Let’s get some jiggies on it!

Hey pogs. Today I want to rap at you about YOUR music and YOUR generation. Rad! Sour Patch Worms! Look, your body is going through a lot of changes right now and you’re probably feeling pretty confused. Ask your teacher! And wear a condom (ew, I know, but sex can be really beautiful if you are in love but also diseases, I’m giving it to you straight like an adult! Real talking! Nintendo 3DS!). But just because the world keeps changing and sometimes it is hard to tell who is your friend and who is your enemy and you’re worried about that big test coming up because you haven’t studied because you’re a pretty good student but you’ve had field hockey practice all week and also Megan broke up with Toby so there’s all of THAT to deal with, you can still have some fun.

“But, homeboy, how are we supposed to have fun when there are so many hormones in us and all of the music is boring old music for old people that’s not even wicked cool at all, it’s just like some old man singing who doesn’t even go to the mall ever.” No way, man! There’s tons of super cool music that is very good and very musical being made by kids who relate to you because they are 9-years-old just like us! (I am not 9 years old, but I am relating to you, the 9-year-old.) Check out this cool new sound and subscribe to YM Magazine:

No one on the playground has swaggers like us! Let’s eat whatever we want and talk about our drivers’ licenses!

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  1. Get jiggy with it.

    I just made a Banjo-Kazooie reference. Wow.

  2. How can she just ignore that it’s still the Willennium?

  3. Hey Willow we already have cities, you don’t need to build your own, apartment complexes must be super heavy


  5. I read the word “Willow” and a British voice in my head said “W’illow Govna”. I’m worried about my brain, you guys.

  6. Is she building the sets for “I Am Legend 2?”

  7. Anyone else thinking of this when the ground started to shake?

  8. The Fresh Princess got her taste is skirts from her Daddy:

  9. Oh no, I fell soooo XXth century right now…

  10. Bold statements from a girl with a 9:00 bedtime.

  11. I’m more of a late 19th century girl myself. “Seize the Day” was my jam!

  12. Are kids these days really into the whole 2 minute short film before a 2 minute song music video approach? I briefly thought I was watching a Michael Jackson video. I was expecting an Eddie Murphy cameo.

  13. is it just me or does she sound exactly like Ke$ha?

  14. Ummm, Willow? Those wolves are not running with you, they’re chasing you so they can eat you.

    Also, if you’re given a mission with no restrictions, you should probably ask for some rough guidelines.

  15. How did the first part of that video become that video? What?!

  16. I wonder if she sometimes takes her parents’ Porsche for a little spin when they’ve gone away on a week’s vacation.

  17. God, remember being ten years old, you guys? Back then synchronized sand dancing was so much more, I don’t know, real, you know?

  18. “There’ll be this old lady, see? And she’ll find some bones in the desert. Then she’ll cast a spell to make Willow Smith rise from the sand. And Willow will run around pulling other things out of the sand, like guitars, Chevys, and apartment buildings. Eventually, all her friends will help her build an entire city in the middle of the desert. Whattya think?”

    “Sorry, I don’t buy it.”

    “Plus, she gets chased by wolves.”

    “Greenlit! Here, have a 20 million dollar budget.”

  19. What?! but Megan and Toby were so perfect for each other…

    • omfg you didn’t hear? Toby totally tried beer at his older cousin’s party last Saturday and Megan is SO NOT INTO THAT. Toby keeps sexting her on IM, but Megan is just really unsure right now about what SHE wants, and just needs some time to “figure stuff out.” Toby gets his learner’s permit in like four months though, and his dad said that he could even use the family Prius, so we’ll see how long this tiff lasts.

  20. Gah! I found 2 gray hairs this morning, and I thought nothing could possibly make me feel more decrepit.. And then I stupidly clicked on this.

  21. Oh, man — this is going to look so dated in 89 years.

  22. She’d like to record with Jay-Z, a close friend of her dad’s. She added during red-carpet interviews, “I think we’d be a good combination.”

  23. Did anyone see her on Oprah? She was scary. I seriously had an afternoonmare (?). She was this robo-adult-sass-child. Its like she is being groomed to destroy her life before 18. The whole family is weird. Its all very chilling. I bet weird stuff goes on in the basement of their house.

  24. At 2:15, I immediately thought of Tara in True Blood escaping vampire plantation, only to be chased down by the werewolf.

  25. I love that Willow Smith’s outfits are solely inspired by old reruns of The Fresh Prince of Bel-air.

  26. OUR. WORLD. TOO.
    — Young adult

    [URL=http://www.gifsoup.com/view/2118915/nozin-aroun.html][IMG]http://www.gifsoup.com/imager.php?id=2118915&t=o[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://www.gifsoup.com/]GIFSoup[/URL]

  27. OUR. WORLD. TOO.
    — Young adult


  28. Mark Bolan is not impressed.

  29. Whoops, he’s not impressed with my misspelling of his name, either.

  30. Coincidentally Karate Kid was on tv today morning, and i felt it was strange for a 3 year old to have a fully formed 6 pack. I also remembered being Willows age and making what i thought were witty poop and fart jokes.

    Willow and I are different people.

  31. A lot of people say that young adults are violent, right? But how would you feel if you were old enough to have intercourse with a partner of your choice, and yet you could not drink in pubs?

  32. How the heck do you ‘Set the Bound a reees’ when you are like 10? What a dumb song to be singing – but then, am getting sick of this whole kids rock the world and call all the shots based on their amazing grasp of reality. Lol. OMG – I need a beer!

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  34. Some kids are such an amazing.

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