Whoever wins we lose, etc, etc. BRING BACK CAM’RON VS. BILL O’REILLY THIS BLOWZ.

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  1. Man, this is worse than that time I got a job ast the beanbag factory.

    Shit, wrong Griffin.

  2. Mike Huckabee vs. Natalie Portman?

    I miss John McCain vs. the world (no I don’t).

    • Mike Huckabee thought the movie was called Black Mom. He calmed down once the confusion was corrected and he learned the movie was about white people ballet problems.

  3. Call me when it’s Sarah Palin vs. an actual griffin. Seriously, call me. I would love to see that shit go down.

  4. Kinda hoping for mutually assured destruction on this one. Total scorched earth.

  5. I hope the two of them destroy each other. They are like the two worst ends of the human spectrum.

  6. You guys remember Celebrity Death Match? Just sayin’.

  7. I can see Kathy’s hair from my house

  8. My money’s on Griffin. How can Palin win when she’s also fighting:

    common sense
    moral legislation
    rape victims over the price of a rape kit
    basic grammar and syntax
    to stay relevant

  9. I am rooting for Sarah Palin. Even if she wins, she sacrifices a certain amount of credibility (so much to spare, right?) by participating. Also, she’s right. Whether or not she is culpable in exposing her children to the spotlight (she is), Kathy Griffin is a fucking vulture.

  10. “Come to Alaska, pick on me.”

    And thus, Sarah Palin completes her transformation into the professional wrestler of American politics:
    - completely manufactured personality
    - ridiculous outfits
    - multiple catchphrases
    - the laughing stock of everyone but uneducated rednecks

  11. Son of a bitch, I should have saved my Sinister Kitty strip for this, or WMOAT. I can’t post variations for every news post… Well I can but I shouldn’t… Well I shouldn’t but I could…

    Good advice cat in my head… good advice…

  12. Her Life on the Tea-List

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