Aww, no offense, Saturday Night Live! You know I love you with my HUMAN HEART. But you have to admit that your name could just as easily be changed to Hit Or Miss Live, which is not your fault, that is just the nature of producing a weekly live comedy sketch show with a minor-interest in topicality, cultural relevance, and Denzel Washington impersonations (?!). But, so, you can understand my (our?) delight when a real PRO comes in and shows us all how it is done. It is done like this:

THAT is how it is done. Saturday Night Live airs Saturday nights at 11:30 EST on the National Broadcasting Corporation network. Tune in!

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  1. Maybe they’ll play to their strengths and just air an hour of promos.

  2. He should have to share hosting credits with his beard.

  3. I think “Jesse J” just had his (her?) name said more in these promos than anyone has ever said it before ever.

  4. It’s good that humor doesn’t come from having a name I can spell or pronounce, if it was I would have to hate Zach

  5. really looking forward to the writers realizing they have a capable host and totally mailing it in.

  6. I really hope they do a spoof of a public access talk show. I’ve always thought that Zach Galifianakis would be great in something like that.

  7. I have two comments:
    1) I think it’s kind of funny that I need to watch an ad (albeit brief) before I’m granted the right to watch more ads (albeit funny).

    2) In an office environment, assuming you had Andy Samberg’s voice at a perfect volume, Zach was either way too quiet or way too loud. Fortunately my office environment includes a door.

  8. My girlfriend looks a bit like Pamela Anderson, and alot like Dog The Bounty Hunter.

  9. Totally off topic….would some of you wimps cry if they replaced Christian Bale with Kiefer Sutherland as Batman? I think he would be a kick ass Batmass. At the very least, a bad ass villain. Let me know what you think.

  10. Frankly, I’m just kind of suprised that Zach G wears Nantucket reds.

  11. Samberg playing the straight man. You don’t see that shit very often.

  12. But will he bring with him…a bidet?

  13. The gotcha nose thing…that could have been actual skit on the show, and it would have been skit of the night. Hardest I’ve laughed at SNL all year (with the exception of Stefon).

  14. The episode could just be last year’s ‘Pageant Talk’ sketch repeated for an hour and a half, and I’d be happy.

  15. Cannot wait to see his Charlie Sheen impression.

  16. I hope they take every boring adult-as-child character in the lineup and just do an hour and a half Tariy Greene acting class.

  17. Did anyone else think that video was cut weirdly? Were Andy and Zach even recorded at the same time?

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