative years all week!

  21. I think this is an appropos time for a Monica Gebruikt facebook update! Remember?Am I the only one who is still her friend?

    So yeah I don’t think having lots of facebook friends has proven to be an effective way to get cleaned up…

  22. Have you guys seen the trailer for The Smurfs: The Movie? It’s every bit as horrifying as a live action/cgi hybrid The Smurfs: The Movie could be. Also, the laughing cat.!5780965/the-smurfs-trailer-will-make-you-smurf-in-your-mouth

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