Hahaha. Oh man. Sometimes dreams really DO come true! Thank you, The Secret!

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  1. I hear it was because Spider Man was caught on an undercover video saying it’s possible that maybe, just maybe, (GASP) Doc Octopus isn’t such a swell guy.

  2. Bono’s Agent: “Bono. The infrastructure is breaking down! Money is being wasted by a meglomaniacal dictator. People are hurt and dying while the media swarms to cover the madness! Your help is needed.”

    Bono: “Where? Libya? Darfur? Haiti?”

    Bono’s Agent: “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, sir.”

    Bono: (Puts on giant bug-eye sunglasses) “Fire up the Bonocopter.”

  3. “What if it’s less about Spider-Man fighting bad guys and more about Peter Parker’s concern with paying the rent on his East Village apartment?” — Julie Taymor’s new collaborators

  4. I think Bono should take a cue from ‘The Producers’ and market the whole debacle as a satire on the commercialization of Broadway musicals and how ridiculous they’ve become.

  5. Remember when Bono sang “Did I disappoint you or leave a bad taste in your mouth” The answer is yes

  6. Is it possible that this is some big sociology major’s study to see how long people will continue to care about this? Because if so, A+, sir or ma’am!

  7. They should really be careful about who they bring in to collaborate.

    “I think Spiderman should die in the middle and the show should become about, like, other things!” -Kirsten Dunst

    “Well obviously you aren’t putting enough money into the project.” -James Cameron

  8. Spiderman cancelled? I blame the fly controlled media.

  9. Maybe this is all a giant piece of performance art to reflect how prone to getting people killed Spiderman is?

  10. (yeah! yeah! yeah yeah! yeah!)

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