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  1. Skynet never should’ve started that casual Friday policy

  2. Come with me if you want to learn! (about film history)

  3. This is like an ancient supercut

  4. That’s enough, Girl Talk.

  5. Johnny Depp gets me in the groin region too.

    Sorry. I’m really sorry.

  6. Well, thank GOD they didn’t leave out Jimmy Neutron.

    I had to see that hateful waste of time and energy when I worked in day care. It was an abortion of a magnitude that even Steve Winwood wouldn’t joke about it. I still have night terrors. I’m so glad I could relive that horror through this weird statue.

    • “Not the best movie I’ve ever seen.”–Baby Friday

      • What are you talking about!? How could you hate any movie that had Patrick Stewart AND the Chicken Dance!? Besides it spawned that Award Winning* TV show.**

        * probably some award. I’m pretty sure it is easy to get awards for Kid’s shows.
        **lies. that movie is terrible. Patrick Stewart would do anything for a buck.

  7. The Tea Party has already issued a statement that it violently is opposed to the Terminator Statute.

  8. The Harry Potter/Indiana Jones knees are quite tasteful.

  9. There’s just so much beauty in the world, etc.

  10. I’m sorry, Arnold, but that definitely is a tumor.

  11. Why is Juliet from LOST underneath his left eye?

  12. I’m a big fan of Enrique Ramos, but this isn’t nearly as good as his masterpiece, “Princess Diana painted on ants.”
    I do wonder where the “real live vampire bat” went, though. Is it Arnold’s lower back tattoo?

  13. Lol wow. This shit is actually hot.

  14. I’d try to think of a joke, but I’m trying to avoid commenting unless I have something about the topic at hand that I really want to say.

  15. Mooffees, dickwad.

  16. Wow. It’s like Planet Hollywood threw up.

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