P-Holla, a member of the C-Zoo rap crew (which stands for Columbus Zoo, because they are from Westerville Ohio) has released a Chet Haze diss track! UH OH! The best part is that supposedly P-Holla is a senior at Northwestern University (where Chet Haze is also enrolled). Haha. Campuses is talking! This is the biggest hip hop beef since Nas vs. Jay-Z just kidding! They’re probably going to end up battling it out during the “naked mile” or some shit. “Let’s settle this over a game of flip cup, son,” etc.

My favorite line: “Tell your dad I said what up though/R.I.P to his son, call it cut-throat.”
My second favorite line: “Oh you mad cuz your girl wants to do me/your main boo was in Bratz: The Movie.”

STONE COLD DISSING. REAL HIP HOP. Full Chet Haze diss track (#swag) after the jump:

Haha. Oh man. Hasn’t Chet Haze seen 8 Mile? You’ve got to make fun of yourself first so that your enemies have nothing to work with. HIPPITY-HOO-BLOM HANKS! (Thanks for the tip, Joe Mande and aftershock.)

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  1. Oh, snap. Looks like Chet got Hazed lol!!1!1

  2. “Just because his father is famous doesn’t mean he’s entitled to anything.” – George W Bush

  3. “Think you’re a rap star/ but I drink more than you” is my new favorite lyric ever. I’m probably going to say it about fifteen times to day to completely blank stares.

  4. I am worried this could lead to a deadly drive-by food fight in the Student Union.

  5. Just Desserts I’m pretty sure this is the story you were born to tell.

  6. As a Northwestern Alum and Columbus, Ohio native, I can honestly say I’ve never been prouder.

  7. Chet, don’t let the haters get you down. Let me know if you need my services.

  8. G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G- Unit!… Foster-Walker Undergraduate Residential House

  9. the fruits of our disstopian future

  10. My favorite part is when he spells his name and it ends with A is for always gettin’ ass.

  11. Is this going to result in another east coast-west coast tragedy?

  12. I am amused by the idea of ask Tom or Colin Hanks for Chet Haze’s autograph.

  13. Man, I bet 2Pac is spinning in his grave…OR HIS BED IN HIS SECRET HOUSE IN BALI!!!

  14. When P-holla winds up on a deserted island with a volleyball in his skull you’ll all know why, you don’t mess with Chester Haze

  15. I hate anyone under the age of 25.

    Unless you comment on Videogum.

    Or you’re one of Teacherman’s or Baby Friday’s students.

    Or, like, related to me, or any of you.

  16. Between Asher Roth, Chet Haze and now P-Holla, frat rap seems to be all the rage. I’m getting in on the ground floor you guys! Here’s a cut from my first single “Fraternity Row”:

    Now the Five Points Pub on a Saturday Night
    Is pretty great if your young and rich and white
    We’ve been known to get down and party hard
    And throw more than a few rounds on daddy’s credit card
    Yeah, we gonna celebrar like it’s Cinco de Mayo
    Cause I made a C+ on my spanish ensayo
    So put on your boat shoes and your khakis yo
    And we’ll take you on a tour of fraternity row!

  17. part of me feels like chet haze is just too easy of a target. i hate to kick someone while he’s down (and by down i mean incredibly rich and privileged). he’s so obviously ridiculous that it’s like – what’s the point? then i come to my senses and remember that he’s friggin hilarious.

  18. The fuck son? Whatever happened to the good ole dayz of hip-hop when one would rap about shooting it out with NYPD? This is some bullshit.

  19. As one of Chet Haze’s top listeners on Last.Fm, I feel like I should be defending him. But as we all know, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I hope Chet comes back, lyrics ready, mic steady, vomit on his sweater, personal chef’s spaghetti charging into battle like a true frat rap warrior he is with a red cup full of jungle juice to spit at all the haters.


  20. For some reason I am kind of proud about it.

  21. Man, I can’t wait for the next mediocre rap beat to stroll around and take the mediocre rap beat throne away from Black & Yellow…



    NUH UH


    NUH UH


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