Headphones UP!

Admittedly, whenever I watch Die Antwoord music videos I kind of feel like I’m watching an advertisement for some kind of body spray, or perhaps a pre-paid urban market cell phone provider. But whatever. I like to smell good and talk on the phone, so what do I care as long as they BRING DA NOISE and also BRING DA FUNK. Marry me, Yolandi! I will buy you a haunted castle in a nightmare hellscape and we can make each other fucking miserable.

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  1. It’s no Chet Haze.

  2. You know who else is racist? Everyone in South Africa!

    (what? i was on a roll)

  3. Wow, this is the first time I’ve listened to them, and I can honestly say I’d rather listen to the butthole lady from yesterday.

    • To be fair (and I’m loathe to be fair to Die Antwoord), this is the least catchy of all their songs I’ve heard so far. I can’t say I like any of them, but most have some sort of a hook. This is just droning nonsense.

  4. How long until Gwennie sings this on Glee?

  5. There is not one frame in this video that doesn’t upset me.

  6. I still have not forgiven them for standing me up last year. They made me go to a Paul Oakenfold concert without them! I was surrounded by people with meth teeth and neon clothes. I saw a guy there that I went to high school with, and he was really awkward and weird in high school, and I guess he still is, because he was wondering around what was pretty much a rave by himself, not even dancing or making out with strangers or anything. We made eye contact and then pretended like we hadn’t seen each other. It was weird.

    Basically, what I’m saying is that you OWE me, Die Antwoord!

    • Upvoted for 2 reasons:

      1. Funny comment.
      2. Because things got a little heated in the last thread, and I feel bad that it might have seemed like my anger was directed at you personally. It wasn’t. I like both faces and tacos.

  7. I think I know where this ‘rich bitch’ gets her money from… http://gifsoup.com/MTAyNTYxMQ

    Seriously though, she did say thank you at the end, I appreciate that.

    • I annoyed around 3/4 of my work colleagues & housemates by quoting this clip over and over and over yesterday.

      Wait, do you guys have Pancake Day in the US of A? Or is EVERYDAY just Pancake Day (not a fat jibe, I just always seem to pass IHOPs when I visit….though I would be fat if this existed herein LONDON TOWN)

      • IHOP is INTERNATIONAL. Meaning that it’s YOUR FAULT we have so many. If America were the only country, IHOP wouldn’t be around to make me fat! And also, there would be no more xenophobia. Can’t be afraid of what doesn’t exist, amirite?

      • It’s a great clip! And yes, every day is fat Tuesday in America. My personal favorite Austin Powers quote to annoy people with is Fat Bastard’s ‘ AH DIDN’T HAVE ANY CORN!’

  8. I can no longer even comprehend where the joke starts/ends.

  9. Needs more dude with progeria.

  10. Die Antwoord (Afrikaans: “The Answer”) is a rap-rave group from Cape Town, South Africa consisting of three members: Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er and DJ Hi-Tek. Thanks Wikipedia!

  11. So The Strokes have new members?

  12. My screenplay based on the life of Harley Quinn got weirder as Hollywood got a hold of it.

  13. You guys should not be so mean to my girlfriend like that. I bought her that gold catwoman suit for her birthday.

  14. Awww! Die Antwoord RULEZ, you guys. YoLandi is THE white-trash mullet goddess of bass!! I can’t wait to watch this video when I get home from work and no longer have public ed “smart filters” blocking everything! Woohoo!!!

    • filter’s not smart enough for dick slamming.

      • Lol. It’s called “helicoptering your junk”. Yo, get it right! I never believed Freud about “penis envy” until I saw this vid. And actually, the smart filter blocked almost all GIF’s of this because they categorized it as “porn”. One site was “clean” however. KTHXBAI!

  15. Just heard an old interview with Alice Cooper on fresh air talking about how his show was the next iteration of vaudeville, and how Groucho Marx loved his shows. This combined with a few pretty disappointing and boring trips to broadway shows primed me to actually enjoy this little piece of absurd theater…

  16. looks like you’re a bad haircut too late, Gabe

  17. i don’t get it. and it consumes me. but i do get that enter the ninja” is one of catchiest songs, and i support that. by listening to it.

  18. DJ Hi-Tek has lost a lot of weight… Good for him!

  19. Did you know that “Enter the Ninja” by Die Antwood made to the UK charts in 2010?
    It was number 37.

    Also the brits really love Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand.

  20. I love the constantly changing face of DJ Hi-Tek and Die Antwoord’s lineup in general.

    Gabe, have you watched Umshini Wam? Your prophecy has come true. Talk about next level shit.

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