Admittedly, it might be a little too cold still to frolic in the spray of this fire hydrant, but I hope you can at least appreciate my enthusiasm. Now help me put these barricades up at either end of the block because we do not need through traffic knocking over these card tables and ruining the potato salad! (Thanks for the tip, Kipp.)

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  1. I know most of these songs are abject failures, but I’m giving this one an “eh.”

  2. “Vancouver! Vancouver! This is my place and my… how you say… time….!”

  3. BPNG:Gabe DelaRHYMES

    “Thanks for the tip, Kipp.”

    “New spring jam, Sam.”

    “We should all be so lucky, Chuckie.”

    “You mad, Brad!”

  4. Let’s hear it for Vancouver, pretty city where something happens, at least I am guessing

  5. Vancooooouuuuver! City of seaplanes, restaurants, cruise ships, totem poles, and skiing and seaplanes, restaurants, cruise ships, totem poles, and skiing and seaplanes, restaurants, cruise ships, totem poles, and skiiiiiiing!!!!!!

  6. Someone’s jealous.

    That someone would be me. I wish I had the ocean even though that makes no sense.

  7. I’ never been. Now I want to go. Laugh all you want, internet, Sonia Productions Inc. wins again.

  8. Finally, a spring jam for Bryant Reeves.

  9. That’s so Ligia!

  10. We can all have some fun at Ligia’s expense but let’s get a couple things straight:

    1. Vancouver is tight
    2. That breakdown at 2:16 is the shit

  11. There’s one line here that actually sounds great. It’s when she sings, “This is the place where I want to grow up and fulfill my dreams.” Reminds me of the melodiousness of those Pogo remixes.

  12. One thing about those red boots…. Pulling them off!

  13. I could only be happier right now if this were a pitch for Canada! the musical.

  14. I guess she couldn’t come up with anything that rhymes with ‘needle exchange program’?

  15. As the self-appointed Prime Minister of Canadagum, I hereby nominate this video for the coveted Jean Chrétien Award for Excellence in Malapropisms.

  16. At first I was like this:

    But then I was like:

  17. icy spicey leoncie is rolling in her grave or bed or couch or magic carpet

  18. I just changed my spring break plans… You know where I’m heading!

  19. There were moments in this song where I was reminded of this little guy:

    What accent is that? Is it really Canadian??

  20. Wow. I’m assuming this was made recently because of her Olympics references, but…. I am aghast at how everything looks like it’s 1989. Is… is that how the rest of the world sees us? It is, isn’t it?

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