At first I did not understand why this video had to be three minutes long. Now I understand completely.

I bet when you go to high-five these pandas they do that fake you out where they pull their hand away at the last second and brush back their hair. They got you, these pandas got you. (Thanks for the tip, Ambar.)

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  1. When I go to high five a panda and instead of PRANKS, I am viciously mauled to death, at least my family will know who to blame.

  2. They are actually dancing to Bamboo Bamboo Bamboo by the Pandaboyz

  3. Whenever I hear this song, I am contractually obligated by my generation to stop what I’m doing and bust out the stanky leg. BRB.

  4. With sweet dance moves like that, it’s hard to believe they’ve had trouble getting those bears to mate in captivity.

  5. You’re all laughing, but pandas can be dangerous.

  6. Sad single mother panda had to take to grinding the tree pole to make ends meet, I’m sure Mike Huckabee has some thoughts on this situation.

  7. this is now what i will imagine when i read the end of blood meridian

  8. Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance well they’re no friends of mine.

    The panda gets it.

  9. so pandas are definitely black bears with white spots right? (racism)

  10. Pandas be listening to my man Rudy:

  11. Those pandas take your mom out for a nice steak dinner and then never call her again.

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