I’m not sure WHAT this is, but I know that it’s NOT a dog riding a scooter.

It could be anything really. A child with some kind of skin disorder? A viral ad for a local Nightmare Factory? The original animatronic Aughra puppet from the Dark Crystal? Hard to say. Not a dog, though. That’s for sure. HOW COULD IT BE?! (Via AmilNiazi.)

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  1. Well, we can’t say Cool Dog didn’t warn us about this inevitability.

  2. Welp, I guess we finally found him.

  3. Listen. After a day of barking at Fraggles, you need to let off some steam in a healthy way.

  4. So over the past couple of days, we’ve had depressing posts featuring racist Teabaggers, adolescent Christian fundamentalists, and endless Charlie Sheen idiocy.

    But today? Guys in tiger suits! Dancing pandas! Ice cream! And now, a dog riding a scooter.

    Gabe, you totally got laid last night, didn’t you?

  5. Also not a dog riding a scooter (yet)

  6. let’s not bury the lede: dog shirts are ridiculous.

  7. Oh, I get it. This isn’t a dog riding a scooter, it’s a VIDEO of a dog riding a scooter. Gabe totally just went Magritte on our asses.

  8. Looks only slightly less ridiculous than the full grown adults who ride RAZOR scooters. In the city. In 2011.

  9. “I wish this non-dog riding a scooter was my Dad” – Birdie

  10. Oh sure. Train them to use our advanced scooter technology and wear our highly sophisticated shirt devices, but don’t cry later when they grow opposable thumbs and suddenly we’re shining boots for the dog people all of our miserable lives until… Y’know. Kaboom. 2012.

  11. Looks like they’ve found Charlie’s replacement on Two and a Half Men.

  12. Dogs don’t wear shirts. So what is it!

  13. I’m pretty sure it’s this girl

    Also, searching for “hairy girl” at work was not necessarily the best idea.

  14. I, for one, welcome our new dog overlords.

  15. Brake and stay.

  16. Hold up. No one isn’t going to comment on the cutie pie blonde? Damn.

  17. So freaking scared right now. Keep telling myself CGI has just made vast improvements, but…

    Can’t figure out why this disturbs me so…

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