Hey, you guys! Videogum is HIRING! Kind of. I mean, we are, but, like, let’s all settle down and keep things in perspective. Basically, we are looking for a (very) junior editor to come on board. This person will be responsible for a lot of behind the scenes work, like, finding funny videos, and managing Videogumblr and Facebook, but also doing some writing on the site, and in general helping to shape Videogum and take it to the NEXT LEVEL. Streets ahead, etc. Is that someone you? (Haha. What a terrible come-on! But seriously, IS THAT SOMEONE YOU?) Oh, and here is a thing for you to know:


#swag. Anyway, like I said, this will be a JUNIOR position for a TINY BABY PROBABLY (although we would certainly welcome resumes from the Andrew Sullivans and Xeni Jardins of the world, we just know how disappointment works) but it is a very cool opportunity for someone who wants to get a lot of Internet Experience (whatever that even means) working for the best website in the world, Videogum. Sorry, I know that humility is a virtue or whatever, but it’s just true. Videogum is the best. But you can come help make it even better! Interested parties should send their resume (no attachments) to This job is based in New York. We probably should have posted this listing on instead. Get it? You get it. (Getting it preferred.)

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  1. Can I get paid in upvotes?

  2. I think it should be Son of Gabe, labor laws permitting.

  3. Here you go:

  4. Will they disappear into the sewers like intern Lauren? I’m not ready for the sewers

  5. I’ve already got “Baby” right in the name, so…

  6. This jobs based in NEW YORK CITY?!?

  7. Let me be the glue that holds this organization together!

  8. That’s ageist!

  9. And thus, a new category is added to the EGOT.

  10. There isn’t a single video match for “C.R.E.A.M. Internet 1.0″? Color me surprised, Bing.

  11. Alternate adress: jail?

  12. Is this going to be like the time you got an “intern”? how can we trust you?

  13. Baby Editor, whomever you may be, I hereby pledge my sword.

  14. Alright, so here’s my idea. I propose a position at Videogum, where I read the articles posted every day and comment continuously throughout. I will talk up Videogum, and talk about happens between other Monsters with my friends (even though they don’t know anyone and it makes no sense to them). I will share Videogum articles on Facebook and Twitter. I can do this position from home. Salary requirements: I think i would come pretty cheep at $100,000/yr. Please, contact me at your earliest convenience as to get me started right away!

    • Sorry to undercut you, DirtySpaceNews, but Gabe, I will do everything he just said and I will do it for only $99,000/yr.

      Please check this box: [ ] HIRED

  15. I’m from Toronto! That’s kind of like New York! Right? (Okay, it’s more kind of like Chicago, but you get the idea.)

  16. I’ve been seeing quite a few posts from this dog on twitter lately, and I’m serious, I think she may have what it takes. #birdieforbaby.

  17. Keep in mind that Baby Monsters are the blogosphere equivalent of Spinal Tap drummers.

  18. So according to the picture, I’ll probably be taller than you in about two or three years?

    And I’d like to see a picture of your intern (alive) just so I know you’re not feeding staff to Steve Winwood in the basement.

  19. Yawn. Call me when Goop is hiring, instead. At least that job is based in a castle.

  20. I live in New York already! Plus it’ll be really easy for me to find crazy internet videos, since I’m basically a computer anyway.

  21. I know someone who is PERFECT. They’re funny, they know the voice of the site and they have a lot of experience in the field.

    • Right? But I think you mean:

      I KNOW someone who is PERFECT. They’re FUNNY. They know the VOICE of the SITE and they have a lot of EXPERIENCE in the FIELD.

  22. Becca for President!

  23. If I had a resume I would totally send it.

  24. I would love to have this job, but I’m afraid that all the time I’ve spent on this site does not speak well for my productivity.

  25. The only way to get a job in this industry is by posting rapey-sounding “auditions” on craigslist.

  26. I believe Baby Monsters are our future
    Teach them well with best new party games
    Show them all the upvotes they possess inside
    Give them an open thread to make it easier
    Let the comments and GIFs remind us how we used to be

    Everybody searching for an EGOT
    Monsters need a picture to caption
    I never knew what was up with Topher Grace or
    Who my boyfriend was or
    That I, too, could be so lucky

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