Scumbag Steve is our generation’s Chet Haze. #GETSTEVED

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  1. Obviously fake, since a real rapper named Sumbag Steve would have appeared in an infomercial for the Gathering of the Juggalos by now.

  2. fake rap and forced memes, terrible worlds been colliding

  3. I prefer his earlier work when he rapped under the name Douchebag Dave.

  4. I’d prefer to read an interview with the trollface meme.

  5. I spent the last five minutes googling scumbag steve and feel like I somehow now know less.

  6. “The bumper stickers are a great idea – the ‘Baby on Board’ – because it makes people cautious.” – Scumbag Steve

  7. That’s weird — “Smith” is also the name my good friend Brad Intercourse uses when he orders Chinese food in Intercourse, PA.

  8. Just days before the video was finalized, I received some hesitant words from Mr. Boston:

    “Wendy, do you think its stupid to do this now tho? Is it like yesterdays news?”

    Our answer, of course, was an adamant meh? Probably, but we’ve spent this much time dicking around with your dumb ass and… Forget it Blake, it’s memetown.

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