Whoa. You guys, Videogum is turning three years YOUNG next month! That is bonkers! Let me put it this way: when Videogum launched GEORGE W. BUSH WAS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Yikes! It is obviously very exciting to see how the site (and its wonderful community of terrific readers) has grown over the years into a very special and unique place on the Internet, but even more exciting is THE PARTY WE HAVE PLANNED TO CELEBRATE ALL OF THAT STUFF! First of all, we are going to have a comedy show, no doy. And it is going to be the best one yet. You think I am joking, but I am not joking. The joking will happen at the show, which is going to be INCREDIBLE, because look at this shit:

  • Max Silvestri (Big Terrific, Gabe & Max)
  • Kurt Braunohler and Kristen Schaal (Comedy Central Presents, Flight of the Concords)
  • John Roberts (Bob’s Burgers, The Christmas Tree)
  • Heather Lawless (Variety Shac, Stella)
  • Wyatt Cenac (The Daily Show)


Hosted by Gabe Delahaye

Holy cow. What an exciting line-up! It’s sad how everyone’s heads are going to explode. All of our thoughts and prayers are with everyone’s friends and family in this difficult but still very exciting time. Seriously, though, this is the Must See TV of shows. If this was a stock, Jim Cramer would shout some bullshit about it and then he would hit a red button and the sound of a fart breaking a piece of glass would play. That good! Very specific details after the jump:

When: Thursday, April 7 (one month from today) at 8PM
Where: The Bell House, Brooklyn
How Much: $10
(Sorry babies, 21+, but so just be older!)

Put it on your calendars, and cross off everything else because your head just fell off and you aren’t going to make it. After the show, we are going to be hanging out! YOU LOVE HANGING OUT! There are going to be drink specials. (DRINK SPECIALS!) Maybe there will be a cake? I make no promises, but let’s just say I would NOT be surprised if there was some fucking cake. You guys, we did it! We ARE DOING it. RSVP here. See you there.

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  1. I won’t be able to attend. :(

  2. Nice! I’m mobing to NYC on the 1st (to pursue my dream of becoming a Baby Monster) which means that I’ll see you all there!

  3. I wanna go.

  4. This IS the day before my 25th birthday…. I was considering the trip. Who else is going?

  5. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (unless i am closing at work… then maaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyybe.)

  6. I can’t go, but I am so jealous of all you that will be going.

  7. •Max Silvestri (Big Terrific, Gabe & Max)
    •Kurt Braunohler and Kristen Schaal (Comedy Central Presents, Flight of the Concords)
    •John Roberts (Bob’s Burgers, The Christmas Tree)
    •Heather Lawless (Variety Shac, Stella)
    •Wyatt Cenac (The Daily Show)

    AND MORE!!!!*

    *R2D2, Esq.

  8. Whatever. I don’t like having fun anyway.


    King of Photoshop. Right here.

  10. “Ya Mo B There.” — Michael McDonald, James Ingram and Frank Lloyd Wrong.

  11. Wont be there. But Philly Meet-Up in June? Anyone?…… ANYONE?


  13. That happens to be the very week that I start working 12 hour days, so move it up a week or back 4 months and I’m there.

  14. The only thing that would make this show even better than it already is, would be for Lawblog to perform “We Monsters.”

  15. Oh hell yeah. I will be there.

  16. Hm, I’m not 21, I don’t have ten dollars, and I don’t live in New York. Well, that’s that.

  17. all i do is lurk here, but man i want to come! would it be weird? would it be weird if i came?! i don’t lurk quite as hard in real life! i don’t even live in new york, but i will be there that week and i want to come!

  18. Would it be crazy if I came all the way from Seattle for this? Would that be embarrassing or awesome? I know I’m not much of a commenter but I’m one devoted reader-monster, and I want to join the party!

  19. Damn – can’t go. I wouldn’t get my Visa in time, and even then, my adult pop choir are doing a show in Glasgow that night.

  20. Ain’t no party like a VG party because a VG party is offline.

  21. If you build (schedule) it (a Monster party) , he (Nate Scott!) will come.

  22. So when does Videogum go on tour? Montreal wants some love! (We’re like the New York of Canahahahaha.)

  23. Guys, I might be able to do this. I’d have to find a cheap place to stay, but I could do this.

  24. No Chet Haze? Pfft.

  25. Damn I finally get a new keyboard so I can start posting again, and I find out I am invited to an awesome party that is too far for me to attend. My only chance is hit the Megabucks before April and buy a ticket to New York. Damn you Vegas, why can’t you be Brooklyn so I can go?

  26. And to think I believed this whole abstinent mission of mine was getting old. Glad to hear that 3 years is young!

  27. As for the comedy show, THERE WILL NOT BE CAKE. Because I’m on the other side of the country. Get it?

  28. I just found out my friend is moving to NYC next month! and I might go stay with her! so I might go to this! possibly! I’m so excited!

  29. Sorry, but I’ll be spending my break on Thesisgum. It’s celebrating its four-year anniversary with little end in sight.

  30. Um, is there some way to plan these things more than three minutes in advance? Some of us don’t happen to live down the street from The Bell House.

    • Are you commenting from steerage on a steamship? This is nearly a month’s notice. The show will be great but also life will be filled with other great experiences. STAY POSITIVE.

  31. hey chicago monsters – is there going to be another meet up for us? let’s make it happen!

    • Nothing planned in the near future, but stay tuned. We are always meeting up & such. Check out gabes’s facebook fanpage or mobfd.blogspot.com for details.

  32. I’m totally asking my boss if I can leave work early for this. Also, my friends don’t understand my love of Videogum so I’m probably flying solo. If you see a girl acting like she’s waiting for someone, I’m not, come by and say hi.

  33. I am going. I may have just commmented once but I have been the loyalest and least creepy of lurkers since the dawn of time (before videogum happened I was just patiently waiting for it to occur).

    I am also concerned about choosing between the two evils of bringing friends who don’t get it vs. being alone and awkward. I will hang out with you Cat Smack.

  34. Dear Toronto Monsters,

    Road trip? I’ll bring the snacks!


    • Yes, except for the part where I am broke and will have to pay you for gas by washing many dishes. I am pretty sure that is how it works. Either that, or I become your butler and hijinx enuse.

  35. This is gonna be the cooolest paaaahty evah!

  36. Heather Lawless is my new comedian girl crush (sorry, Jenny Slate!).

  37. Finally an event for people that love to laugh and have fun.

  38. Oh man I’l be in tech week for my show. Oh man…


    Actually no, I could not ask that of you.

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