No offense to Oprah (none taken, I’m sure) but how on Earth does she have her own television network while Herbie & Jabby are languishing on YouTube? I’m just saying. Blah blah blah, book clubs and fake doctors and one billion dollars. THIS IS WHAT I WANT IN MY EYES 24 HOURS A DAY. No beasto. (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. But Oprah has WEIGHT ISSUES. Which I can relate to, because I, much like most of America, also have WEIGHT ISSUES. I also enjoy free cars, which I have heard is a very common thing for a person to like. Oprah is America, is pretty much what I’m trying to say.

  2. Fuck, I just awwed so hard I think I pulled something.

  3. Twenty years later:

    “I got a new bridle yesterday. You didn’t even notice.”
    “Well, if you cleaned up this sty once in a while, maybe I would pay closer attention.”
    “What happened to you? When did you become such a BITCH?
    “Well, when did you become such a NAG?”

  4. Look out, Jabby. Herbie is only posing as a puppy long enough for you to confess your bias against cats so that he can ruin your career. This is all being filmed without your knowledge.

  5. Ronaldinho really loves his dog.

  6. “Jungle Fever” was better.

  7. Boy is that dog gonna be pissed when she realizes that the horse is actually 20 cats in a horse costume fucking with her.

  8. From where I’m sittin’, it’s hard to tell which one’s the HERBIE and which one’s the JABBY, know what I’m sayin’?

  9. Jabby’s friends were convinced that he was just horsing around, or that it was mere puppy love, but they were wrong

  10. It’s made from monkey come, you know.

    Pardon me?

    The drug. It’s made from monkey come. They keep these monkeys locked in a room all day. Then they make them jack off. Then they take the come and boil it. That’s what the drug is made of.

    Ah! They make them jack off?

    Oh, yeah, they show them this animal pornography. Really kinky stuff like a dog making love with a horse…or a bat and a pig.

  11. This makes my Fallopian tubes rejoice!

  12. I want to squish them both!

  13. I love this video so much it’s like I’m Herbie and the video is Jabby!

  14. Ah, Sarah Jessica Parker got a puppy… cute

  15. “This is Jabby’s horse, this is where Jabby keeps his horse, he a good horse, and this a big ol’ fine lookin’ horse, but what nobody know is this a dog’s horse house, but it is and… Jabby! Jabby! what the hell you doin’ dog, you don’t shit on your horse! Jabby! what the hell you doin’? You a fool dog! Aw, good god girl, hell no Jabby I ain’t gon put up with no shitty horse!”

  16. I thought Jabby was the dog who shits on everything while an excitable Southern comments?

  17. Add a slow lorry holding an umbrella? Watch my face explode from the cuteness.

  18. Awwws. Also, I love that she’s a pit bull puppy and more evidence that they’re one of the sweetest breeds around. That is all.

  19. Future WMOAT nomination:
    Splice 2: Puppy Love Boogabarf

  20. Wait, how has nobody said “dog and pony show” yet?


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