His name is Miljenko Parserisas Bukovic, he started getting Julia Roberts’s face tattooed on his body after he saw her in Erin Brokovich, he has spent upwards of $75,000 on them, and you love him very much. Frankly, compared to some of the dudes you have dated, I think we’re all pulling for him. He’s a keeper! (Via Metro UK. Thanks for the tip, Max!)

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  1. “Amateur.” –This guy.

  2. It would be more impressive if even a single one of those tattoos looked anything like Julia Roberts at all.

  3. 82 tattoos x 72 teeth in J.Roberts’ mouth = 5,904 too many teeth horsily smiling at the world 360 degrees around you.

  4. They don’t have the technology to tattoo a .gif yet, but when they do, I’m gonna be all

  5. “You know, I think this one on my left bicep could use some color in the shirt. No, just that one. And just the shirt.”

  6. “I’m just a girl. Standing in front of a boy, asking him to tattoo my face on his left asscheek.”

  7. His sister tried to get in on the action and has 72 tattoos of Eric Roberts’ face, just did not have the same effect

  8. At least he chose correctly. I’m stuck with 82 tattoos of Benjamin Bratt on my torso.

  9. Lyle Lovett has not aged well.

  10. Ink, Pray, Love.

  11. Yeah, but that’s only because I talked him out of getting 82 Albert Finney tattoos.

  12. I’m not sure who would be more turned off by seeing this on a potential partner: women who aren’t Julia Roberts or women who are Julia Roberts.

    Either way, this guy definitely understands What Women Want.

  13. He wanted to be a pretty woman?

  14. My boyfriend is obviously the only person who enjoyed watching Eat, Pray, Love.

  15. Listen, so my boyfriend and I like Julia Roberts, ok? We just have different ways of expressing it, you know? I go to see her movies in theaters, and if it’s a good movie, I’ll buy the Blue-ray. I just want to spend my money and let movie executives know that I would continue to see her in movies, so it would be advantageous of them to put her in movies. My boyfriend-… well… well he has a lot of tattoos of her on his body. So you know, it’s the same. The same. Totally.

  16. “I call her my Runaway Bride, because she won’t let me near her”

  17. And just like her career, those tattoos of Julia Roberts are slowly fading over time.

  18. Why wasn’t this a story when he had 15 tattoos of Julia Roberts?

  19. I know my 54 tattoos of Miljenko Parserisas Bukovic isn’t much, but we just started dating. Give it time.

  20. This guy stole my idea

  21. Thank goodness he saw Erin Brokovich before Sliding Doors or then we really would have the worst boyfriend.

  22. Hahah what the hell? The one on his right forearm looks like a crackhead Paul Stanley from Kiss.

  23. Two things I’m sure of: One, Julia was once married to the very homely Lyle Lovett. Two, she is reallllly into herself. Pretty good chances of her falling for you, dude!

  24. A shirt can hide my boyfriend’s bad taste. I just wish hiding his wallet worked as well.

  25. I have 82 tattoos of the face of the man who has 82 tattoos of the face of Julia Roberts on his body on my body.

  26. Just like that being the guy with 81 tattoos of Julia Robert’s face doesn’t even account for anything any more. What a jerk.

  27. I read this and laughed and then looked at my own tattoos and thought, “Oh my god. I am totally your girlfriend.”

  28. i bet he gets really angry when people think he just has a lot of tattoos of gwyneth paltrow. or sandra bullock. the one on his right forearm kind of looks like melissa etheridge.

  29. Good to see the first complete human head transplant was finally successful.

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