Wait, isn’t M James Bond’s boss? So they’re not equals. GOTCHA! I knew this video was just a trick. LOL! (Obviously, I support the basic message of this Public Service Announcement and am being tongue-in-cheek about the James Bond-M-relationship stuff, although I do think that the video’s voice-over raises so many important and “interesting” [for lack of a better term] points about gender equality* in the world today, that the sight gag of putting Dame Daniel Craig in a wig and a dress as if THAT is what being a woman is all about kind of undercuts everything that Dame Judi Dench has to say? But what do I know, I am just a stupid MAN.) (Thanks for the tip, Stuart.)

*In England, of course, they call it “lorry equality.”
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  1. This post didn’t really make much since, because any sensible person refuses to acknowledge Daniel Craig as James Bond. Show me Sean Connery in a dress, then we’ll talk.

  2. Maybe now that he knows what it feels like to be a woman, he’ll be more inclined to wear his Condom of Solace.

  3. The ironic thing is that any person that would sit and watch and listen to what is being said probably is not the target audience of this PSA. Some asshole is gonna be like “Oh cool James Bond, Oh WAIT WOMEN TALKING!! MUTE MUTE MUTE!!!” Message unsuccessful, people.

  4. She’s pretty.

  5. Don’t really know about how effective this PSA was, but I DO know that “Daniel Craig in a dress” is at the tippity top of my list of things I want to see.

    • More like, WAS at the tippity top.

      • For realz! When I read the headline I thought Gabe/this video was making a point about how it’s unfair that women can wear men’s clothes but men can’t wear women’s clothes which is a pet peeve of mine because I love me some men in skirts, but I was satisfied just to see Mr. Bond being all femme and shapely.

  6. Yep, M is Bond’s boss, and he’s ultimately working for HER majesty. Notice a pattern? Maybe we need a movement for MEN’S rights!

  7. “James Bond films are doing great things for the Feminist movement.” – Pussy Galore, probably.

    • I was just watching Goldfinger last night with my wife, and we both agreed that the forced sex scene with Bond and Galore in the barn definitely sends the right message to men all over the world that if you use enough Judo and then push hard enough on a girl’s neck, she’s TOTALLY going to do it with you.

  8. This was much better than indiana jones’ anti-racism blackface commercial.

  9. Jennifer Aniston is looking well.

  10. I hereby grant this video the Bluestockings Seal of Approval.

    Feminism, you guys, It’s pretty rad,

  11. I don’t have anything to say except that Daniel Craig is attractive and I would totally do him, even if he was in a dress. Especially if he was in a dress.

  12. intensegum.com today, guys. Amiright?

    • But seriously though. I expected the camera to flip around and big reveal Daniel Craig is M and he’s lip-syncing her voice à la Michael Scarn in the end of Threat Level Midnight and we all have a chuckle and think a little bit… But then it goes all rape, rape, domestic abuse, dramatic wig removal.

  13. I have the lorryiest boner right now

  14. Kinda makes you wonder where he hid his Thunderball in that get up.

  15. The dress isn’t even as insincere to me as the fact that Daniel Craig gets paid all of the dollars to promote the idea that the ideal man’s man sleeps with every hot, exotic woman and then maybe kills her afterward. But I’m probably just bitter from owning so little property.

    P.S. Super glad Firefox remembered my Videogum sign-in because I had totally forgotten after so long.

  16. Remember in the first Craig Bond movie when he had his nuts bashed? That was a totally feminist statement right?

  17. The only preconceived notion I had before I watched this video was that Daniel Craig would look hideous as a woman.

    Shows how much I know. Preconceived notion = blown.

  18. Female Daniel Craig = Ann Coulter

  19. Hearing about how many women get raped/killed in the UK while looking at DC in a wrap dress is totally, totally effective obvi.

    • I like to think it’s softening the blow for straight female viewers. ‘Listen ladies, I know you have to hear about this shit, or witness it first-hand, all the g-d time. So enjoy this hot guy in a tight dress.’

  20. “WHIT-WHOO!” – Me.

    But honestly, did anyone else get creepy vibes from this video, like Mr Craig was part of some kidnapping/sexual abduction hostage video?

    “It puts the martini in the basket!!” – Judi Dench in my sick, sick mind.

  21. on the most recent episode of the ricky gervais show on hbo, they actually used the word lorry and i was like “Oh THAT’S what it means.” #unculturedmonster

  22. logged in JUST BECAUSE i am actually taking a class on the politics of James Bond so this is relevant to my life. I also sent it to my professor so maybe she will like me more. I feel like George Lazenby in that class sometimes.

  23. I’m sorry, did somebody say something? I wasn’t listening because Daniel Craig on my teevee. *dreamy sigh*

  24. I am so relieved that I’m not the only one who was turned on by watching Daniel Craig wear a dress.

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